35th Castelfidardo Accordion Festival
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Saturday 22nd September Daily Report

of well known accordion identities, performers and contestants

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Saturday Evening Music Show with Russian star - Peter Dranga and his band from Russia.
and the huge crowed getting taken away with his music and the show. Jumping up having a dance in the aisle is Chinese competition adjudicator and performer Yang Fan.
and after the Peter Dranga concert, the Auditorium San Francesco featured Silvia Pagni and her group. The hall was full for this popular performer. Excelsior Accordions sponsored the concert. Pictures below.
Impressions from the Castelfidardo Musicstore of Massimo Mazzantino
Some of the jury after the Saturday Night Concert with Peter Dranga
Vincent Lhermet, Romano Vizzani, Annemarieke van der Ploeg, Gorka Hermosa, Gianluca Pica, Claudio Jacomucci, Miljan Bjeletic.
A contestant, Prof. Petre Jovanov, Mirjana Petercol, Sara and Milan Tomic Milan Tomic, Fausto Fabi, Antonio Spaccarotella, Harley Jones, Romano Vizzani, Annemarieke van de Ploeg, Vincent Lhermet, Gianluca Pica, Claudio Jacomucci.
Elena Manuela Cosentino with Fransca Pigini Gianluca Pica
Mr/Mrs. Giansandro Breccia (Pasco/Paolo Soprani Accordions) Mr/Mrs Mengascini Fabio with son Matteo
from the Orchestra Città Castelfidardo (Moreno Patarini on the right) Selly Menghini, Amit, Antonella Toccaceli (Mastermidi), Mirco Patarini (Scandalli Accordions) and Claudio.
Silvia Pagni and Maurizio Milione Holda with Miria Marconi.
Some Castelfidardo Premio contestants. Grigory Seredin (Russia) Xu Xiaonan (China)
Angelo Miele (Italy) Venedikt Peynov (Russia)
Guan Lei (China) after finishing her performance in Category D. Accordionists were performing in various parts of the city.
Large carving featuring accordion in the Castelfidardo
City Hall building.
Some Category C players: Arkadii Sckvorov (Russia)
Tian Jianan (China) Tomasz Wiecek (Poland)
Laurene Diff (France) Viktor Daniel Eliasson (Russia)
Anton Kostin (Russia) Duo Millemiglia of Mario Milani (accordion) and Elena Manuela Sosentino (harp), concert sponsored by Pigini Accordions.
Duo Millemiglia of Mario Milani (accordion) and Elena Manuela Sosentino (harp).
Group from Sweden performing
Andrea Ballone Burini with Antonella Toccaceli (Mastermidi) Andrea Ballone Burini with Sergey Voitenko (and translator in the middle).
Mirjana Petercol, Romano Vizzani, Fausto Fabi Jean Marie Geiser, Andrea Ballone Burinii, Claudio Binci
Lars Karlsson with his father from Sweden reality show singer Alessandra Machella (left) and Laura Belmonti (right)
Ida Tringali with friend France, Scottland, Austria, Sweden ....
Fred Deschamps, Gary Blair, Holda, Scottish visitor, Lars Karlsson


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