35th Castelfidardo Accordion Festival
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Thursday 20th September Daily Report

of well known accordion identities, performers and contestants

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Jury for Category H: Vincenzo Abbracciante, Cristiano Lui, Gianluca Pica, Gorka Hermosa, Romano Vizzani
Berben Lilian/France Hernandez Ignacio/Chile
Giuglielmi Brothers/Italy on the Paolo Soprani Diatonic Accordions
Gianni Mirizzi /Italy
Solo "in" Duo with Gabriele Antonelli/accordion and Barbara Andreini/vocal
Lulinha Alencar / Brazil Vincenzo Abbracciante /Italy
Good crowd viewing.
Marco Lo Russo in Duo ICHNOS with Guido Felizzi (Italy)  
MAREA DUO with Massimo Tagliata/Andrea Dessi  
Daniele Falasca Quartet
Mirjan Petercol with Massimo Pigini Harry and Pat Hussy with Lena Tibbenham, Harley Jones
Galassi Bellows
Exposition of Master-Midi and Giustozzi Accordions
careful demonstration to Holda and Andrea Borsini of Ideazioni on HOW quickly these fantastic new chairs get assembled and being able to take a relaxed seat made by the company Galassi
No Border Accordion /Italy/Slovenia 3rd placed in Category I
No Border Accordion /Italy/Slovenia 3rd placed in Category I No Border Accordion /Italy/Slovenia 3rd placed in Category I receiving the award from M° Paolo Picchio
D'Accord / Germany 2nd in Category I D'Accord / Germany 2nd in Category I
winner of the Category I / Sibirian Duet of Bayan and receiving a special award of the twin City Klingenthal presented by the president of the Proloco/Castelfidado Aldo Belmonti as well as a MidiKit by Master-Midi Owner AntonellaToccaceli
Compromise Duet from Russia receiving Scholarship of €300 from Michele Moreschi of Pasco
Liliana, Holda, Antonella, Liviana, Holda, Daniela/Martina Moreschi Pietro Adragna, Frederic Deschamps, Matteo Mengascini
The Proloco"Angels" Giampiero and Silvia Giustozzi



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