2018 China Harbin Summer International Accordion Art Week
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Download Harbin 2018 PosterWelcome to the 2018 China Harbin Summer International Accordion Art Week, which will be one of the major international accordion events of 2018.

The event is hosted by the Peoples Republic of China Culture Ministry and the Harbin Municipal People's Government, undertaken by Harbin Normal University, Harbin, China and is part of the 34th China Harbin Summer Music Festival. Harbin was named a UNESCO City of Music in 2010.

Harbin becomes "the capital of music" from August 7th to 11th, 2018, with some of the finest accordionists around the world competing and performing at the Concert Hall of Harbin Normal University. There will be concerts, workshops and a major international accordion competition.

In 2010, over 500 applications registered for this event with 28 competitors from outside China, from Russia, America, Serbia, England, France, etc. In 2012, 2014 and 2016, the event continued this major success and 2018 is awaited with great anticipation.

Download the 2018 Competition Rules and Categories in Chinese at:
2018中国•哈尔滨之夏国际手风琴艺术周比赛报名表 word.doc PDF格式
and in English at: 2018 Competition Rules and Categories
Entries closed 30 June 2018.

During the event there will be daily news reports of the competitions and concerts at this website. For those who are unable to attend the major event in Harbin, we wish you a warm welcome to our website and hope you will enjoy the daily reports provided by our organization and Accordions Worldwide.

   The Ministry of Culture of China, the People's Republic of China
   Harbin Municipal People's Government
    Harbin Normal University
Organizing Committee of the 2018 China Harbin Summer International Accordion Art Week. Art Director Prof. Wang Hongyu.

Our organising committee wishes all participants a wonderful musical competition and festival.

Yours musically,
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Prof. Wang HongyuProf. Wang Hongyu
Art Director

Professor Wang Hongyu is the Dean and the PH.D advisor of the Music College of Harbin Normal University. He is the expert of the public and cultural system, one of the first chief experts of the Priority Cultivating Project, and the chief expert of the University League of Heilongjiang Province of China.

Professor Wang Hongyu is also the vice president of Heilongjiang Province Musician Association. Since 1998, he has also been a jury member of international repute, judging many prestigious international accordion competitions including competitions in Russia, France, Italy, Lithuania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Australia and New Zealand.
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