2018 China Harbin Summer International Accordion Art Week
Festival review provided by Kevin Friedrich - USA (CIA Ambassador) and Harley Jones - New Zealand (CIA Public Relations Manager)

Adjudicators in the Virtuoso Entertainment Competition
including Crystal Wang, Grayson Masefield, Petar Maric
Adjudicators in the Chamber Ensemble Competition
including Viatcheslav Semeneko (Russia) and Heather Masefield (New Zealand)
above and below: competitors in the Junior and Senior Chamber Ensemble Competitions

Master Class and Seminar with Maciej Frackiewicz (Poland)
Master Class and Seminar with Maciej Frackiewicz (Poland)

Yuri Shishkin
Malaguena by E. Lecuona
Habanera by G. Bizet
Hungarian Rhapsody No. 10 by F. Liszt
Yuri Shishkin receiving multiple boquets of flowers after his performance
Professor Cao Cao Quing congratulating Yuri Shishkin
Jelena Milojevic congratulating Yuri Shishkin
Yuri Shishkin with his young fans

Above: young Siberian accordion competitors with International guests including Grayson Masefield, Petar Maric,
Aleksander Nikolic and Primoz Parovel
above left: Stephane Chapuis (Switzerland), Alexander Veretenikov, Gorka Hermosa
above right: Petar Maric, Stephane Chapuis, Heather Masefield, Raymond Bodell, Kevin Friedrich and Paolo D'Ascanio

Above left: Joseph Macerollo and Heather Masefield
Above right: Petar Maric, Stephane Chapuis, Heather Masefield and Raymond Bodell

Above left: Lionel Reekie, Paolo D'Ascanio and Kevin Friedrich
Above right: Joseph Macerollo and Yuri Shishkin
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