2015 Opening Ceremony of China Youth Accordion Year
18th July 2015 China Youth Accordion Year 2015 China Youth Accordion Year 2015 China Youth Accordion Year

Daily Report - 6th April 2015, Beijing

Opening Concert

Printed Program - 28 pages
This brightly lit accordion was made by Beijing Children’s Palace staff (picture right) and was being used for the official Opening of the Concert and the Harley Jones and Li Cong, with the accordion maker pictured just before the Opening Concert.
Left to right: Wang Chaogang - China Accordion Association (CAA) Executive, Kimmo Mattila - Confédération Internationale des Accordéonistes (CIA) Secretary General, Li Cong - CAA President, Harley Jones - CIA Public Relations, and Chen Yiming - CAA Executive.
Honored Guests of the concert.
Music Program
Printed Program - 28 pages
The first performance of the evening the theme music for the 2015 China Youth Accordion Year titled "We All Love Accordions". This work was composed for the 2015 China Youth Accordion Year by Zhang Tianyu.
The orchestra conducted by Chen Weiliang was made up of a central core from the Baidi Accordion Orchestra plus other young people from Beijing and some 40 invited young accordionists from around China
Video: "We All Love Accordions", conducted by Chen Weiliang, composed by Zhang Tianyu.
"Our Motherland Is A Big Garden", arranger: Zhang Xinhua
Conductor Chen Weiliang Compere Crystal Wang, CAA Executive Secretary
Introducing the accordion are the little dancers from Beijing Children’s Palace
Official Opening happens with Wang Jun (Section Chief of Sport Healthy Art Department in Beijing Municipal Education Commission) and Li Cong (President CAA) turning on the lights and hands on the keyboards, Harley Jones (CIA Public Relations) - Its all go!
2015 China Youth Accordion Year.
The director of Beijing Children’s Palace, Gao Shiqi, Li Cong CAA President speech.
Kimmo Mattila, CIA Secretary General speech. Presentation by Kimmo Mattila to Li Cong of a candle. Crystal Wang is translating the inscription on the special candle and Kimmo Mattila is lighting the candle - a symbol of light like the flame at the Olympics opening.
Bai Di children orchestra of Beijing Children’s Palace
"Children’s Folk", "Bamboo Shoots In Spring is full of the Little Pack Basket", Composer: Li Rui, Chen Weiliang.
Wang Kuanghan Bai Di children orchestra of Beijing Children’s Palace: Zhang Naixin, Yue Zihan,Kong Lingzhe, Che Longjin,
Bai Di Teen-agers Orchestra of Beijing Children’s Palace: Bian Dongxiao, Zhao Shixian, Ma Wen, Wang Ningchu, Li Liannian.
"La Muerte Del Angel", composer Astor Piazzolla
Bai Di Early Youth Orchestra of Beijing Children’s Palace, Conductor: Ji Yuchen.
"The Never Falling Down Sun Rises From the Grassland"
This orchestra was a symbol of the importance of young teachers in the future of the accordion and educating the China accordion youth. The orchestra included young teachers from different parts of China.
"The Festival of the Bugler"
The Accordion Orchestra of Beijing Yong Tai Primary School, Conductor: Zhao Wei.
Solist Zhang Naixin (pink dress) played with the orchestra.
"Little Football Team", composer: Li Rui
Crystal Wang calling to the stage the representatives of the accordion companies who have helped sponsor the 2015 China Youth Accordion Year and other projects for accordion.
The young people presented flowers and neck ties
to very strong applause from the audience.
Left to right: Ding Peng (Manager, Hohner China), Shi Jianming(General Manager of Jiang Su Jiangyin Golden Cup Musical Instrument Co.), Zhao Jing Xuan (General Manager of Tianjin "Baidi" Musical Instrument Co.), Luo Jingqi (General Manager of Tianjin Parrot Musical Instrument Co.).

The strong support of these accordion companies for the accordion education of young people in China was clearly very much appreciated by the large audience.
The young peoples orchestra containing young people from around China performed again conducted by Chen Weiliang.
Note the amazing backgrounds that were shown throughout the concert.
super art graphics and excellent music
"Thunder and Lightning Polka" composer Johann Strauss II
  Here the President of the CAA Li Cong joins the orchestra for one work including a short solo melody with the orchestra symbolising playing with the young people and leadership support.
Kimmo Mattila and Harley Jones were also playing with the orchestra symbolising international support for China Youth Accordion Year. A choir also joined for this work.
At the end of concerts in China, they have a nice tradition of the guests and performers coming onto the stage for pictures. From these pictures you can get some idea of just how many people were involved in this Opening Ceremony.
Li Cong and Crystal Wang with players from the teachers orchestra.

Harley Jones with Ruan Mingyuan who was the 3rd prize winner of the 2009 Coupe Mondiale and 2nd prize at Castelfidardo and her father Ruan Hailin who is an accordion teacher.

Li Cong was in demand by children and parents for pictures
as was Conductor Chen Weiliang, here pictured with the young teachers.

18th July 2015 China Youth Accordion Year 2015 China Youth Accordion Year 2015 China Youth Accordion Year

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