2015 Opening Ceremony of China Youth Accordion Year
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Daily Report - 7th April 2015, Beijing

Visit to Yongtai Primary School

All those taking part in the accordion symposium went to Yongtai Primary School, Beijing to view their accordion classes and the school.
Very nice welcoming signs.  
and we began in a room full of young accordion students plus some parents
Schedule for the morning.
Teacher and conductor Zhao Wei. another class
The accordions are all kept in quality sliding racks so that the children can get them as needed for classes. Kimmo Mattila and Harley Jones surrounded by enthusiastic very young (up to 5 years) accordionists
You could see the smiles all the time from the childeren.
Each class performed.  
Most classes had a nice sign.  
The symposium attendees were also very enthusiastic taking lots of pictures and videos. Kimmo Mattila, Secretary General Confédération Internationale des Accordéonistes (CIA), making a presentation to the Headmaster Yan Wei of Yongtai Primary School, Crystal Wang translating.
The senior accordion orchestra of Yongtai Primary was conducted by Zhao Wei. Note they are all playing from memory.
The guests all had very nice desk signs for where to sit in the hall. Various officials spoke. Jiang Wenxiu, a teacher in Yong Tai primary school.
Prof. Li Cong, President China Accordion Association. Former President Ziqiang Zhang of the China Accordion Association.
Yan Wei Headmaster Feng Xue, the accordion teacher in Beijing Children's Palace.
Crystal Wang, China Accordion Association Executive Secretary speaking. then translating a speech by Kimmo Mattila, Secretary General, CIA.
Wang Chaogang - China Accordion Association (CAA) Executive. Chang Yousheng, President and Secretary of the party committee in Dong Sheng district.
Sign boards showed some of the history of the schools many successes were on display for the symposium participants
to view. Crystal Wang, Chen Weiliang (conductor Baidi Orchestra) and Zhao Jing Xuan (General Manager of Tianjin "Baidi" Musical Instrument Co.).
Picture of all the 2015 China Youth Accordion Year Opening and Symposium participants.
Kimmo Mattila saying thank you to the Yongtai Primary School Headmaster. Li Cong also thanking the Yongtai Primary School Headmaster and staff.

Symposium of Accordion Education's Development and Innovation

The Symposium continued during the afternoon at the Beijing Children's Palace with meetings and discussions about teaching matters and also explanations about the teaching courses and student training happening at Yongtai Primary School and the Beijing Children's Palace.

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