2015 China Accordion Youth Year

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Rehearsal Day

Daily Report - 5th April 2015, Beijing

Printed Color Program - 28 pages
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Beijing Childrens Palace was the venue for the Opening Ceremony and also the rehearsals for the Opening Concert. Beijing Childrens Palace carved into a large rock outside the building.
Harley Jones Confédération Internationale des Accordéonistes (CIA) Public Relations ( New Zealand) and Kimmo Mattila, CIA Secretary General (Finland) beside the large sign for the Opening Ceremony of the 2015 China Youth Accordion Year.
A model of the Beijing Children's Palace showing the large building of a high quality hall, 4-5 stories of classrooms, conference facilities and to the right, the accommodation buildings. We were welcomed by the helpers (right young teacher Wan Yizhong) and given a very nice pack including a high quality 28 page color program.
The pack was in a nice bag with the logo of the event. The performers were rehearsing and practising from 8 am to 8 pm.
Some friends: Shi Xuan (Jessica) Song Yue (Moon)
China Accordion Association Secretary Crystal Wang, also teacher at Shanghai Normal University (SHNU) and Li Rui, tutor at the Beijing Childrens Palace. On the right is Li Yansheng, tutor for the famous Baidi Accordion Orchestra. Left are some of the players.
The main orchestra consisted of the Baidi Accordion Orchestra and young people selected from around China. The ages were 9 years and older.
The stage had great graphics and the hall had excellent acoustics. Crystal Wang announcing.
Chen Weiliang conductor of the massed orchestra, a superb conductor and musician
and runs accordion orchestras superbly. Zhao Jing Xuan (picture left), General Manager of Tianjin "Baidi" Musical Instrument Co. Baidi are a major sponsor of the superb Baidi Accordion Orchestra conducted by Chen Weiliang.
Youth Group from Bai Di children orchestra of Beijing Children’s Palace conducted by Ji Yuchen
Older group conducted by Ji Yuchen
Ji Yuchen is a young conductor at the Beijing Childrens Palace and is already conducting to a very high level. China Accordion Association Executive members. Prof. Li Cong President, China Accordion Association. Wang Chaogang and Chen Yiming, China Accordion Association Executive members.
This picture shows the amplifiers for the 4 or up to 6 bass accordionists for the largest orchestra.
After the rehearsal of the concert was finished, the players had some refreshment and then were formed into smaller groups and checked to see if they had learnt their parts well enough to participate in the Opening Concert tomorrow.
One of the tutors is rehearsing one group and below, three senior teachers checking the playing level and the note learning of the students.

The following is art by the students of the Beijing Childrens Palace

At 8 pm, the long day of work was finished and everyone went for dinner.  

Program 5th April 2015 6th April 2015 7th April 2015

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