National Accordion Association Convention

March 7 - 10, 2018, Richardson, Texas, USA

Report by Debra Peters:

A birds-eye view inside the 2018 NAA National Accordion Assn. yearly convention in Dallas, TX.

It’s not easy to make things feel new year after year at an accordion convention! This year was outstanding with a new layout for the conference. All activities were together, on the same level of an U shaped hallway. First up, the dealer rooms with Accordion Swap Shop, Castle Accordions, AccordionStuff, George Secor and his Moschino, and Lawrence Streifel with his Make Accordion Great Again red hats. Walk a little further to find Sharon Seaton’s Circle in Salon B… A friendly welcoming spot used by variety of accordionists playing and talking together.

Matt Tolentino brought his very old record collection and shared. Ed Casper showed us his bass moves. We had Linda Ann Warren, with her Vegas style entertainment Lady of Spain tribute to Dick Contino. What an outfit! Wow! Moving around the bend was Arlyn & Tom Visentin 15 minutes of Fame. This was a busy place where everyone invited to play a few tunes and receive a ticket for a draw with prizes. Next is Shirley & Craigs store to purchase some accordion embroidered clothing among other items.

All Evening Concerts, Friday Dance Program, Daytime Band Camp Rehearsals, Acoustic Accordion Workshops, Band Camp Concert, Circle of Champions Concert, Banquet Dinner, Congo Line, After Hour Jam Sessions were in the main Ballroom. Beyond the Ballroom was the Petosa room and the Digital Room. If you were looking for answers about digital, this is where you spent much of your time. With hosts Dr. Ian Fries, Chuck Henry, Joe Natoli & Markus Baggio. Those special digital guys…

I wonder if they even left their corner to get to the incredible acoustic workshops of Gary Blair, Grayson Masefield, Jamie Maschler, Gabe Hall-Rodrigues, The Christians or Paul Betken, among others? Likewise, the digital workshops were all extremely popular. Nick Ballarini hosted the Jazz Jam in the Spurs room next to the bar.

The layout was comfortable to get around the entire hotel and you didn’t have to miss much of anything! On a sad note though, beloved Tony Lovello was missed by all of us. Other than that, this was another very memorable accordion convention in Dallas Texas!

Speaking of new layout/format, did you know? The National Accordion Association has a brand new design for selecting participants for future conventions? It will be by ONLINE submissions ONLY on the National Accordion Association website.Our leader Norman Seaton, says The 2018 post-convention survey will be delivered April 15, 2018.

The 2019 "Call for Presenters" will be delivered in late July 2018 and will be based on the results of the post-convention survey results. If you would like to present a workshop, or perform at the convention 2019 consider taking a few minutes to fill the form out with your offering and desires to be a part of the fun weekend in Dallas Texas!

There is a page of guidelines and survey result requests to help you get started on your presentation. The NAA convention activities are driven by the conventioneers! NAA Executive Committee will select from these entries! I for one, am planning to see you there Weds March 6th, 2019

Carol Garrison & Debra Peters from Texas, Polka Charly Crittenden from Arkansas, and Gordon Kohl from
California Charly and Gordon played the Magnante version of the Beer Barrel Polka for us.

A second picture

ZydeCowgirl Debra Peters 2018! Performing on the Circle of Champions Thursday evening
concert. We were doing tributes to accordionists that were no longer with us.
My 2 song choices went to Buckwheat Zydeco from Louisiana and Santiago Jimenez Sr. from Texas.

The Saturday NAA 2018 evening show!  Grayson Masefield, Becca Huck, Debra Peters,
Cory Pesaturo, Gabe Rodriguez, Jamie Maschler, Gary Blair and Emmanuel Gasser!

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