Accordions Worldwide Know the People Interview of Serenellini Accordion Factory

Editor Holda Paoletti-Kampl with:
- Sabrina Serenellini (Manager)
- Luciano Serenellini (father of Sabrina, Founder and former Manager)
- Donatella (Secretary/Translator/Export Manager).

from left: Harley Jones, Luciano Serenellini, Sabrina Serenilli, Donatella

Q. Question to Luciano Serenellini: When did you start?
A. Luciano: "When I was young, I worked in a factory in Castelfidardo that produced toy musical instruments, first in wood and then in plastic. I really liked this job, and I was so passionate about it that I decided, in collaboration with some friends who worked in the accordion sector, to deepen my knowledge and study the various stages of accordion making.

So I rented a small room and in a short time I was able to build my first accordion models: a piano accordion, a chromatic accordion and a diatonic accordion. I took them to a large and important company in Castelfidardo which also built accordions, and the owner not only approved the workmanship and materials used, but was especially satisfied with the careful preparation of the details: the result was an important order of accordions. So I started making accordions in 1978.

Q. Question to Luciano: Were you brave enough to start an accordion manufacturing business while the boom was slowing down...?
A. Luciano: "At the beginning I only produced accordion parts for other companies...but it wasn't enough for me, nor for my future. So I started to build my own line of accordions under the Serenellini brand and exhibited them at the Frankfurt Fair together with my first catalogue, in 1982. I was very nervous about how it would go and when I found my first Serenellini customer it was a huge satisfaction for me, a real success! And what makes me most proud is that this customer is still a Serenellini customer today, for over 35 years!

Q. Question to Luciano: When did you move into this new Serenellini factory building?
A. Luciano: After working five years in my home workshop, with the first orders I needed more space, so in 1983 I built my current company. Although those times were not the easiest economically for the accordion industry, I was confident that the efforts to build the Serenellini brand would be successful in the long run and I am very happy and proud that time has confirmed my intuition at that time.

Q. Question to Sabrina: When did you join your father's business?
A. Sabrina: I started working in the family business after finishing high school. Before I had my current job as a secretary, I did a lot of work on the accordion. I really enjoyed the manual part and helped participate in the different stages of working on the instrument.

Q. Question to Sabrina: What kind of skills did you learn/do?
A. Sabrina: I had the opportunity to watch and learn how the various stages of accordion production took place. I was enthusiastic and wanted to learn.

Q. Question to Donatella: When did you join the Serenellini company?
A. Donatella: This job with Serenellini gives me great satisfaction because I have learnt so many things and details about the accordion and explained them to our customers. This was and still is very special for me!

Q. Question to Luciano: During these years of accordion manufacturing, have you seen any changes in this world of accordion production and manufacturing?
A. Luciano: Orders have changed completely. In the past, customers/shopkeepers would order as many as 20/30 pieces all the same, all the same model, all the same colour. Now the order is extremely personalised, with different characteristics...I always try to renew my products, to keep up with the times, offering the world market new accordions that always meet with customer approval. I adapt to customers' needs and try to meet their every request.

Q. Donatella - I see you would like to add something to this?
A. Donatella: Yes, since I am the one dealing with customers, I would like to add that since we have the Internet we are in much closer contact with our customers. Many of them and the players themselves often send messages showing their great satisfaction and enthusiasm for their high quality Serenellini accordion and all of us in the company share this joy together!

Another change is that the winners of accordion competitions help to keep our brand at the top of the international scene, and this makes us extremely proud. Some winners and performers playing with Serenellini:

Some winners and famous performers who play Serenellini:

Yana Fedoruk
Yana FEDORUK (St. Petersburg - RUSSIA) (of the duo 'Yava Band' with Vladimir Popolzin) - October 2010 1st prize by 35th Castelfidardo Accordion Festival - cat. Jazz Music Ensemble Entertainment.

Yana Fedoruk toured together with Vladimir Popolzin (Duo Yavaband) in Germany, performing in Frankfurt, Kronberg, Bad Soden, Bernkastel-Kues, Traben-Trabach, Bad Homburg, Darmstadt.

Video above: Yana Fedoruk playing "New Tango" with Serenellini accordion, model Imperator

Video above: Yana Fedoruk performing Dream a Little Dream of Me

Valerio Russo performs Tango Italiano composed by Renzo Ruggieri

Video above: Valerio RUSSO (Benevento - ITALY) - Valerio Russo "Cavatina di Figaro" Rossini/Ruggieri Winner of the 1st Prize by 68th Coupe Mondial (Finland) and the Trophee Mondial (Switzerland) and the 2st prize in the PIF in Castelfidardo (2015-2016). September 2016: 2nd prize at the 69th Coupe Mondial (Russia) - Digital Accordion (DAC) category.

Valerio Russo

Sabrina Serenellini, Valerio Russo, Luciano Serenellini

Zoltan Orosz

Zoltan OROSZ (Budapest - HUNGARY) Is one of the famous accordion players in the World - He has had concerts at several places of the World, from Singapore to Siberia, from Canada to India, from Scandinavia to America. He was the winner of the International Chanson Contest of Paris.

For his work he was awarded the Artisjus Prize (by the Hungarian Bureau for the Protection of author's rights) and the Emerton Prize by a famous Hungarian radio station. The Town of Bacsalmas gave him the Title of Honorary Citizen.
Video above: Belgorod Music Fest 2016 - Zoltan Orosz - La Foule

Video above: Zoltan Orosz

Artist: Tian Fengshuo is a Chinese accordion player and he won the 1st Prize at the Australian International Accordion Championship - Category: Australian International Senior Virtuoso Entertainment.

Video above: Tian Fengshuo (China) performing Carnival of Venice with his Serenellini.

Q. Question to Luciano: Has your production changed over the years? Have you changed your models, added or removed any lines?
A. Luciano: Of course, we try to keep up to date with market demands. At the beginning, I was used to producing mainly small diatonic instruments, but today our product range is increasingly wide. Customers are increasingly demanding and we try to meet all their expectations and face the competition with new accordion lines: every year we try to come out with something new and we always manage to get positive feedback from customers.

Q. Question to Sabrina: What are your most important markets?
A. Sabrina: We sell all over the world! We have customers in almost all European countries, then in the United States, South America, Canada, Hong Kong, Korea, Australia, China...Serenellini is sold almost all over the world!

Q. Question to Luciano: What makes you happiest about your business?
A. Luciano: I am proud to have made my name known all over the world and to know that my product is appreciated by many musicians and retailers. I have customers who have been buying my products since I started my business, a sign that they have noticed the excellent quality and professional growth.

Q. Question to Sabrina: Can we ask you the same question?
Sabrina: The answer is in line with what my father said. I have not worked with other companies, only with this one... I have grown with the company... and I must admit that I feel great joy and satisfaction when I see that in the world they are playing an accordion with my name on it!
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