7th Roland International Festival Accordion, Rome, 2013
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Saturday 19th October 2013

Program Booklet

Round 2 Contestant Videos by accordions.com
Round 1 videos of each contestant can be viewed at: Round 1 Video

Each contestant will perform an own choice program, minimum 10 minutes, maximum 15 minutes playing time.


Video: Prizegiving Presentation

Video: 1st Place, Round 2 only, Contestant No. 5, Matthias Matzke (Germany) performing 'Coup(e)' by Hans-Guenther Koelz Arr. Matzke
Round 1 videos of each contestant can be viewed at: Round 1 Video

Video: 2nd Place, Round 2 only, Contestant No. 7, Petar Maric (Serbia) performing 'Life after Life' by Maric and 'Flight of the Bumble Bee' by Rimsky Korsakov
Round 1 videos of each contestant can be viewed at: Round 1 Video

Video: 3rd Place, Round 2 only, Contestant No. 2, Stanislav Malyshev (Russia) performing 'Sherlock Holmes Travels to Russia' by Dashkevitch
Round 1 videos of each contestant can be viewed at: Round 1 Video

Videos of Other Contestants in Playing Order:

Video: Contestant No. 1, Michael Bridge (Canada) performing '1812 Overture' by Tchaikovsky

Video: Contestant No. 3, Kyoko Hayashibara (Japan) performing 'A Riddle in a Maze' by Hayashibara

Video: Contestant No. 4, Thomas Hardaker (UK) performing 'Celtic Medley' arr. Hardaker

Video: Contestant No. 6, Simone Sciammarella (Italy) performing 'King' by Spaccarotella, Sciammarella

Video: Contestant No. 8, Sergei Teleshev (USA), performing 'Medley' arr. Teleshev

Video: Contestant No. 9, Mahatma Costa (Brazil) performing 'Freezin Medly' arr. Costa/Spaccarotella
Festival Begin
The audience of the Auditorium Parco della Musica is getting ready for the big show event of the 7th international V-Accodion Festival
giving all comptitors during their walk through the audience a warm welcome
the juy members from left: Alfredo Maroni and Luigi Bruti/Roland Europe, Amleto Dallapé, Stefano Mengascini, Mirco Patarini, Samuel Borsini, Andrea Ballone Burini, Renzo Ruggieri, Christos Kalaitzopoulos, Frédéric Deschamps, Zoran Zorko, Walter Bigler, Kimmo Mattila, Viatcheslav Semionov
again part of the jury with Roberto Gaetani and Luigi Bruti / Roland Europe
Roland Japan President Junichi Miki sending his greetings by Video to all contestants and visitors Mascia Foschi for the 3rd time conducting the show
all contestants well prepared and ready for giving their best....
... but befor the competition - time for a "roman ballade" with singer/guitar Fabrizio Amici and Stefano Di Sturco on the accordion
and the performance of 2012 Roland V-Accordion Festival Winner Klavdiya Tarabrina from Russia

Video Show time by Royal Squeeze Box with Aaron Dickerson / vocal and Bernhard Metzer / accordion

Video: 2nd part of Royal Squeeze Box

just before the Festival Show...
Machiya Sato /Roland Japan with base in Netherlands and Japan Competitor Kyoko Hayashibara relaxing in the Hall

Roland Staff (from left) Giorgio Ricci - Mimmo Vicari - Marco Di Paolo

Alessandra Curzi with Salvatore Basile
Giorgio Ricci and Holda
Accordion Producers from Castelfidardo Andrea Ballone Burini, Stefano Mengascini, Samuel and Carlo Borsini, new Castelfidardo Festival Artistic Director Roberto Lucanero and Mirco Patarini
M° Mirco Patarini and M° Antonio Spaccarotella
Frédéric Deschamps with Roberto Lucanero
Marco Cinaglia with Stefano Di Sturco
Holda and Alessandra
Viatcheslav Semionov, Yulia Amerikova, Mirco Patarini and Natalia
Roland Europe Staff "Mimmo" and Susanna Damiani
Alessandra and Mimmo


Roland Russia Andrej Voronov, Alfredo Maroni (President Roland Europe) Amleto Dallapé
Workers from the Headquater/Production Rolande Europe
Fabrizio Amici, Marco Cinaglia, Stefano Di Sturco
Andrea Ballone Burini, Harley Jones and Viatcheslav Semionov
Alfredo Maroni and Girolamo Vicari
Holda and Mirco Patarini
Alessandra Curzi's family
Alfredo Maroni President Roland Europe with his wife
Roland Europe President Alfredo Maroni with wife and friends
Roland Germany Casten Helfrich and Adrian Marsi Roland Canada
Ulrich Simon/journalist from Germany, Roland France Frédérich Nichele with wife and Machya Sato/Japan based in Roland Netherlands
Andrea Ballone Burini (president of the jury accordion producers) with Luigi Bruti and with Roland Europe President Alfredo Maroni (from left) Mirco Patarini,Samuele Borsini, Stefano Mengascini, Amleto Dallapé, Alfredo Maroni, Andrea Ballone Burini and Carlo Borsini
Natalia, Andrej Voronov/Roland Russia with Yulia (right)
waiting for the event to start...
Alessandra with family and friends
from right: Attila Vass/Roland East Europe, Roberto Lucanero, Giovanni Mangione/Italy, Machiya Sato/Japan
Alica Baker/USA and Sean Montgomery/UK
steady guest at all Roland Festivals: Luciano Federicci
Alessandra Curzi and Sean Montgomery/UK
Luigi Bruti during stage trial

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