7th Roland International Festival Accordion, Rome, 2013
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Friday 18th October 2013

Program Booklet

Round 1 Contestant Videos by Accordions Worldwide

Each contestant will perform an own choice program, minimum 10 minutes, maximum 15 minutes playing time.
Luigi Bruti showed the large color page advertisement in the major Rome Newspaper and announced
that the large hall, Parco Della Musica, was already nearly sold out for Saturday night.
The stage was beautifully prepared with banners and even the jury table had nice name cards and a qaulity folder for each of the jury. Frederic Deschamps and Mike Rossi finalising
details before the event begins.

Video: Contestant No. 1, Matthias Matzke (Germany)

Video: Contestant No. 2, Mahatma Costa (Brazil)

Video: Contestant No. 3, Thomas Hardaker (UK)
  Holda Paoletti-Kampl with camera and computers uploading pictures and video to accordions.com

Video: Contestant No. 4, Michael Bridge (Canada)

Video: Contestant No. 5, Petar Maric (Serbia)

Video: Contestant No. 6, Simone Sciammarella (Italy)

Video: Contestant No. 7, Sergei Teleshev (USA)

Video: Contestant No. 8, Stanislav Malyshev (Russia)

Video: Contestant No. 9, Kyoko Hayashibara (Japan)

Meeting of the Jury

The jury meeting was held earlier in the day before Round 1 of the competitions.
From left: Renzo Ruggier (Italy), Kimmo Mattila (Finland), Viacheslav Semionov (Russia), Walter Bigler (Austria),
Christos Kalaitzolpoulos (Greece), Zoran Zorko (Slovenia), Frédéric Deschamps (France)
being informed about the rules of the competition by Luigi Bruti in presence of Alessandra Curzi and Marco Cingalia
All jury members signing the diplomas for the competitors
"immense" activity and effort by all the Roland staff
stage trial by Alessandra Curzi
...and performance trial by Marco Cinaglia

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