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Sala Sinopoli

This very prestigious auditorium has superb accoustics and lighting and offers the ability to accommodate dance performances, concerts of contemporary music and more in comfort with excellent lighting.


Emmanuel De Baets - Belgium
The representative for Belgium in the international final in Rome will be the surprising Emmanuel De Baets.
Ricardo Luiz Marcelo - Brazil
This is a first time for Ricardo Luiz Marcelo to represent Brazil.
Jelena Milojevic - Canada
After an intense competition, Jelena was crowned winner of the 4th edition of the Canadian Finale of the V-Accordion Festival.
Hanzhi Wang - China
One of the youngest competitors this year is Hanzhi Wang from China.
Katariina Ahjoniemi - Finland
Katariina Ahjoniemi qualified for the international final after winning the digital Sata-Häme Soi Festival category.
Nicolas Koch - France
After winning 3rd place last year, Nicolas Koch returns this year to represent France again.
Rudik Yakhin - Germany
Rudik Yakhin repeated his success of last year, winning the final of the German qualifications held in Trossingen, the famous "City of Music" in Baden-Württemberg.
Masahiro Ogawa - Japan
To represent Japan with a lot of musical experience comes Masahiro Ogawa./td>
Julie Langton - Great Britain
Julie Langton, is a promising young British accordionist who has already achieved many UK competition successes.
Albanian Giorgio - Italy
A young and very promising accordionist, technical ability with artistic sensibility.
Chernomordikov Alexey - Russia
In the Moscow final, the Russian Alexey has shown a deep knowledge of the instrument and an original repertoire.
Pawel Janas - Poland
Winner of the Polish national final held last April in Sanok. This competition generated a lot of interest and had over 250 spectators.
Miguel Angel Rumbo Cabezuela - Spain
Back again this year to represent Spain.
Christopher Gorton - USA
The U.S. representative is from Providence, Rhode Island.

Jury Members

Raymond Bodell - England
Joan Sommers - USA
Coba - Japan
Xiaoqing Cao - China
Jean-Marie Dazas - France
Sergio Scappini - Italy
Alexander Selivanov - Russia

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