CD Review


Lydie Auvray
10 August 2007


One: Because she is flavouring the CD with ample amount of chilli pepper without changing its original sound.

Two: Even though she is principally not a singer, but an accordionist, she sings beautiful songs.

Three: Then when you least expect it she performs a version of “Stairway to Heaven” by Led Zepplin that provides a delicate contrast to the other complex tracks on this CD.

Four: Because “Guinguette” is accompanied by Marc Ribot on guitar and which is very pleasing.

Five - “Joschi” captivates us with its off beat tempo and tormenting melody.

Six: the sun comes out again with the African riff of “Regard”.

Seven: hearing this CD leaves a good taste in ones mouth, the sort that wants you to listen to it all over again.

Eight: what a varied CD this is; starting from Europe it touches many parts of the world without ever being unoriginal.

Nine: it imposes the accordion as leader of the group whilst leaving the compositions themselves to dazzle.

Ten: Actually – no wish for reviewing during this time of the year: summer - sun & sea…heat…who wants to sit in front of a computer? But as soon as I heard this CD I changed my mind and here I am humming it to myself. So here we are: - ten good reasons- (but could certainly continue indicate other excellent points….) to enjoy fifty minutes of good music in good company….and this is not bad at all – isn’t it?

Reviewed by Renato Belardinelli, August 2007
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