CD Review

New Day's Horizon
Frédéric Schlick
Frédéric Schlick
05 December 2003
1. Speak Italian
2. Hollywood Night
3. Xantia
4. I'm Mood for Love
5. A la Mode
6. Golden Line
7. Blusette
8. Summer of 42
9. A Chantal
10. Polka Dots and Moonbeans
11. Pacific Blue
12. New Day Horizon
13. Summertime in Paris

Frédéric Schlick always travels upon high levels and he does it again with this new CD titled "New Day's Horizon" where he is accompanied by Ekaterina Nikolova (vibraphone), Jim Grandcamp (guitar), David Petrocca (contrabbasso) and Didier Hoffmann (battery).

No need to affirm that the two instruments that are mainly giving colour to this CD are the accordion and vibraphone. On accordion is the experienced Frédérick, who makes everybody immedately understand his knowledge, not only during phases of harmonisation but also when in the "background". Ekatarina on the vibraphone really confers a different style of sound to the band, that is generally set up for a harmonious and delicate sound. The so frequently mixed presence of the accordion and the vibraphone is an absolute winner - that in past was considered the Art Van Damme "sound" - Frédéric Schlick proposes with some European charm. In fact one can feel and hear a bit of "France" and we must not forget the great admiration that Schlick has for Toots Thielemans.

Many compliments to the performers, to the producer - Barvin - and also to Françis Courvreux who has written the notes of the booklet, in which he seems a little bit excessive with his affirmation that Schlick is the only jazz-accordionist in Europe.... except for the kind "Mole Swing Musette."
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