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Weather forecast for "Convention Week:
    *    Mid-to-high 40s during the day and cold at night.
    *    Update: Local weather is now saying "no sleet" on Wednesday. National weather has not changed yet.
    *    This event is all indoors with lots of good food, no need to go outdoors.

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2015 National Accordion Convention Theme: Duet Together!

Art Show (Artists' Interpretation of Music) Entries

The 2015 Convention is Thursday - Saturday: March 5 - 7, 2015 (Arrival on the 4th and depart on the 8th)

Evening Events Open to the General Public: Go to the convention home page for more information.

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Evening Events Open to the General Public:
    *    As a community service project, Thursday evening activities are complementary for the general public.
    *    Friday and Saturday evening events are only $10 per person (Friday buffet is $12.50 per person).
    *    Your generous donations enable youth to attend these events free of charge.

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Other On-going NAA Projects and 2014 History:

Accordion - The Versatile Musical Instrument

Pianos and Accordion

2014 Convention Web Site Historical Review

The NAA Organization Chart and Related Duties

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Greg Klugiewicz, Convention Coordinator
1410 BlueBird Lane
Garland, Texas 75042
Cell:    214-538-5651
Home: 972-272-2359

Nick Ballarini, Vice President and Convention Sales and Services Coordinator
Phone: 972-247-5000

Norman Seaton, President  
Cell: 214-938-5984

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The National Accordion Association is celebrating 29+ years as a leader in accordion networking.
The 2015 convention will mark our 28th annual event.
NAA officials proudly state that every "convention" is unique, including the 2015 convention.

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Disclaimer: The National Accordion Association does not make any recommendations for performers, repairs, and/or teachers.
Personal recommendations made by NAA officials and/or members are to remain personal references and not to be considered as an official recommendation of the Association.


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March 3, 2015