2023 Convention Floor Plan and Schedule

    Daily Activities
    Wednesday: Starting at 5:00 pm.
      Arrival events are designed for “getting acquainted” opportunities (Bring your Accordion)
        * Herb N’Kitchen (Hilton restaurant and bar)
        * Salon A+B (Optional Fun Band practice for those who arrive on Wednesday.)
        * Salon C (Optional jam sessions)

    Thursday, Friday, and Saturday Schedules
      Lunches: Snacks are selected from the Herb N’Kitchen
      Thursday Evening Meal: Texas Chili Party (networking with each other)
      Friday Evening Meal: On your own, the ballroom will be used to set up the Friday Festival!
      Saturday Evening Banquet: Served in the ballroom.
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Friday Schedule image

Saturday schedule image
    Sunday morning: Breakfast will be served in the ballroom, then we depart for another year.
This page was last updated on January 13, 2023.