2023 Convention Concerts

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Noon Concerts

    Bring a snack from HERB N' KITCHEN
Thursday: Conventioneers
Friday:     Conventioneers
Saturday: Youth/Young Adults

Evening Concerts

Thursday: Conventioneers
Friday:     Alex Meixner/Brave Combo
Saturday: American Music

Jam Sessions After 10:00 pm.

Evening Concerts

Thursday Evening: Concert by Conventioneers, narrated by Sharon Seaton
Sharon Seaton image Performers not assigned at this time.
Friday Evening: 100 minutes of "High-Energy Festival Music" by Alex, Carl, and Brave Combo
Alex Miexner image Carl Finch image Brave Combo imageOther performers not assigned at this time.
Saturday Evening: "American Music" narrated by Markus Baggio
Markus imagePerformers not assigned at this time.

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