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Editor Holda Paoletti-Kampl with Giustozzi Accordions
Giampiero Giustozzi (Owner)
Silvia Gagliardini (Manager)

During the interview with Giampiero Giustozzi Accordions/Castelfidardo/Italy
with Holda Paoletti-Kampl and Harley Jones

Historical Background: In the early 1900's Joseph Giustozzi started to learn all about the art of constructing accordions and organettos and he passed on his passion, to his sons Louis and Egisto.  In 1946 the sons decided to form their own company and officially started Giustozzi Diatonic Accordions. 

In reality, however, the first accordion Giustozzi dates back to 1924 and is on display at the International Accordion Museum in Castelfidardo.

The grandfather Joseph Giustozzi, who was previously working with Settimio Soprani, opened the Giustozzi Accordion production in 1946 and Alberto Giustozzi, who has always worked in the family business,  took over from his father in 1970.

Q: Giampiero – you are now the 3rd generation of your family owning and working in the Giustozzi Accordions production, which means – YOU – were already born into an accordion manufacturer!  What do you remember from your earliest times about the accordion?
A: For me – home and laboratory, from the earliest times has always seemed “home” - I never knew a difference from our family flat (that is located above the manufacturing Lab), from our actual accordion producing area, which is a floor below our house!

Alberto Giustozzi during the "Giro d'Italia" Giampiero Giustozzi receiving the prestigious Award from the City Hall Castelfidardo presented by Mayor Mirco Soprani

Q: Do you remember particulars of accordion from your childhood?
A:  I do not remember the times when I was very little, but I do remember very well the time, when I started to go to school.  My father had passed on to me so much enthusiasm for the accordion manufacture that I would love to come home after school and go downstairs to the factory, to contribute some of my 'precious' work! (big smile)

Cleber & Cauan official video of "A Lua, a Calçada e o Bar"
accordionist William Santos, Brazil.

Q: "Precious" contribution?
A: Yes – when I have learned at school to write and count – I was given the obligation of writing the numbers on the boxes and I was very proud to have such an "imporant" part and feature in the factory. Today I must admit, that my father was very intelligent in this, as he made it look IMPORTANT to me and in this way, also encouraged me to want to learn and understand the world of accordion manufacture.

Q: Did you also start to play the accordion?
A: Yes – not only the passion for "work" but also the passion for  "accordion playing" was another really important contribution that my father instilled in me.  My first accordion lessons were when I was about 6 years old.

Q: You are talking about playing – but what was your FIRST big JOB in the factory …. ?
A: An important entire job in the factory, did not happen until I was a grown up.  During the time that I went to school, I handled only segments of the production.  I was often considered a worker, that was available to replace others…. when needed!  So, in this way, I started to learn all different processes of accordion production.

Q: Did you make some studies or did you immediately join the family production ?
A: In order to have a leading role in our family business, my father suggested to study accounting. This is a very helpful feature for the handling of a business and I happily accepted that idea from my father.

Leo performs "Javi se pod hitno" (Pick Up Urgently),
accordionist is Samir Nurkic, released May 2015.

Q: So when did you enter the business as a grown up and offical member of the factory?
A: I came to work officially in the company, when I had completed my studies as an accountant and since that time, I  helped guide the factory in close collaboration with my father…. until his death in 2007.

Q: So YOU are the 3rd generation – and now you have a son…. Is the 4th generation guaranteed?
A: Smile – our son is 8 years old now – for the moment – the great passion is the PLAY STATION, but hopefully this will change to another kind of passion – passion for playing the accordion !

Q: So how many years are you now in the accordion business…. - which changes have become evident to you ?
A: It's now 27 years that I am in the accordion business and yes – of course, in the last 20 years, nearly all has changed in the business due in large part, to computers and the internet.  Information, relations, questions, answers have become "instant" due to the internet.

Fast and efficient! - different markets and customer requests have forced us to change our production methods and instruments offered.  Several models have been eliminated just as new models have been created according to customer requirements.

Q: Which range of accordions are the major production of your factory?
A: Considering, that we are working with many different countries and serving so many musicians, we still have our main production focused on piano accordions, followed by diatonic accordions and the chromatic line.

Q: Are there also changes to the looks and styles of the accordions that you produce?
A: Oh yes – especially the looks have changed, the grilles have changed, the colours have changed – the weight has changed! Accordions have become much more customized. Almost every accordionist has his "own" accordion…. with its own features – no matter whether it is the type of wood, the colours, the reeds, the tuning, the bellows, the angles…. the whole design!

Q: Giampiero – how and when did you meet the better half (let’s say, the best part) of your life?
A: Giampiero is happily smiling…. With friends…. Silvia never had anything to do with the accordion – her brother is a guitar player and is one of my friends and this is how we met!

The Soundlovers - Be My Man
accordionist Stefano De Libertis.

Q: But "I" personally saw Silvia working many times in your factory! So Silvia has also learned some practical processes for the accordion production?
Giampiero is smiling – yes – SHE is doing the MINOR work in the factory now, the works, that I had to do when I was learning!

Silvia is also a book keeper – but she says, she does not like it too much….. the book keeping procedure : Silvia is starting up and Giampiero follow up!

But Silvia is even more smiling (of course….WOMAN) YES – she says - I am "HANDLING" what is to handle…. but mainly my work is the communications and public relations and also looking after our wonderful son of 8 years.

Q:  I know, that Silvia is also quite artistic - aren’t you?
A: I enjoy doing artistic things – such as designing grilles at times and I have designed one special one, which seems to have also pleased some other accordion companies.  This gave me immense joy…

Q: Since how many years are you working in the company now?
A: Silvia : Time seems to fly – and it is already 15 years now.  I had the joy of meeting the father of Giampiere and working with him for 5 years learning so many vital things about the accordions construction and production.

Q: Have you noticed some changes in your much shorter accordion experience?
A: For me, the difference is only, that since my husband Giampiero has taken over, after the abrupt death of his father, Giampiero has simply focused on quality! The numbers were alway present! The system of orders has changed and has become more individual – so also the quality had to adapt to the customer, with a more essential focus on the personal requirements of each order being exactly produced.

Giustozzi has also changed a bit their production systems due to international requests. Whereas before, Giustozzi was known for traditional instruments, we now, also have requests for free bass instruments including being represented by accordionists at international classical accordion competitions….

Andrzej Ceglarek (Poland) at the 41st PIF (2016) in Castelfidardo, Italy.

Well known Italian concert performer Gianni Mirizzi in concert
performing La Vita e Bella (Life is Beautiful).

Q: What do you like best about accordion manufacturing?
A: Silvia says:  I like to have an idea and transform that idea into a reality – and that this world of producing accordions is still bound to TIME! - whereas the world outside is getting faster and faster. 

Producing accordions is subject to so many different processes that require careful attention to detail and time.  This makes me feel good, makes me feel alive! To know, that we are producing, day by day, something that will last a life time – so the more a client will play the accordion – the more the client will appreciate it.

AND, 70 years of producing Giustozzi accordions makes us feel proud, as does being able to say loudly, that we have succeeded and NEVER failed in any of our obligations to workers, material suppliers or to our customers.  This history of success makes us feel very proud.

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