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14 May 2004 This weeks news | Past News  | Send news

Editors Note

This week, we have news items about two people who have put a tremendous amount of effort into the accordion world for the benefit of many others. I refer to Beniamino Bugiolacchi of Italy and Raymond Bodell of UK.

Beniamino Bugiolacchi is celebrating the 100th birthday of his company Italcinte, musical instrument strap and accessory manufacturer. Beniamino has spent a lifetime assisting accordion in Italy including being the founder of the famous Castelfidardo Museum and being instrumental (in 1975) in the birth of the Premio Internazionale di Fisarmonica, Città di Castelfidardo accordion competition and festival which has become one of the major annual internatonal accordion events.

Raymond Bodell, now owner of Charnwood Publishing, has devoted his energies over many years to the benefit of the National Accordion Organisation of Great Britain (NAO) including being President when it hosted the Coupe Mondiale. Raymond is also a senior Vice President of the CIA. This week, his efforts were recognised publicly when he was awarded the NAO Merit Award "in appreciation of his tireless and Inspirational work for the accordion".

Accordions Worldwide also wishes to thank these two exemplary gentlemen for all their efforts on behalf of the accordion.

Harley Jones
Acccordions Worldwide Director
Las Vegas Convention

This Weeks News

  • Bruno Maurice Accordion Masterclass - France
  • Accordionists & Teachers Guild International Festival 2004 - USA
  • Friedrich Lips Kligenthal workshop - Germany
  • Hong Kong Accordion Orchestra's Concert - China
  • NAO Championships - UK
  • Accordion Federation of North America Annual Festival - USA
  • Italcinte celebrates 100th Anniversary - Italy
  • June Concert Tour for Zhou Jing - China
  • Musical Tour of Italy 2005 - USA, Italy
  • Jazz Fest Celebrates Artists - South Africa
  • Soufflemuse Spring of the Straps Festival - Canada
  • Musician's Association Inducts 5 New Members - USA
  • Val Tidone Summer Camp - Italy
  • Guy Klucevsek in Spielberg Movie Score - USA
  • Quartetto Gelato Concert - Canada
  • Akkordeon Musikfest - Switzerland
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    Bruno Maurice Accordion Masterclass - France

    Successful soloist and accordion teacher Bruno Maurice will give lessons at the French Accordion Seminary in the International Music Academy of "Guérande and Pays de Loire" in Guerande from 16th to 31st August.

    Bruno's program will include: Preparation for International Competitions, Advanced Courses to Prepare for Concert Performance or Recording, Analysis of Musical Pieces, Musical Personality, Total Control of the Instrument, Study of Physical Positions, Accordion Repertoire and Improvisation. The International Music Academy of Guérande is in the middle of celebrating its 16th year.

    Upcoming concerts by Bruno Maurice are:
    1 May - Solo concert, presenting Spanish Music with the South American band, "Los Soles" at Léognan (33) salle G.Brassens, 9pm.
    4 May - Ensemble Concert titled "Musique Nouvelle" and "La Memoria del Agua", César Camarero: concerto for guitar, ensemble et accordion. Bordeaux: Halle des Chartrons, 8pm.
    9 May - Solo concert. Salon Musicora, Paris (La Villette), Salons de l'Europe, 6pm.
    14 May - Messe "un jour ordinaire" of Bernard Cavanna. Ensemble "Ars Nova", with Pascal Contet and Frédéric Guérouet. "Le Manège" (le Cirque) Reims, 8.30pm.
    20 May: Bruno Maurice in quintet: accordion, piano, doublebass, violin, guitar. Tangos of Piazzolla. The "Saint James" Restaurant, Boulliac (33), 7pm.

    Accordionists & Teachers Guild International Festival 2004 - USA
    Contributed by Stas Venglevski

    The Accordionists and Teachers Guild, Int. (ATG), founded 64 years ago, will hold its annual festival in Milwaukee from 21st - 25th July. There will be "something for everyone", organizers say of the variety of accordion music to be presented at the event.

    Highlights include concerts by accordionists from around the world; American jazz legend, Art Van Damme; France's farmous young accordionist, Jérôme Richard; the 2002 Coupe Mondiale winner, Alexander Poeluev from Russia; ATG President and bayan virtuoso Stas Venglevski and other renowned performers. The University of Missouri Kansas City Community Orchestra will also perform at the event.

    A special Anthony Galla-Rini Centennial Competition for classical accordion, in celebration of the Maestro's 100th birthday, is also part of the festivities. Accordionists from all over the world will vie for $5,000 in cash prizes. There will be a special appearance by Myron Floren who along with Joan Sommers, will be inducted into the ATG Hall of Fame.

    The festival will kick off on Wednesday evening 21st July. There will be a city tour and then a performance by the UMKC and Festival Orchestras. On Saturday night there will be a Gala Banquet and an Awards Ceremony. The festival will be held at the Best Western Airport Hotel.

    For further information, check out the ATG website or email

    Friedrich Lips Kligenthal workshop - Germany
    Contributed by Dr. Herbert Scheibenreif, Manager Friedrich Lips Productions

    Accordion artist and teacher Friedrich Lips conducted a workshop on "Music for Accordion and Symphony Orchestra" in Klingenthal this past week. During the workshop, Friedrich Lips introduced the works of Vladislav Zolotariev and Sofia Gubaidulina whose music is still largely unknown.

    Zolotariev's Concert Symphony No. 1 for bayan and symphonic orchestra (1972) is essentially an enlarged and revised version of the first concert for bayan from 1965. This symphony in four movements is pretty well marked by the composer's romantic view of life. Concert Symphony No. 2 for bayan and symphonic orchestra represents the greatest tragedy in the life of Vladimir Zolotariev

    Hong Kong Accordion Orchestra's Concert - China
    Contributed by Lian Jones of Accordion House

    The Hong Kong Cultural Centre Music Friends presented the Hong Kong Accordion Troupe for a weekend of Chinese Folk Dance and Music on the 8th May. The afternoon performance included Chinese accordion music and Chinese folk dance performances by the HK Youth Folk Dance Group as well as magic tricks, juggling and games by the Man Ming Magic Company. The event took place at the Auditoria Building, Hong Kong Cultural Centre, Kowloon where musical events are regularly held

    Ángel Luis Castaño

    NAO Championships - UK

    The National Accordion Organisation of Great Britain (NAO) Championships and Festival was held in Scarborough over the first weekend of May with some 432 entries in an array of classes for solo, duo, group and orchestral. The NAO welcomed international names such as Jacques Mornet (France), Mirco Patarini (Italy) and Renzo Ruggieri (Italy). The NAO Merit Award for 2004 was presented to the Executive Director British College of Accordionists and CIA Vice-President Raymond Bodell"in appreciation of his tireless and Inspirational work for the Accordion".

    Some of the competition winners included Larysa Bodell (Virtuoso Solo), Mairie Leonard (Senior Recital), Faye Ventre (Junior Recital), Jenny's Accordionists (Art Level Group), Colchester Art Level Orchestra (MD Elaine Beecham) whilst Orchestra's from Ireland (St John's Dumcree and East Antrim) were prizewinners in the Advanced Orchestra, and from Scotland the Graham Laurie Paisley Orchestra in the Intermediate class. The Brian Laurie Academy and the KODA group made successful returns in both the Entertainment and Showband Classes.

    Accordion Federation of North America Annual Festival - USA
    Contributed by Larry Demian

    The Accordion Federation of North America's Annual Music Festival will be held on 19th - 21st August in Los Angeles. While most of the competition categories will only be available to member schools, the virtuoso categories are open to anybody. The Accordion Virtuoso Solo category is offering a 1st place cash prize of "$500 Galla-Rini Centennial Birthday Award" and the 2nd through to 4th prizes also receive cash prizes. There will also be an "Accordion Virtuoso Cash Jazz Solo" category which offers cash awards for 1st through 4th places. Winners of the high caliber solos will be featured in the part of the festival that is free of admission, which is the Saturday Night Concert. The Saturday night program also features accordion band performances.

    For further information, email

    Italcinte Celebrates 100th Anniversary - Italy
    Contributed by Holda Kampl-Paoletti

    In April 1904 Colombo Bugiolacchi started a new activity - the production of shoes and he received a lot of praise for his work two years later at the International Exhibition of Milan.

    Around the same time, Colombo
    Bugiolacchi was helping his brother Ubaldo to make accordion straps which were in great demand in Castelfidardo, where the accordion industry was quickly developing.

    Working with them in the early years as an apprentice, was Colombo's young son Gilberto, who quickly became a master leather craftsman.

    The business steadily developed over the years and Gilberto and his son Paolo in 1946 formed the company "Italcinte."

    Today, the company is lead by Gilberto's youngest son
    Beniamino Bugiolacchi, with his daughter Patrizia and his nephew Carlo. Thanks to a combination of highly experienced craftsmen and state of the art machinery, Italcinte produces accessories of the highest standard which are exported to over 26 different countries.

    The company proudly celebrates its 100th year of service this year

    June Concert Tour for Zhou Jing - China
    Contributed by Lian Jones of Accordion House

    Successful accordionist and teacher Zhou Jing has some exciting concerts planned for next month. Zhou Jing, a university lecturer in Shanghai has just completed recording for a popular Chinese vocalist with whom she will perform 12 concerts. While the venues for all of the concerts have not been confirmed, her last four performances will be held in the "Shanghai Grand Theater", often described as the best concert hall in China, from 17th to 19th June.

    For further information, email
    Las Vegas Convention

    Musical Tour of Italy 2005 - USA, Italy
    Contributed by Alvaro Barsi

    A tour of Italy is being organized for May 2005 with plans to visit musical sites in Milan, Cremona, Stradella, Venice, Florence and Castelfidardo. According to organizers, Nick Ballarini and Alvaro Barsi, the tour is the result of a successful earlier trip to Italy organized in 1996.

    "We had guided a musical tour of Italy in '96 with 15 participants, and it was nothing less than wonderful," said Barsi.
    The tentative program would include factory tours to the violin makers of Padua and Cremona, the Dallape accordion factory at Stradella, the accordion factories in Castelfidardo with visits to Zero Sette, Beltuna, and the reed makers, then on to Rome and Pompeii for its accordion factories and museums.

    "I am familiar with Italy, where I grew up, and would also act as a guide, " Barsi said. "Last time we purchased a lot of our delicacies from a local food store and then we would stop in the country, and have a bus tailgate party with accordion music, poppy fields, great food and friends. Those are special memories!"

    For further information, email
    French Translators

    Jazz Fest Celebrates Artists - South Africa

    The North Sea Jazz Festival completed its fifth successful year with a concert in Cape Town celebrating the most ambitious program in the event's history. The two day jazz, world and pop extravaganza took place from 10th to 11th April drawing crowds to fully pack the five venues of the new International Convention Center. The festival also commemorated the country's 10th anniversary of democracy.

    The festival, inaugurated in 2000 under Artistic Director Rashid Lombard sought guidance and collaborated with Theo van den Hoek, the director of the popular, multistaged North Sea Jazz Festival in the Netherlands. One of the highlights of the event included a performance by veteran Miriam Makeba who wowed her fellow countrymen with a trio featuring American bassist William Slater and accordionist Tony Cedras, a South African native now based in New York.

    Soufflemuse Spring of the Straps Festival - Canada

    Soufflemuse productions will host the 6th Spring of the Straps Festival from 22nd to 29th May at the Cultural Bar in Montreal. The festival will include concerts by international accordionists who will performace a wide range of music like Russian, Tango, French, Goualantes, Jazz manouche, Classical and traditional/folk.

    Artists include Luzio Altobelli, Cyrille Demian, Yves Lambert, Sylvie Genest, Lou Babin, Didier Dumoutier, Francis Covan, Daniel Thonon, Vladimir Sidorov, Denis Plant, Bernard Cimon, Dino Leone, Jonathan Goldman, Walter Palmieri, Michel Béchard, Sandulé Bobaru, Sonia Painchaud and Benoît Rébillard while invited groups include Manouche, Fiszarmonia, Ironiko Orchestra and the Pourpour Brass Band.

    For further information, email

    Musician's Association Inducts 5 New Members - USA

    Five people will be inducted into the Dakota Musicians Association Hall of Fame this week, amongst them, accordionist Bill Schwan. The other inductees include Mardelle Brown of Redfield, Donald F. Mizera of Bismarck, N.D., Joe Wagendorf of Hettinger, N.D and Bernie Stein of Mandan.

    Bill Schwan began playing the accordion at age 3 and the piano at age 10. He joined the orchestra and played the bass in junior high school. In 1964, he joined the Navy and formed a band, "The Tender Tones," which played every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday night at the USO Club in Naples, Italy. He formed the first Funtime Band in the 1980s and won several competitions at the South Dakota Old Time Fiddlers Contest in Yankton on his accordion. He founded the Bill Schwan Funtime Band which has been together for almost 15 years where he plays the accordion and keyboard.

    Val Tidone Summer Camp - Italy

    Entries close on the 29th May for the Val Tidone Summer Camp which will take place from 27th July to 7th August. The summer camp is part of a series of four musical events organized for Val Tidone, Italy throughout the year. Other events include the Val Tidone International Music Competition, Val Tidone Festival and Val Tidone National Music Competition.

    During the camp there will be masterclasses, concerts and tourist excursions, such as guided tours to the Val Tidone castles, to the city of Piacenza and to the local vineyards. The "IMC Project" (International Master Classes Project) is a program of summer Master Classes and Master Courses which aims to promote international cultural exchanges.

    Similar to US summer camps, lessons will take place at a campus in the beautiful castles of Val Tidone, where students and teachers representing higher schools of music such as the Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Mannheim - Germany, Staatlike Hochschule für Musik Trossingen - Germany, Conservatoire National de Région Versailles - France, The University of Maryland, Baltimore - USA, The University of New Mexico - USA, Conservatorio Statale di Musica "Giuseppe Nicolini" di Piacenza - Italy and the Conservatorio Statale di Musica "Vincenzo Bellini" di Palermo - Italy, will gather.

    The camp is open to all music students interested in taking part and is not limited to students from the institutions represented. Lessons will be divided into four departments: piano, chamber music, string instruments and composition which includes accordion teachers Jean-Marc Fabiano, Karl-Heinz Kämmerling, Michael Flaksman, Paul Méfano, Dora Bratchkova, Carlo Levi Minzi amongst others.

    For further information, email Artistic Director, Livio Bollani


    Guy Klucevsek in Spielberg Movie Score - USA

    Guy Klucevsek returned from Los Angeles last week with another achievement to speak of!
    Klucevsek was recording for composer John Williams, music for Steven Spielberg's new movie, The Terminal.

    The music score is for full orchestra, accordion, guitar, harp and cimbalon. The Terminal, starring Tom Hanks and Catherine Zeta-Jones opens in the USA on 18th June.

    Quartetto Gelato Concert - Canada

    The Toronto-based group "Quartetto Gelato" put on a very successful performance late April with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra under the direction of guest conductor Gianandrea Noseda. The group, which includes bajanist Alexander Sevastian performed at the Roy Thomson Hall to a crowd of over 2,500 people. The show was part of a production titled, "Italianissimo!" which included music by Ennio Morricone, Nino Rota, Italian tangos, Neapolitan songs and operatic arias. Quartetto Gelato will perform the same program with the Calgary Philharmonic from 20th to 23rd May.

    For further information, email

    Akkordeon Musikfest - Switzerland

    The Akkordeon Musikfest will be held from 11th to 13th June in Lyss. The program includes large open air concerts in the evenings and competitions and lectures during the day. Organizers have yet to confirm the final details of the festival proceedings but have said that the event has already drawn a lot of participants because of the quality of the event and the beauty of the location.

    For more information, email

    Quote of the Week

    Teaching Quote of the Week Edited by Willoughby Walshe

    "Develop the ability to hear pauses. Filling pauses with content is the highest art."

    Find out more…..The Art of Bayan Playing or Playing the Accordion Artistically by Friedrich Lips

    CD Review

    New CD "Absolutely French - The Magic of Bernadette" by Bernadette Conlon. Reviewed by Prof. Joan Sommers.


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