Among the attractions of Stradella, cradle of modern accordion, is the town's accordion museum. The collection is housed by the Centro Culturale Polivalente (Multi-purpose Cultural Centre) which includes the town library and a museum of natural history. In naming the museum after Mariano Dallapè, the council chose to pay homage to the man whose ingenuity enabled him to turn the repairing of an archaic instrument into the invention of the first diatonic accordion, thus inaugurating an industry which is still of great importance for Stradella.

The museum consists of three sections:

- a documentary area which includes Dallapè's first accordion (1876) as well as a series of photographs of the local personalities involved in the industry and the numerous awards received by Stradella over the years;
- the detailed reproduction of a craftsman's workshop with original tools surrounding a precious workbench dating back to the nineteenth century. This section includes a display of the various components of the instrument and of the tools used by engravers and tuners;
- a vast area dedicated to the display of instruments, aimed at presenting the visitor with a complete overview of the evolution of the accordion, from the first 1876 prototype to the present day. The collection includes the so-called "liturgical" accordion, the gem of Dallapè's production: this instrument is especially suited to the execution of classical music and its sound is surprisingly similar to that of a church organ. The very prestigious awards it has received over the years awards include those presented by the Scala Theatre in Milan and by Pope Pious XII.


Comune di Stradella
Ufficio Interventi Culturali/Civica Biblioteca

Ufficio  Cultura del Comune 0385 249238
Civica Biblioteca 0385 48870
Carlo Aguzzi/Direttore 338 7150543


Sito Museo della Fisarmonica

Sito Comune Stradella
"E' possibile effettuare visite guidate alle seguenti fabbriche in attività che si sono dichiarate disponibili, PREVIA PRENOTAZIONE presso il Civico Museo della Fisarmonica, Carlo Aguzzi- direttore . cell. 338 7150543:

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- Fisarmoniche Stocco

"For guided tours to the factories you may book by contacting the Civic Museum of the Accordion, Director Charles Aguzzi mob. 338 7150543

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