Lian Jones

Lian Jones (Huang Ling Ling) was born in the Fujian Province, China. She started to learn the accordion at age 5 years, studying under Prof. Li Wei Ming, Dean of the Art Department at Xiamen University. At 10 years of age, she won the National Electronic Keyboard Competition in Beijing. During her accordion tuition, she won many accordion competitions around China.

She placed 2nd at the 1997 Australian International Accordion Championships in Sydney, Australia, and also placed at the South Pacific International Accordion Championship in Auckland, New Zealand.

Lian graduated in 1998 from Fujian Normal University, as a Piano and Accordion teacher and was the Top Graduate student.

In 1999, Lian was the guest artist at the South Pacific Accordion Championships and Festival, and received the Rose Bowl Award for the Best Classical Performance of the weekend.

Now as a teacher, Lian herself has taught many students who’ve gained success both nationally at the NZAA Competition Weekend and internationally at the Coupe Mondiale, among other competitions.

Lian won the Emmett Family Classical Ensemble Trophy as a member of the group, Ave Accordeon, at the South Pacific International Accordion Championships in 2017.

In 2017, Lian was the soloist in the Auckland Accordion Symphonietta's premiere of Gary Daverne’s composition, Song of the Far North.

Lian is now based in Auckland, New Zealand, teaching Piano and Accordion. She actively performs both as a soloist and as a member of the Auckland Accordion Symphonietta and Tango Project, Milonga De Cuatro.

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