The Musical Works of Gary Dahl Continue in Full Force

Gary Dahl with accordion On December 1, 2017, the Accordion Community lost an accordionist, composer, arranger, and music educator. Gary's professional music career lasting over six decades resulted in an impressive body of work including hundreds of solo arrangements, ten eBook collections and more than a dozen books currently in publication by Mel Bay. Gary’s music provides a wonderful and much needed resource for all accordion players. The loss of Gary’s life’s work is something we can’t let happen! So, with the blessing of the Dahl family, and with Dennis O’Toole, Gary’s long-time friend and engraver, we’ve formed the Gary Dahl—The Legacy Continues organization. With this website, all proceeds from the sale of Gary's music go to his family.

Our heartfelt thanks to Tris and Dennis for the beautiful website honoring our beloved husband and father. Our thanks to all of Gary's friends and his entire Accordion world for your touching cards and letters sharing your love and inspiring words. Gary was a bigger than life personality who loved music and all of his students. We are so pleased that you would honor him and his works.


Eloise Dahl and Leesa Dahl

Founding Gary Dahl—The Legacy Continues

I am Tris Gour, the principal founder of Gary Dahl—The Legacy Continues. I’ve played the accordion since the age of 8. At 13, I started playing professionally using my beloved Cordovox. During the late 1970’s and into the 1980’s, along with many other accordion players in the US, we watched our favorite instrument lose its audience appeal. The evolving synthesizer and its digital counterparts seemed to be the only way to go. Over the years, I learned the keyboards, continued to play live, and even managed to get some commercial and film scoring work. With my own recording studio, I worked with some of the major music equipment companies in product development, but I still felt musically unsatisfied! I was missing was my “home instrument”–the accordion. This is when I met Gary Dahl and embarked upon an even more intense study of the accordion. What started out as a student/teacher relationship blossomed into a friendship that will be treasured for the rest of my life!

Gary Dahl with accordion At, you’ll find all of Gary’s solo arrangements and eBooks available for purchase with the added convenience of PayPal. I’m currently offering the same MP3 lesson format, but now including free cloud storage, video demonstration, and even professional grade backing tracks harmonically matched to Gary’s arrangements. Join our mailing list now, and you’ll receive information about monthly promotions, new eBook packages, a new arrangement or two, and some new exciting technology offerings. We look forward to hearing from you!

~ Tris Gour ~