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28th March 2003 This weeks news | Past News | Send news

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This Weeks News


Successful Annual Texas Accordion Association National Convention - USA

Jazz trio of John Simkus, Nick Ballarini and Frank MaroccoContributed by Kevin Friedrich

Accordionists began gathering on Thursday (March 6th) in Plano, Texas for the annual TAA accordion convention. The 3 day event included festival orchestras, workshops and concerts and attracted people from all over the United States.

Dan and Kim ChristianAlice Aman, directed the Accordion Band (also served as bass accordionist for both TAA orchestras) and Mary Medrick directed the Advanced Orchestra. Mary had arranged several pieces for the Orchestra which included other musical accompaniments such as the violin, trombone, and drums. These instruments added drama and feeling to the tangos, while featured accordionists Frank Marocco, John Simkus, Dan and Kim Christian provided superb solo parts which punctuated Medrick's arrangement of "Blues in the Nite Medley" and "How High the Moon".

A full schedule of workshops included subjects such as jazz, Midi accordion, technical advancement as well as a host of other topics. In addition, Paul Pasquali, organizer of the Las Vegas International Accordion Convention presented Norman Seaton (President of TAA) and the TAA, with the 2000 Frosini Award for fostering public awareness of the versatility and musicality of the accordion. This award is shared with all local associations of TAA who promote the accordion throughout the state of Texas.

As is a tradition of the TAA Festival, after the completion of concerts, musicians spent the evening in jam sessions and conversations filled with fun, laughter, music and joy, till the early morning hours. Attendees are eagerly looking forward to next years convention!

For a full report, please see the USA National News news due online on April 1st.


3rd International Competition for Diatonic Accordion Soloists - Austria

The 3rd International Competition for Diatonic Accordion Soloists will be held in Ausservillgraten, East Tyrol from June 13th to 15th, organized by the Harmonikaverband Osterreichs (HVO) and the Village of Ausservillgraten (Tyrol). The event will be held under the auspices of the Confederation Internationale des Accordeonistes (C.I.A.) founded in 1935 in Paris. The CIA is a member of the International Music Council (IMC-UNESCO).

The competition is open to soloists of all nationalities and will be offered for Diatonic accordion soloists in the following categories: Diatonic Accordion Soloists (Styrian Model) - Seniors (no age limit but born before 1985), Diatonic Accordion Soloists (Styrian Model) - Juniors (born after 1985) and Diatonic Accordion Soloists (any other model) - no age limit.

All categories require an own choice program consisting of three (3) or more pieces. The entire program must be played by memory.

All candidates will receive a Diploma of participation and the 1st Prize Winner of the senior sections will receive a special award. There is no limit of numbers of candidates from each country. Entries close on April 15th, 2003. For further details email:



L'Esprit Manouche - England

"L'Esprit Manouche", a weekend festival catering for fans of the 30's to 50's style of jazz epitomized by Django Reinhardt will be held on July 12th and 13th at Moseley Private Park in Moseley, Birmingham. Over 2,000 people are expected to attend the event, which will be held to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Reinhardt's death.

Performers include "Note Manouche" with Marcel Loeffler (accordion). For details email Dave Alexander:


Master Sound

Annual Accordion Orchestra Concert - Germany

Accordion OrchestraContributed by Judith Geisweid

The Akkordeonorchestergemeinschaft Ferndorftal-Wilden (conducted by Jutta Menn) held their annual concert at the Gebrüder-Busch-Theater on March 9th. Their varied program included "Swiss Rhapsody" (Rudolf Würthner) as well as Italian folk tunes and a variety of other popular songs such as "Thank You For The Music".

"Vocal Journey" performed as a guest ensemble conducted by Gerd Moos. Their program included national and international tunes such as "Sentimental Journey", "Wenn die Elisabeth" "You are my Sunshine" and "Java Jive". All of these works were arranged for the ensemble by Gerd Moos.

After the break the "Nachwuchsorchester" (Youth Orchestra) of the Orchestra Community performed, conducted by Kerstin Rau. Their program included "The Lion King" (Elton John), "Rollerskates" and "Spirituals a Go Go". They ended their performance with the popular piece "Can Can".


Ranco Accordions

2nd National Music Competition - Italy

Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

The second edition of the "Carpineti in Musica" national music competition will be held from July 4th to 6th in the Parish Theatre and the Luigi Valcavi Music School of Carpineti (province of Reggio Emilia), thanks to the organizational effort of the Luigi Valcavi Music School, the Italian Centre for Music Teaching, the local tourism board, and the support of the Mountain Community Council and the Reggio Emilia Provincial Council.

The prize-giving ceremony at the conclusion of the event will include the awarding of the 2nd "Bione Franchini" Prize. The competition includes accordion (folk, variety, classic), electronic keyboard, piano, guitar, wind instruments and ensemble music classes. Applications close on June 12th. For further information please email:


Art Italia

Alexander Technique Course - Spain

Accordionist Anne Landa will give an Alexander Technique Course at the Ferrol Professional Conservatory of Music in Corunna, Spain from April 4th to 6th.

In addition Anne will perform at the Torrent Ballester Cultural Centre of Ferrol on April 4th.

For details email:


Vienna's 2003 International Accordion Festival Finishes - Austria

Trio FratresContributed by Dr Herbert Scheibenreif Manager of Friedrich Lips Productions

Finnish accordionists "Trio Fratres" presented their most spectacular show "In Rock!" to the Viennese public showing how three grooving accordions can handle hits by Deep Purple, Uriah Heep, Van Halen, The Scorpions, Sting and even the techno-pop by German band "Kraftwerk".

Arnaud MethivierOtto LechnerThe third triology (three different concerts at three different locations) was dedicated to local hero Otto Lechner who was joined by Austrian drummer Herbert Reisinger in the Funk, Latin & Jazz Pub Carioca. The 2nd concert was by Frenchman Arnaud Méthivier at the French Institute and the final concert by Australian cellist Melissa Coleman and Austrian guitarist Karl "Charly" Ritter during the closing event at Vienna's Metropol, which became an endless session…!!

This event was very well accepted by the public and congratulations go to the organizers Friedl Preisl and Claudia Gangl. The 2004 edition of Vienna's International Accordion Festival will celebrate its 5th anniversary.


Master Sound

Free Concert in the Park - USA

A free "Concert in the Park" will be held for the first time in the city of Buda on April 4th. The event will feature The Gulf Coast Playboys (with cajun accordionist Bradley Jaye Williams) and Aztex.



Church Concert - Netherlands

Accordeon MelancoliqueAccordeon Melancolique (which includes Cherie de Boer and Jean-Pierre Guiran) performed a concert in NH Church in Cothen, Utrecht Province recently.

Their successful program included a variety of original compositions, Italian folk tunes, Indonesian melodies, Argentinean tangos, Jewish folk, Texmex and more.


Ranco Accordions

Accordionist Performs with "Orchestra London Canada Inc." - Canada

Joseph PetricCanadian accordionist Joseph Petric performed "Seven Words" (Gubaidulina) with cellist Thomas Wiebe (Professor of cello at the University of Western Ontario) and the Orchestra London Canada Inc. (conducted by Timothy Vernon). This recent performance was held at the London's newest performance venue, the Wolf Performance Hall.

The biblical text for each movement was read by the conductor, and the Gubaidulina Seven Words was the hit of the evening between another contemporary work and the Haydn Symphony 104. The hall was full, and it was satisfying to see how the audience and musicians responded to new music.


40th Anniversary Concert - Australia

Bernadette ConlonAccordionist Bernadette Conlon will perform at a concert to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Maribyrnong Park Bowling Club on April 11th. The event will be held at the Maribyrnong Park Bowls Club in Essendon and will also include performances by an organist, violinist, saxophonist and two singers. Bernadette will perform a variety of popular pieces such as "Granada", "Lara's Theme" and "Rassypuchka". For further details email:

Art Italia

Folk At The Royal Oak - England

Bing Lyle & Mandy Murray will entertain at "Folk At The Royal Oak" in Lewes, East Sussex on May 22nd. The duo play a variety of traditional tunes with vocals with Bing performing some of his own compositions on concertina, accordion & guitar. For details email:


Master Sound

Twinning Between Castelfidardo and Klingenthal

Contributed by Beniamino Bugiolacchi, Italcinte

The twinning of the towns of Castelfidardo and Klingenthal will be made official on May 9th, 2003 at a signing ceremony with the participation of the two Mayors. Klingenthal is a German city near the border with the Czech Republic, in the province of Vogtland and the region of Saxony. It has a population of around 13,000 and is one of the main centres for the production of musical instruments (violins, flutes, accordions and mouth organs) of the country. The art of instrument-making was introduced here in 1659 by Bohemian refugees and was established also due to the high quality of the wood which can be obtained from the magnificent surrounding forests. Klingenthal is also renowned for its sports facilities (it used to be the main centre in the former DDR for cross-country skiing and ski-jumping), and boasts a small but interesting accordion museum - whose earliest instrument dates back to the mid-19th century - and a cross-country skiing museum. Every year, during the second week of May, the town hosts the Internationaler Akkordeon-Wettbewerb, one of the most prestigious accordion competitions worldwide, which attracts hundreds of very accomplished musicians.

This brief presentation will make clear what the town has in common with its Italian counterpart, for Castelfidardo also boasts a laborious and creative community, a predisposition for artistic craftsmanship, a drive to promote local tourism and countless initiatives for the promotion of cultural and commercial activity. The two councils held two "organizational" meetings in May and October 2002, first in Klingenthal, then in Castelfidardo, which resulted in the drawing up of an intense cultural exchange program involving local schools at all levels. Steps have also been taken towards a commercial exchange program, with the Castelfidardo local promotion board planning to stage arts and crafts fairs in Klingenthal featuring silversmiths, food tasting in the Market square and Italian cuisine days in the local restaurants, while Klingenthal plans to hold a traditional "Christmas Market" in Castelfidardo next December.

Europe can grow also thanks to these small but important signs of integration.



Accordion Music Evenings (Peñas) - Argentina

Contributed by Angel Russo

Having overcome some obstacles, we are now able to invite all accordion enthusiasts to the Accordion Music Evenings (Peñas) which will be held on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month at Confitería Popolo, Capital Federal, Buenos Aires, starting on April 6th. For details email:


Art Italia

Musikfreunde Neuaubing-Pasing Concert - Germany

Contributed by Elisabeth Glauber

Musikfreunde Neuaubing-Pasing will hold a concert at Wohnstift Augustinum in Munich, Bayern on April 5th. Guest accordionist Konstantin Ischenko will perform a variety of works by Piazzolla. For details email:



Santa Cruz California Radio Show - USA

Accordionist Jon Hammond took part in a radio show that was broadcast and webcast from Santa Cruz California station KUSP FM last week. The radio program is called "Doodlin' Lounge" with host Pete Fallico, who spent one hour interviewing Jon and playing selections from his CD "Hammond's Bolero". Tracks included "Cannonball '99", "Soon I Will Be Free", "Cosmo Lane" and "Czechoslavakian Salsa Song".


Master Sound

Reunion Island Philharmonic Accordion Orchestra Tour

The Reunion Island Philharmonic Accordion Orchestra will take part in a tour of Europe from July 13th to August 5th. The tour will include concerts in France, Germany, Czech Republic, Denmark, Holland and Belgium.

This orchestra (directed by Pierre Varo) is composed of 43 musicians who are pupils of the St. André School of Music and the National Conservatory of Reunion. They have toured several countries including Mauritius Island, South Africa, France, Monaco, Australia and New Zealand. They have also performed at a number of official receptions such as Welcoming Ceremonies and special events in four-star hotels like the Presidential dinner for Mr Chirac in August 2002.

The varied concert program includes Latino music (such as "Soul Bossa", Mambo Medley and Calyspo Medley), jazz & film music (such as "Stormy You", "The Lion Sleeps Tonight", and Blue Suede Shoes/See You Later Alligator), plus classical works by Studnitzky, Draeger, Thomain, Lecuona and R. W. Smith. For tour details email:


Complesso Fisarmonicisti Città di Varese Concerts - Italy

Contributed by Luigi Luoni

The Complesso Fisarmonicisti Città di Varese orchestra will perform at Sala Concerti in S. Giorgio su Legnano, Milan on April 5th. Their program will include both classical and popular music.

The group will stage a second concert at Aloisianum-Iris, Gallarate, Varese Province on April 10th. For concert information email:



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