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2003 Diatonic Competition - Rules
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June 13-15, 2003 - Ausservillgraten
(East Tyrol) Austria

Organized by the:
Harmonikaverband Osterreichs (HVO)
and the Village of Ausservillgraten (Tyrol)

General Conditions - Diatonic Competition
The authorities of the Village of Ausservillgraten (Tyrol) together with the Harmonika Verband Osterreichs (HVO) (Austrian Accordion and Harmonica Association) will offer the 3rd International Competition for Diatonic Accordion (World Championship).

The event will be under the auspices of the Confederation Interntionale des Accordeonistes (C.I.A.) founded in 1935 in Paris. The CIA is a member of the International Music Council (IMC-UNESCO).
General Conditions for All Categories

1. General: The 3rd International Competition for Diatonic Accordion Soloists 2003 (World Championships) is open for soloists of all nationalities and of either sex and will be offered for Diatonic accordion soloists in two categories. All entries must include a copy of a birth certificate.

  • Diatonic Accordion Soloists (Styrian Model) - Seniors
    (no age limit but born before 1985)
  • Diatonic Accordion Soloists (Styrian Model) - Juniors
    (born after 1985)
  • Diatonic Accordion Soloists (any other model) - No Age Model
2. Entry Forms: Candidates are requested to fill in the official entry-form (can be copied) provided by the secretariat precisely (in blockletters or typewritten) and mail to:
Harmonikaverband Osterreichs (HVO)
A-1060 Vienna, Marianhilferstr. 51/II/1
Franz Schubert Konservatorium
Fax: +43 - 1 - 712 - 0960
E-mail: icaccordions@netway.at

Please Send Me an Entry Form
3. Entry Fee: Senior Divisions: Euro 40,00 Entry Fee: Junior Divisions: Euro 22,00

The entry fee of EDuropean Union (EU) candidates are requested to transfer the amount to Harmonikaverband Osterreichs
Bank: Erste Bank AG
Account Number: 000-81191 (Zip: 20111)
IBAN: AT 09 2011 00000081191

Candidates from countries without comparable currency can pay the entryfee on arrival by written request and by an official agreement of the secretariat.
4. Acceptance of Rules/Regulations: A candidate's entry also implies acceptance of regulations, the system of judging and the jury's decision as being final.
5. Music Copies: If a candidate is playing from music he (she) has to bring with him (her) two copies of the program and handed over to competition office after arrival. Xeroxed copies will not be returned. The copies of each piece are to be tied together in a single bundle, each copy clearly labeled with the name and country of the candidate. If music is not available, please write a short explanation. The copies of each piece are to be tied together in a single bundle, each copy clearly labeled with the name and country of the candidate and handed over to the competition office after arrival.
6. Instruments: There are no restrictions as to make size or type of diatonic accordions used by the candidates, but electronic attachments may not be employed.
7. Further General Regulations: The candidate:
  • must list full name of composer and the arranger if applicable
  • must give the approximate playing time for each selection
  • the signature on the entry form is a statement saying that he or she has read the rules and understands and accepts them
8. Judging: Contestants are judged in all sections on overall musicianship, including technical proficiency and stylistic understanding of all music performed. THE DECISIONS OF THE JURY ARE FINAL.
9. Video and Sound Recordings are strictly forbidden during the competition. A teacher may record his own student only by permission of the organizer.
10. Accommodation: Accommodation (if required) must be requested from:

Tourismusverband Hochpusteral
Ortsinfoburo A-9931 Ausservillgraten, Gemeindeamt
E-mail: ortsinfo.ausservillgraten@aon.at

Phone: +43 4843-5333, Fax: +43 0 4843 5333-4

The costs are payable by the candidate. There is a choice of Inns from EURO 29,00 a day and up including accomodation and breakfast or Bed and Breakfast for EURO 18,00 a day and up. Additional visitors are welcome and make their pre-order for accommodation by a letter, fax or e-mail to the address listed above.
11. Arrival and Departure: All participants (candidates and jury) have to announce his (her) arrival and departure date and time precisely together with the entry form. People arriving by train in Sillian have to write their arriving date and time precisely, because there will be provided a bus transfer between Sillian and Ausservillgraten.

Candidates have free entrance to all events and receive a festival program too. Visitors entrance: EURO 12,00 (Children, students and seniors (over 60 years old) EURO 5,00)

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