Getting ready for the big event in the Auditorium della Musica - very prestigious concert hall in Rome of 1.300 seats waiting to be filled

Alessandra Curzi/Roland Europe with dancer Alex la Rosa (left) and lovely daughter Giulia Stampatori

Constants waiting for rehersals, Liam French (Australia) with Grayson Masefield (New Zealand).
The Roland display in the foyer of the theatre.
Audience well ahead of time, waiting for the doors to open
and while waiting in the hall on the staircase a duo was entertaining
Holda with Sergio Paulo Terranova/Roland Brazil
Kimmo Mattila, Mirco Patarini, Davide Fabrizi, Gianluca Bibbiani, Renzo Ruggieri, Raymond Bodell.
Mr. Akira Hanechi/Roland Europe with Roland China/Mr. Cheng Jiantong
Jury members left to right: Alexander Selianov (Russia), Raymond Bodell (UK), Xiao Qing Cao (China), Jacques Mornet (France), Angel Luis Castano (Spain), Renzo Ruggieri (Italy), Kimmo Mattila (Finland).
Luigi Bruti and his daughter
Ron Lankford (USA) accordion product manager closest to camera.
Roland demonstrator and tutor at Tianjin University Prof. Jingbai Zhu (left) and some of the large audience (Roberto Palermo on the left) making this hall of the Auditorium della Musica in Rome "sold out" - (image below by

Jury: Angel Luis Castano, Kimmo Mattila, Xiao Qing Cao, Alexander Selianov, Jacques Mornet, Renzo Ruggieri, Raymond Bodell.
Another jury photo sitting in the hall.
The march in of the contestants each with their own national flag through the audience and up on to the stage looks very impressive.
Roland demonstrator Cory Pesaturo (USA). Behind him you can see the large screen that was used to take up
close video of each of the performers. A very nice effect and you can see the many different ways it was used from the following photos.
Germany: Rudik Yakhin
Sweden: Lisa Eriksson
USA: Alicia Baker
New Zealand: Grayson Masefield
UK: Archie Main
Spain: Miguel Angel Rumbo
France: NIcolas Koch
Jury Pres.Angel Luis Castano making a speech during the contest.
Singer Silke from Belgium with Mario d'Amario (Italy) and ...
...with dancer Gianluca Lanzillotta
Silke and Mario
Canada: Alexander Sevastian
Brasil: Orimar Hess Junior
Poland: Piotr Sokowronski
Italy: Luca Sganappa
China: Xiaonan Xu
Belgium: Koen Walraevens
Japan: Koharu Matsunaga
Presenter (compere) Alessandra Bellini
Alessandra Bellini and Luigi Bruti on stage
"Danzarearte" group performing together with Roland demonstrator
Ludovic Beier (France) the work composed esepcially for this event
all contestants lining up for the final decision having received a diploma
and the winner is... Grayson Masefield from New Zealand

being awarded by Roland Europe President - Mr. Akira Hanechi in presence of the main sponsor Mr.Troiani/Banca dell'Adriatico

2nd placed Xiaonan Xu from China together with the Roland China group

and 3rd placed Nicolas Koch from France together with Jacques Mornet (right) and Ludovic Beier (left)
and the 3 winners
(photo left and right by
Lugi Bruti/Roland Europe, Grayson Masefield and Liam French (Roland

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