Marco Cinaglia/Roland Europe with Cory Pesaturo Sara Rossetti with Roland/Germany Toshiyuki Arakura
Sara and Holda Heather Masefield with Roland Germany/Claus Aktroprak
Roland Europe /Akira Hanechi - Holda - Roland/Germany Toshiyuki Arakura Roland Europe/Marco Cinaglia busy keeping everything under control
Evening breefing with attendants-guests-artists for the following evening explained by Luigi Bruti
Present being given to belgium contestant Koen Walraevens by Luigi Bruti and Marco Cinaglia the brasilian contestant Orimar Hess Junior by Alessandra Curzi
to Alexander Sevastian by Sara Rossetti Xiaonan Xu by Akira Hanechi french contestant Nicolas Koch by Marco Cinaglia German delegation with contestant Rudik Yakhin by Luigi Bruti italian contestant Luca Sganappa by Alessandra and Roland Milan New Zealand contestand Grayson Masefield by Sara Rossetti
to Poland contestant Piotr Skowronski by Luigi Bruti and spanish contestant Miguel Angel Rumbo
...english contestant Archie Main and USA Alicia Baker between Ron Lankford and Roberto Gaetano / Roland Europe/Engineer
Japan contestant Koharu Matsunaga all contestants
and Koharu being celebrated with her 21st birthday present, cake and happy birtyday singing from all participants at the "japanese round table"
going "up" Kimmo Mattila, Alexander Selivanov, Raymond Bodell Roland Staff
Sweden Team Sweden competitor Lisa Eriksson with Roland Team
Ludovic Beier and Cory Pesaturo in a night time session calling the attention of Raymond Bodell and Kimmo Mattila
...and now - time to go to bed - see you tomorrow...

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