Roland Australia&Coupe Mondial Digital Acc.Winner Cory Pesauturo USA contestant Alicia Baker with brother supporter
Roland Brasil - Ron Lankfort - Brasil compet. Orimar Hess Junior Renzo Ruggieri and Ron Lankfort
Luigi Bruti with Alessandra Curzi Maestro Xiao Qing Cao with chinese comp. Xiaonoan Xu
relaxing in hall checking names...and playing order by brasilian team
Maestro Kimmo Mattila from Finnland Chinese Team
Explainging features by Grayson Masefield Alessandra Curzi
Germany: Rudik Yakhin  
Sweden: Lisa Eriksson  
USA: Alicia Baker  
New Zealand: Grayson Masefiled  
UK: Archie Main  
Spain: Miguel Angel Rumbo  
Canada: Alexander Sevastian  
Brasil: Orimar Hess Junior  
Poland: PiotrSokowronski  
Italy: Luca Sganappa  
China: Xiaonan Xu  
Belgium: Koen Walraevens  
Japan: Koharu Matsunaga  
France: Nicolas Koch  
Jury at their morning meeting

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