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2016 Welt Akkordeon Tag - Erfolgreiche Promotion - Weltweit

World Accordion Day
World Accordion Day logoDer Welt Akkordeon Tag ist eine jährliche Confédération Internationale des Accordéonistes (CIA) Werbeveranstaltung am 6. Mai, der Tag, an dem das Akkordeon wurde zum ersten Mal im Jahre 1829 patentiert wurde.


Pigini 70. Jahresfeier mit 70 Jahre in 70 Sekunden Video-Wettbewerb - Italien

Pigini 70th Anniversary, Jury
Massimo Pigini, Francesca PiginiDie Firma Pigini feierte ihren "70. Geburtstag" am 17. Juni mit einem besonderen Abend, den Gewinner des Videowettbewerbs "70 Jahre e in 70 Sekunden mit einem Pigini Akkordeon". Video 1 oben, des Abends.


10. Akkordeon Festival & Wettbewerbe, Orpheus-Preis - Italien

10th Accordion Art Festival & Contests
10th Accordion Festival posterOrpheus winnersDas 10. Akkordeon Art Festival (Veranstalter Renzo Ruggieri) fand am 18. und 19. Juni 2016 in Roseto degli Abruzzi statt.


"Bellows Orchestras" Konzert, London - UK

'Bellows Across Borders "ist ein gemeinsames Konzert des London Akkordeonorchesters (LAO) und dem Castleakkordeonorchester (Musikalische Leitung John Chilton, Bild unten), das am Samstag, 2. Juli stattfinden wird. Veranstaltungsort: London Irish Centre im Camden, 19:00 hrs.


Castletown Accordion Orchestra

New and Updated Sites

Renzo Ruggieri Updated Arrrangement, Medley Disco - Italy

Medley DiscoRenzo Ruggieri has updated his arrangement of Catalog: rrenzo508 - Medley Disco (Solo). Those who have already purchased, please email musicforaccordion@yahoo.com for a free updated copy.

This is a virtuoso performance arrangement ideally suited for competitions and concerts.


New Compositions: Three New Compositions by Douglas Ward - UK

Douglas WardCharnwood Publishing has released three new compositions by Douglas Ward.

DW933 Bootstrap Tango: Standard: Grade 5 Approximate playing time: 3 min 10 sec. Written in D minor in 4/4 time, after an introduction which includes a bar in 6/4 time, the first section proceeds as a normal tango, with a characteristic accompanying bass that sets and keeps its rhythmic flow. The treble is kept busy, with melody notes sustained over canonic harmony phrases underneath. The end of the first section then morphs into a more romantic section, in D Major, with its very hummable theme, and similar rhythmic basses. It then reverts to D minor, but with a different, second singing 16-bar theme before a repeat of the D Major section, and then (almost) the original theme in D minor, plus a little flourish at the end. It is ideally suited to Stradella bass instruments.

DW934 Precipice: Standard: Grade 8+, Written in the keys of G and E Major, with excursions into F# major and B minor, there are varying degrees of complexity within what looks at first to be a simple piece. Unlike much of today’s music, this piece presents the listener with several melodic motifs that can be remembered, and the player with musical and instrumental challenges that require both technique and interpretative skills. Time Signatures Used: 3/4, 4/4, 5/4, 6/4, 7/8, 8/4, and 14/8

DW935 Tributaries: Standard: Grade 6, Approximate playing time: 3 min 0 sec. Written in E minor in 4/4 time, the composition starts by commanding attention, and is followed by several rubato bars. This is followed by an eight-bar melody with basses that require left hand dexterity when moving from Em to Eb7. The second section has a fugue-like motif – the first four bars of which have a staccato directive, the second four bars are in a looser semi-legato form; the eight bars are then repeated one octave higher. An eight bar bellows-shake section follows, and this leads into a slightly faster 15-bar section before a recap to the original theme and melody leading to an accelerating finish.

Purchase online with secure server credit card Paypal system.


Newly Available: Auckland March Composed for Accordion Orchestra

Gary DaverneAuckland March for Accordion Orchestra is now available online.
Score only - Catalog ED0043A_D
Set of Parts only - Catalog ED0043B_D Parts available are:
1st Accordion, 2nd Accordion, 3rd Accordion, 4th Accordion, 5th Accordion, 6th Accordion, Bass Accordion, Bass Drum, Kit drum, Percussion (glockenspeil), Snare & Cymbal, Timpani.

Auckland March for accordion orchestra had its world premiere performance at the 2009 Coupe Mondiale in Auckland City. The work was performed by the World Accordion Orchestra III conducted by Gary Daverne for two works and Joan Sommers for two works.
Pictures and report: http://www.coupemondiale.org/2009/nz_report_orchestra.htm

Recording with sound samples at: coupe2009

Auckland March is available as an
accordion solo - Catalog ED0275_D
an accordion duet - Catalog ED0059


Article: Brian Berlin, Using Accordion to Teach Music in Elementary School - USA

Brian BerlinThis is an article written by AAA Historian Joan Grauman about a most interesting program for young people being run at Carleston Elementary School near Houston, Texas by Brian Berlin (picture left).

This promotion of accordion and music education for young people could be a great way to encourage more young accordionists. To learn more, read the article (English), video and pictures at: http://www.accordions.com/articles/using_accordion.aspx

Picture below, Joan Grauman talking and playing for the school class.


Updated: Shopping Center Suite by Gary Daverne Updated - New Zealand

Shopping Center Suite coverShopping Center Suite by Gary Daverne has been updated:
ED0038_D - Shopping Center Suite (Solo - 5 pieces)

or purchase individually:
ED0038A_D - 1. Come Shopping from Shopping Center Suite
ED0038B_D - 2. In the Book Store from Shopping Center Suite
ED0038C_D - 3. Supermarket from Shopping Center Suite
ED0038D_D - 4. Coffee Shop from Shopping Center Suite
ED0038E_D - 5. Play Station from Shopping Center Suite

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Updated: 2017 Frankfurt Musikmesse, 5th to 8th April - Germany

Frankfurt Musikmesse building
Accordion Yellow Pages Future Events update: 2017 Frankfurt Musikmesse will open its doors from Wednesday 5th to Saturday 8th April. The hours of opening will also be slightly modified for 2017 to be open from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm on all days of the fairs.


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