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Super Orchester Tag, Ripley - Großbritannien

2018 Super Orchestra Day
Frage: Was machen 75 Akkordeonspieler an einem regnerischen Sonntag in Großbritannien?
Antwort: Treffen Sie sich in der Dorfhalle in Ripley, Großbritannien, um am Super Orchestra Day 2018 teilzunehmen, der von Julie North organisiert und von lan Watson geleitet wird.


2018 Super Orchestra Day

Raul Barbozas 80. Geburtstags-Feier, Paris - Frankreich

Raul Barboza Birthday ConcertDer Akkordeonist Raul Barboza, geboren 1938 in Buenos Aires, Argentinien, feiert am Donnerstag, den 25. Oktober um 20 Uhr seinen 80. Geburtstag in Pan Piper, 2-4 Impasse Lamier, 75011 Paris. Der Abend bietet Beiträge von zahlreichen Akkordeonisten und anderen Musikern, wie auf dem Poster aufgelistet.


Milos Milivojevic Solo CD-Veröffentlichung, London - UK

Milos Milivojevic
Accord for Life CD cover by Milos MilivojevicDer in London lebende serbische Akkordeonist Milos Milivojevic hat eine Solo-CD für das Nimbus-Label "Accord for life" aufgenommen, die am 2. November veröffentlicht wird.


CD Reviews

Now in German and English, Book Review: The Art of Arranging Classical Music for Accordion by Friedrich Lips

Now in German and English, CD Reviews Index for the review of the Book titled "The Art of Arranging Classical Music for Accordion" written by Friedrich Lips, reviewed by Prof. Joan Sommers in both English and German. Read the review at CD Reviews Index.

Books available online by Friedrich Lips:
Catalog: kslips00 The Art of Bayan Playing and Playing the Accordion Artistically
Catalog: kslips01 Die Kunst des Bajanspiels, Methodik und Didaktik des künstlerischen Akkordeonspiels
Catalog: kslips02 Die Kunst der Bearbeitung klassischer Musik für Akkordeon
Catalog: kslips03 The Art of Arranging Classical Music for Accordion


New and Updated Sites

K Trio New Site Address - USA

K TrioK Trio New Site Address. The K Trio of Mary Kasprzyk Tokarski, Julie Kasprzyk Cardona and Walter Kasprzyk have performed extensively nationally and internationally.

The K Trio has also released three CD's which are available online:
The K-Trio - Classically
The K-Trio - Images
The K-Trio - Take 2


Lilliput I, II and III eBooks Released by Ivano Battiston - Italy

Ivano BattistonIn pdf format sent to you by email.
The Lilliput series by Ivano Battiston is not an accordion method but a collection of small musical forms, divided into five volumes, inspired by the Mikrokosmos by Béla Bartók and composed with the following didactic intents:

- offer musical material - to the accordionist with a single note instrument - from the very first lessons up to the thresholds of a medium level preparation (fifth year of study);
- bring the scholar closer to most musical forms and to a heterogeneous sound world;
- lead the young accordionist towards a gradual exploration of the instrument, through an active participation in the problems of musical interpretation;
- increase instrumental skills through learning based on the increase in the number of sounds;
- introduce the scholar to the orchestral dimension of the accordion, also creating compositions inspired by the characteristics of the other musical instruments.

The pieces can be played with any type of instrument provided with single notes.

Volumes II and III of Lilliput! are required for the accordion admission exam in Italian music high schools (Licei musicali).

Catalog: battiston107 - Lilliput I
Index of 27 titles: view sample music pages.
Book of 41 pages.

Catalog: battiston108 - Lilliput II
Index of 23 titles: view sample music pages
Book of 45 pages.

Catalog: battiston109 - Lilliput III
Index of 16 titles: view sample music pages
Book of 37 pages.


Video: New Arrangement, The Jackson Medley by Renzo Ruggieri - Italy

Renzo RuggieriThe Jackson Medley arranged by Renzo Ruggieri for Virtuoso Entertainment is now available online for public sales. View sample page and performance video above.

Catalog: rrenzo519 The Jackson Medley

Video: Viivi Maria Saarenkylä performing The Jackson Medley (arr. Renzo Ruggieri) at the Closing Gala of Shenzhen Xixiang Music Valley international accordion competition in China, July 2015.


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