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10. Chinesischer Golden Bell Award für Musik, Akkordeon Wettbewerb - China

Tenth Chinese Golden Bell Music Award
10th Chinese Golden Bell Music AwardDer 10. Chinesische Golden Bell Award für Musik, Akkordeon Wettbewerb wurde in Guangzhou vom 17. bis 25. November 2015 aufgeführt.
Tägliche Berichte mit Video, Fotos, Regeln und Ergebnisse unter: 2015 Golden Bell


2016 "Tag der Harmonika" Forum im Kloster Gleisdorf - Österreich

Harmonikaverband Österreichs (HVÖIm nächsten Jahr wird der "Tag der Harnonika" m schönen Kloster in Gleisdorf vom 5.-8. Mai, 2016 (Österreich, Steiermark) abgehalten.

Diese alle 2jährige Veranstaltung umfasst die 27. Wettbewerbe der Akkordeon Solisten, Duos, Ensembles (Kammer und Weltmusik Kategorien) und Orchester, die 23. diatonischen Wettbewerbe (Steirische Harmonika), den 18. Wettbewerb für Volksmusik-Ensembles und den 12. Wettbewerb für Mundharmonika (solo, Ensembles und Orchester).



Jean Corti (1929-2015), Paris - Frankreich

Jean CortiJean CortiJean Corti, geboren Jean Cortinovis 1929 in Bergamo, Italien, zog als junger Akkordeonist nach Frankreich und wurde Mitglied einer Nachkriegs Musette Bühne. Im Laufe seiner Karriere war er Akkordeonist in einem Militärbordell (in der Mitte der 1940er Jahre), und später ein Bassist des Französisch Sängers / Komponisten George Brassens.


Zuckerbrod & Peytsche' Music Book / CD, London – UK

'Zuckerbrod & Peytsche’
Jean CapriceDas Musik Buch "Zuckerbrot & Peitsche" enthält eine CD (via Amazon verfügbar -- und anderen Interneportalen) mit Musik komponiert und gespielt vom Akkordeonist / Autor Jean Caprice, die auf seine romantischen Roman gleichen Namens basiert. Der Roman ist eine Liebesgeschichte, die sich vor langer Zeit in Paris, Moskau und Marseille abspielte.


Fisorchestra Marchigiana 2016 Sponsorship von Pasco Italia - Italien

Fisorchestra Marchigiana
Pasco Italia (Paolo Soprani, Moreschi, E Soprani) zeichnet als Sponsor des Akkordeonorchsters Marchigiana für die Saison 2016.


CD Reviews

CD Review: “So Far, So Close” CD by Incoerente Duo

“So Far, So Close” CD coverCD Reviews Index for the Review of “So Far, So Close” CD by Incoerente Duo – Alessandro Tampieri (violin), Giorgio Dellarole (accordion). Review by Alessandro Mugnoz.


New and Updated Sites

New CD and eTracks Album "Appliques" Released by Yuri Shishkin - Russia

Appliques CD header
Yuri Shishkin Album AppliquesThe new Yuri Shishkin CD and eTracks Album titled "Appliques" is available online, Catalog: yshishkin07

Appliques album contains 58:44 minutes of music and the insert says: "Appliques" is the rarest program I have ever performed. It is a classical musician's experiment. This experiments success is due to ......

Track list is:
Polyphony Appliques (from Jazz History) by Oleg Gorchakov
1. Ragtime, Oleg Gorchakov 1:26
2. Fugue Blues, Oleg Gorchakov 2:31
3. Fugue Swing, Oleg Gorchakov 2:06
4. Prelude Be-bop, Oleg Gorchakov 1:20
5. Fugue Be-bop, Oleg Gorchakov 1:02
6. Ballade, Oleg Gorchakov 2:42
7. Fugue Jazz-rock, Oleg Gorchakov 2:11
8. Finale, Oleg Gorchakov 4:18
9. Valse-Caprice, Viatscheslav Semionov 5:12
Starotcherkassk's Suite by Galinka Gontarekno
10. Voiska Donskogo, Galinka Gontarekno 2:52
11. Conversation (Pereklichki), Galinka Gontarekno 1:27
12. Foxy Lady (Plutovka), Galinka Gontarekno 2:32
13. Suffering, Galinka Gontarekno 2:44
14. At Razin's Chains, Galinka Gontarekno 3:42
15. A Fair, Galinka Gontarekno 4:11
16 Hoe-Down Scene from the Ballet "Rodeo", Aaron Copland 3:12
17 Rhapsody in Blue, George Gerswhin 14:52

Appliques is the 7th album released by Yuri Shishkin. Other CD and eTracks albums are:
- Towards The Sun, Catalog: yshishkin01
- Images, Catalog: yshishkin02 CD sold out
- Favourites, Catalog: yshishkin03 CD sold out
- Shishkin Plays Semionov, Catalog: yshishkin04
- Pictures at an Exhibition, Catalog: yshishkin05 CD sold out
- Libretto, Catalog: yshishkin06


New Mika Väyrynen CD, Danse Macabre - Finland Accordeon Institute

Mika Väyrynen Danse Macabre CD coverFinnish accordionist Mika Väyrynen has released his latest CD recording 'Danse Macabre', featuring a variety of works including original works he has commissioned for the accordion, transcriptions and original works. 

Tracks list:
1. Sonata in B Minor (from the Sonata Triad) Herman Galynin (1922-1966) 3.54
2. Adagio No.1, Op. 102 (2014) Aulis Sallinen (b. 1935) 4:38
3. Preludes and Fugues, Op. 95 (2009) Aulis Sallinen (b. 1935) 9:20
4. From Lyric Pieces Edward Grieg (1843-1907) 10:52
5. Peer Gynt Fantasy (2013) Paavo Korpijaakko (b.1977) 10:03
6. Three Finnish Folksongs (2011) Folk/Mika Väyrynen 7:38
- The Sky is Blue and White
- Obtrobothnian Polska (in memoriam Juha Nikkola)
- Little Folksong
7. The Sound of Ice (2013) Pasi Lyytikäinen (b. 1975) 9:34
8. Vocalise Op. 34, No. 14 Sergei Rachmaninov (1873-1943) 6:18
9. Danse Macabre Camille Saint-Saëns (1985-1921) / Vladimir Horowitz, arr. Mika Väyrynen 7:58

Picture left: CD cover, and below that, Mika Väyrynen recent recital at the 2015 Coupe Mondiale in Finland.

The CD Danse Macabre, Cat No. faicd26 is available online.  The Danse Macabre albums is also available as an eTracks mp3 download, Cat No. faicd26eT for only €9. Other Mika CD's and eTracks albums are available from the site: Finnish Accordeon Institute


Updated Site: Franco Cambareri 2 New Works Released - Australia

cfranco199 - Walking SticksFranco Cambareri has released two new compositions this week:
cfranco199 - Walking Sticks
cfranco200 - Colours of Autumn
as an eSheet, able to be purchased online with credit card and sent to you by email.


New and Updated Site: Sergey Osokin, New CD, Performer and Teacher, Moscow - Russia

Il Dolce Dolore CD by Sergey OsokinThe new Il Dolce Dolore CD by Sergey Osokin (accordion) features four major works performing with Nadezhda Tokareva (violin) and Andrey Berezin (violoncello):

1. Trio No. 1 Op. 9 for violin, cello and accordion (1986) Timo-Juhani Kyllönen 21:38
2. Dream Garden for Violoncello and bayan (1997) Mikhail Bronner 10:28
3. Fantasy in the Memory of Alfred Schnittke (1998) Efrem Podgaits 10:10
4. Il Dolce Dolore for violoncello and bayan (1990) Sergey Berinsky 10:40
Total time: 54:19

Sergey Osokin is a tutor at Schnittke's Moscow State Institute of Music and has been performing in many countries, including recently in China and Lithuania.

Il Dolce Dolore is available as a CD (posted to you) or as eTracks mp3 download available online at: Sergey Osokin

Site updates include the pages about two albums:
os601 Eternal Returning CD and eTracks album
os602 Il Cinema Per Sempre CD and eTracks album


Updated Site: Semion Shmelkov 4 CD's, Moscow - Russia

Semion Shmelkov CD coverSemion Shmelkov CD coverSemion Shmelkov 4 CD's and updated CV and site information.

4 CD's available at:
shmelkovcd01 The Poem CD

shmelkovcd02 Sempre Majore! (Flute and Bayan) CD

shmelkovcd03 Evening Love Ditties (Bayan) CD

shmelkovcd04 l'amour CD and eTracks mp3 album


Updated Site: Franco Cambareri 3 New Works Released - Australia

Nonno Ciccio's Tango (solo)Franco Cambareri has released three new works:
Catalog No: cfranco196 - Nonno Ciccio's Tango (solo)
Catalog No: cfranco197 - Gringo Vibes (solo)
Catalog No: cfranco198 - Time 4 Salsa (solo)
as an eSheet, able to be purchased online with credit card and sent to you by email.


Updated Site: Arseniy Strokovskiy International Successes and Videos - Russia

Arseniy StrokovskiyArseniy Strokovskiy has enjoyed major international competition successes in 2015 with:

- 1st prize - The VI International Festival and Competition "Accordion plus" in Rostov-on-Don, Russia, March 2015.

1st prize - The XIII National Competition "Vivat, Bayan!" in Samara, Russia, May 2015.

- 2nd place, September in the Castelfidardo Premio category. Video on his site of his performance with the symphony orchestra for the final round.

- 3rd place, October in the 68th Coupe Mondiale category in Finland. Video on site of Arseniy Strokovskiy performing his 3rd round program.


Joan Grauman CD "Accordion Potpourri" Released, Washington DC - USA

Accordion Potpourri CD by Joan Grauman
Joan GraumanOver the years, Joan Grauman has been recorded often for documentary films, live concerts, accompanying other artists' CDs. Just recently, Joan decided to record her own CD "Accordion Potpourri". Joan's aim was to pick simple and beautiful melodies that sound so good on the accordion.

The CD project has been a family affair with Joan doing the artwork for the CD cover, son-in-law Don as audio engineer, daughter Emily accompanying Joan on percussion for two of the tracks, and husband Dan doing layout.

Joan Grauman, by the age of 22, had a degree in piano performance and music education, and was the director of the Columbia International Folk Dancers. She then learnt the accordion accompanying Balkan/Gypsy band, BAMCO for 18 years, and also performed in Klezmer and Bavarian groups.

Since 2004, Joan has been the Vice-President and music director of the Washington Metropolitan Accordion Society (WMAS) and the director of its performing group, the Potomac Accordion Ensemble. She is on the Governing Board of the American Accordionists' Association (AAA) and is its Historian.

The cost of the CD is $15 for orders from the US, Canada and Mexico or $19 for orders from all other countries. All proceeds from the sale of the CDs will go to support the youth orchestra and ensemble activities sponsored by the American Accordionists' Association.

Further information to purchase is at: www.squeezinart.com/accordionpotpourri.html


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