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2015 Daily Reports

Schedule Sunday 20th September

PIF 2015






9.30 Sala E | Monastero di San Benedetto, via Fratelli Rosselli Auditions Categoria Premio (2a prova)
9.30 Sala F | Istituto Sant’Anna, via Battisti Auditions Categoria D
9.30 Sala A | Salone degli Stemmi, Piazza della Repubblica 8 Auditions Categoria A
9.30 Sala B | Sala Convegni, via Mazzini 6 Auditions Categoria B
9.30 Sala T | Teatro Astra, via Matteotti 34 Auditions Categoria F
dalle 10.00 alle 12.00 Sala M
Museo della Fisarmonica,
via Mordini 1
MasterPIF Abili artigiani dimostreranno alcune fasi della lavorazione della fisarmonica (in particolare tastiera a piano) e saranno a disposizione dei visitatori per domande su fasi e tecniche di lavoro.
10.30 Piazza della Repubblica PIFonstage – Armonie in libertà
11.00 Piazza della Repubblica PIFonstage – Armonie in libertà
11.00 Auditorium Mario Binci, via Mordini 16 AperiPIF – Concerto aperitivo Presentazione dell’edizione 2016 del concorso di Novi Sad 2016. Concerto di Marko Trivunovic, vincitore dell’edizione 2015.
12.00 Auditorium Mario Binci, via Mordini 16 AperiPIF – Concerto aperitivo con il M° Roberto Lucanero (organetto)
dalle 16.00 alle 19.00 Civica Scuola di Musica Soprani, via Mordini 16 PIF 4YOU [ng] Lezioni gratuite per ragazzi da 0 a 18 anni. Violino (M° Alessandro Quattrini), pianoforte (M° Emiliano Giaccaglia), fisarmonica (M° Luigino Pallotta) e organetto (M° Roberto Lucanero).
17.00 Sala T | Teatro Astra, via Matteotti 34 Auditions Premio category (3th round). A seguire PIFWinners: premiazione ed esibizione vincitori categorie A, B, C, D, E, F, Premio

Jury for Category D, soloists, concert music no age limit. President of the Jury was Francesco Palazzo.
This category had a very large 34 entries spread over several days.
Playing order list for Sunday morning. Noel Dozic, Croatia.
Nina Dmitrovic, Croatia. Dario Glavas, Croatia.
Marija Golub, Croatia. Guan Lei, China.
Jiayi Song, China.
Anna Kryshtaleva, Russia.
Anna Kryshtaleva, Russia

Mario Stefano Pietrodarchi (Artistic Director of the Castelfidardo Competition and Festival) is presenting the concert of diatonic player, maestro and musicologist Roberto Lucanero.
Before the concert was a nice aperativo which was nicely presented and outside where everyone could enjoy the lovely late summer weather.
The concert room was completely packed with all standing space taken and people listening outside the door to hear this popular player.

Final Concert and closing ceremony of the 40th PIF of Castelfidardo
Compere of the evening Linda Bull with Composer of the Test Piece "Il Bosco della Musica" - Maestro Roberto Molinelli. and the artistic director of the event Mario Stefano Pietrodarchi with Linda Bull
The first of the three finalists to perform with the Orchestra of the Conservatory of Pescara
was Arseniy Strokovskiy (Russia). Teacher is Sergey Osokin, Schnittke's Moscow State Institute of Music.
Arseniy Strokovskiy gave a strong performance and received an excellent applause for his performance of this new work "Il Bosco della Musica" by the conductor/composer, that the audience clearly enjoyed very much.
Video of 3rd round of competition by Arseniy Strokovskiy (Russia)
Second to perform was Vladimir Stupnikov, Russia and the composition none of its charm with the second playing. The excellent conducting of the composer Roberto Molinelli and the attractive music showed what a good selection this work was and quite ideal for a competition final too, not being too long and giving good opportunity for the soloists to show off their skills and also show how good, accordion solo with orchestra can sound.
Video 3rd round of competition by Vladimir Stupnikov (Russia)
The last contestant to perform was Hanzhi Wang (China) who is currently studying in Denmark with Geir Draugsvoll at the Danish Royal Academy of Music.
The performance by Hanzhi Wang and the orchestra recieved extended strong applause from the audience who appreciated the lovely music, the excellent orchestra well conducted and the excellent playing of Hanzhi Wang.
Video 3rd round of competition by Hanzhi Wang (China)
Hanzhi Wang Hanzhi Wang

After the Premio competition, the prize giving started. CNA Award to the conductor of the Kragujevac Orchestra, Serbia. Category F Ensemble 3rd prize presentation to the Creative Quintet, Poland.
Category F Ensemble 2nd prize presentation to the Aldo Duo, Poland Category F 1st prize presentation, Expecto Trio, Russia.
Category F 1st prize Expecto Trio from Russia performing for the audience.
Video of Expecto Trio.
Expecto Trio accordionist is Stanislav Gerasimov who had also won 2nd prize in the Category I soloist, variete music, no age limit competition earlier in the week.
3rd place winner of Category E - MaxBy Duo from Poland. Presentation for this category by Aldo Belmonte, Director of the Pro Loco. 2nd place winner of Category E - Kronos Trio from Italy.
Aldo Belmonti awarding 1st place winner of Category E - SIB Duo from Russia. SIB Duo performed to very strong applause for their interesting original music selection.
Video of SIB Duo.
3rd place winner Category A - Ante Selak from Croatia. Presentations for this category by Juliana, Mayors Office. 2nd place winner Category A - Mathias Rugsveen from Norway.
Winner of Category A - Ante Selak from Croatia.

Video of Ante Selak.
Special prize of 200 Euro in memory of Mrs Gisela Dolling donated
by Enrico Braunig twin city of Castelfidardo "Klingenthal, Germany".
3rd place winner Category B - Aleska Cvetavonic from Serbia. 2nd place winner Category B - Stepan Armasar from Russia.
Winner of Category B - Petr Yarinenko from Russia.
Category C 3rd place winner Konstantin Riabin from Russia.
Video of Petr Yarinenko.
2nd place winner Category C - Lorenzo Scoletta from Italy.
Winner Category C - Rodin Shirokov from Russia.
Winner Category C - Rodin Shirokov performing.
3rd place winner of Category D Krysztof Bratasz from Poland.
2nd place winner of Category D Alberto Vernarelli from Italy
winner Category D - Anna Kryshtaleva from Russia
Video of Anna Kryshtaleva at Prize Giving.
winner Category D - Anna Kryshtaleva performing.
Mayor of Castelfidardo with compere Linda Bull gave a speech saying this would be his last PIF as he must retire and that for 19 years, he had been involved with PIF. He wanted to thank all those involved over the years and particularly thanked his staff.
The Mayor of Castelfidardo Mirco Soprani proclaiming the winners of the PIF Category.
3rd Place to Vladimir Stupnikov from Russia.
2nd place to Arseniy Stropkovskiy from Russia.
1st place winner Hanzhi Wang from China.
The three Premio winners with Mirco Soprani (Mayor) and Maestro Roberto Molinelli.

Hanzhi Wang receiving the special AWARD "Accordions Worldwide" which consists of a Domain Website
presented to her by Harley Jones (Founder of Accordions Worldwide).

Festival Artistic Director Mario Stefano Pietrodarchi receiving strong applause for all his good work.
PIF Winner Hanzhi Wang and her teacher, Prof.Geir Draugsvoll from the Danish Royal Academy of Music.
Hanzhi Wang with Prof. Li Cong, President of the China Accordion Association congratulating Hanzhi for her success.
Massimo Pigini with the PIF Winner Hanzhi Wang and Prof. Geir Draugsvoll.

Arseniy Strokovskiy enjoying his 2nd place success at PIF with his mother Oksana Stropkovskaya.

The 3 finalists sitting in the audience after their performances. This picture was taken while they were anxiously waiting to hear the results.
Aldo Belmonti with his wife Ivana
Enrico Bràunig (Klingenthal past Mayor), Holda, Thomas Hennig (Mayor of Klingenthal).
Yuri Shishkin with his successful winning students Anna Kryshtaleva (Category D) and Petr Yarinenko (Category B), from Russia.

City Officials lead by the Mayor of Castelfidardo Mirco Soprani at the opening of the newly named "Giardino Gervasio Marcosignori" in honour of the famous Italian accordionist and composer "Gervasio Marcosignori" who was known throughout the world for his decades of performances. Present at the opening was artist/sculpture Franco Capanari who made the large and superb accordion artists bronze statute, situated in the middle of the park.
Accordion friends from around the world enjoying wonderful music with perfect weather condtions...come and join....
Friends from China enjoying the good weather.
Patrizia Lepretti
Enrico Monaci / Orla.
Claudio Capponi with Luisa.
Mr/Mrs. Carini.
Marcel Marincek with a group of friends from Slovenia.
Francinella Sisters.
Selenia, Luciano and Manuel Menghini / Scandalli Accordions
Family of Federico Pigini.
presenting proudly little Alessandro, the latest to join the proud Pigini heritage.
Agatha Puchnowski with Claudio Binci.
Holda with Claudio.
Laura Francinella with Alessandro Mugnoz
Francesca Pigini with Beniamino waiting for the next concert.

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