35th Castelfidardo Accordion Festival
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Sunday 25th September Daily Report

of well known accordion identities, performers and contestants.

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Fang Xuan Sagmar
Xu Xiaonan Servo Ivan
Getting ready for the final concert - pricegiving at the theatre ASTRA
Federico Pigini with artist and Moreno Patarini Zoltan Orosc from the Jury waiting patiently in the audience for the concert
and so do the chinese artists\ Snezana Nesci-Davidovic, Mirjan Petercol, Roman Viasani
Frank Marocco with Elke Ahrenholz\ Andrea Ballone Burini, Giansandro Breccia and Fausto Fabi
Ekaterina Yupalaynen and Vitaly Pugachev Alexander Dimitriev
Fotograph Nisi in action.... and so is the compere
Winner of the Category I - L A D ORCHESTRA from Bielorussia
receiving the trophy from the maire of Klingenthal Mr. Envrico Bràunig and also the AWW Award presented by director Harley Jones
Winner of Cat G Antonio De Luca  
Teja Udovic Kovacic - Category A winner  
  The young Castelfidardo Artist being awarded by the Maire of Castelfidardo Mirco Soprani
4 special scholarships were given by the company Pasco represented by Michele Moreschi here to Ekaterina Yupalaynen 2nd placed Xu Xiaonan
Winner of the cat. D - Aleksandar Kolovski (Macedonia) Winner of Category C - Li Churan (China)
Aleksandar Kolovski (Macedonia) Antonella Toccaceli from Master Production
Nenad Ivanovic - Winner of the Premio / Award Castelfidardo
receiving the special award Ballone Burini and AWW by Harley Jones
Francesca Pigin, Holda Paoletti-Kampl, Antonella Toccaceli Mr/Mrs. Bràunig Maire from Klingenthal with Holda
Snezana Nesci-Davidovic with Massimo Pigini Francesca Pigini, Raimondas Sviackevicius, Giedre Bernotaite
Francesca Pigini, Paolo Picchio, Antonella Toccaceli Laura del Genio the painter of these wonderful expositions
Alexander Pouluev  
Improvasation - in ART Musica Piazza della Repubblica
Winning German Competitors Josef Mücksch and Olivia Steimel from Klingenthal

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