2nd May 2009

1. Standard bass, players University level, own choice, up to 3 pieces, 12-18 minutes, 1 piece must be Chinese.
2. Free bass A, players University level - 2nd level, own choice program, 15-20 minutes, 1 piece must be Baroque.
3. Free bass B, players University level - highest level, own choice program, 15-20 minutes, 1 piece must be Baroque.
4. Chamber group, own choice program, 10-15 minutes, classical or popular music.
5. Popular music, born before 1990, own choice program, up to 3 pieces, up to 30 minutes, any style.
6. Popular music, born 1990 to 1993, own choice program, up to 3 pieces, up to 10 minutes, any style.
7. Popular music, born 1993 to 1996, own choice program, up to 3 pieces, up to 10 minutes, any style.
8. Popular music, born after 1996, own choice program, up to 3 pieces, up to 10 minutes, any style.


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From 8am in the morning until about 4:30pm there were accordion competition classes. Some pictures below.

The concert hall where the top classical class was held had a large banner on the back of the stage.
The Shanghai competition is on the university campus giving lots of opportunity for people practising inside and outside.
A smiling competitor after her performance.
A large wall has a big competition banner with pictures of the accordionists. Front left to right is Phil Bouvier, Cyril Blanchard, Aduard Akhanov, and far right Frederic Deschamps. The smaller picture is the 8 accordionists featured in the popular music competition last night.

Near the competition area, were accordion displays. Goldencup accordion display, Director Shi Jianming on the right.

The Polverini accordion display, Luca Polverini on the right.
Cao Xiao-Qing Professor at the Central Conservatory of Music, Beijing and Frederic Deschamps making fun with his large poster picture.
The Tianjin Parrot accordion display was in a clearly visible position across the courtyard.
Tianjin Parrot accordion company director Song Sen Luo and to the right, Export Dept. Manager Jason Lui.



A capacity audience was there to watch Aduard Akhanov who had a varied program of music that the audience really enjoyed. For the first part of the program he used a black accordion.
For the second part of the program, Aduard Akhanov switched to a white accordion.
The enthusiastic audience enjoyed a performance of many different styles and moods.
Taking one of many bows before the very enthusiastic audience who kept yelling and clapping for more.
Enthusiastic young people mobbing Aduard Akhanov for autographs.
Concert organizers Crystal Wang and Li Cong are congratulated by Heather Masefield (New Zealand) for a most successful concert.
Attending the concert was Cao Xiao-Qing with President of the Chinese Accordion Association Ziqiang Zhang and his wife Wang Biyun. Read the most interesting Celebrity Interview about the accordion careers of Ziqiang Zhang and Wang Biyun.
Other well known personalities attending the concert was teacher Chen Jun, Yang Fan and Jin Li Senior Critic - Journalist of the "Music Weekly" of Beijing. These friends graduated from Sichuan University.
Frederic Deschamps, famous teacher and creator of the Hohner Fun Flash colored instruments concept was in demand for photographs with the young people.

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