3rd May 2009

The competition venue at the Shanghai Normal University is very scenic. A large amount of publicity of this accordion event is displayed in the area.
The colorful street banners look really nice and you can see them all down the main street entrance of the Shanhai Normal University.
The main door to the competitions organisation office had large banners across the windows. Very impressive.
Large concert posters were also around the competitions area. The right poster is for the concert this evening.
Here you can see a group of competitors looking at the competitions schedule to see where to play and three posters for concerts also there.
This poster was advertising the very successful popular music concert held on the first night of the event.
Other promotional material included a very nice bag given to contestants and jury. A very professional promotion of this accordion event has been achieved by the Organising Committee.
Lots of contestants walking around and playing accordion outside and in the halls. The following is a group of photos of people enjoying the accordion preparing for their competition categories.
Chinese Celebrity Prof. Li Wei Ming, Organizing Secretary Crystal Wan and Harley Jones (New Zealand).
One of the young helpers shows the accordion bags available to guests and competitors.

The Roland digital V-Accordion concert was held in the afternoon at the main hall.

Announcer was Zhu Jingbai, Assoc. Prof. at Tianjin Musical Conservatory, China.
Tong Yue was the first Roland player using the Roland FR-7 model.
Childrens group were beautifully dressed and enjoyed by the audience.
Another photo of the group.
Two players using the Roland FR-1 model.
The Roland instruments used a wireless unit to send the sound to the mixer in the audience.
Wu Qiong and the composer Liu Jun Hao both playing Roland FR-1 model digital V-Accordions.
Zhu Jingbai playing the Roland FR-7 digital V-Accordion and viola player Pan Yin.

The Hohner concert featuring Cyril Blanchard and Phil Bouvier of France was held in the evening at the main hall.


The concert began with solos by Cyril Blanchard.
Cyril Blanchard
Cyril Blanchard finished his first set to warm applause.
Phil Bouvier was on stage next.
Phil Bouvier
Phil Bouvier
Ding Peng bandeon, Hong Liang accordion,
Ding Peng bandeon, Hong Liang accordion,
Cyril Blanchard and Phil Bouvier next played duets with band backing tracks. These were performed standing up and with lots of movement and communication with the audience.
Choice of music was really appreciated and the audience burst into clapping with the music many times.
Cyril and Phil then moved into the audience which really excited the audience as they moved down the aisle and back while still playing wonderful music to the backing track.
The walk in the audience gave the audience with cameras close up photos and really got the audience excited.
The audience were on their feet clapping as Cyril and Phil made their way back on to the stage. There were yells for more and more.
Phil and Cyril enjoying the enormous applause from the very excited audience.
Hong Liang joined Cyril and Phil for a Finale encore.
The audience were on their feet and the excited children were standing on the steps to the stage clapping and jumping up and down.
Another view of the excited clapping children virtually on the stage and standing ovation audience further back.
and here are two photograph shots of an encore finish by these players - the finish is COMING..............
These Hohner artists really knew how to thrill the audience receiving huge applause and standing ovations from the audience.
Frederic Deschamps (France), creator of the Hohner Fun Flash colored instruments concept and also teacher of Cyril Blanchard and Phil Bouvier,
was invited to the stage and thanked for his part in the concert as these two super performers received long standing ovations.

Prof. Li Cong was thanked publicly for his work in organizing the event. Organizing Committee Secretary Crystal Wang announced asked the VIP's to come to the stage for certificate presentation.
Left to right: Prof. Li Cong, Heather Masefield (New Zealand), Wang Biyun, Harley Jones (CIA Executive & Public Relations), Ziqiang Zhang and Frederic Deschamps. President of the Chinese Accordion Association Ziqiang Zhang and his wife Wang Biyun. Read the most interesting Celebrity Interview about the accordion careers of Ziqiang Zhang and Wang Biyun.

After this official presentation, Secretary Crystal Wang announced the end of the very successful 2009 Shanhai Spring National Accordion Competion.

With the end of formal proceedings, the stage was taken with people making group photographs.
Prof. Li Cong was in big demand for pictures.
Prof. Li Cong with a student.
Prof. Li Cong with former students
Harley Jones congratulating Frederic Deschamps for his part in creating the brilliant evening Hohner concert.
Harley Jones with a competition category winner who had helped him translating during his visit in 2006.

And so came to a close a superbly run 2009 Shanghai Spring National Accordion Competition that demonstrated the tremendous changes happening in Chinese accordion.

There are now many young accordion students, including students in the Conservatories, very interested in popular accordion performance and learning it.

This competition achieved its purpose to "further promote the diversified development of the accordion" and the very clear enjoyment of the concerts by the audiences further promotes this purpose.

Congratulations to the superb organization of the Organizing Committee for this very very successful event.

Performers and friends.

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