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Daily Report - 15th August

The 2012 Hohner Cup Variété Accordion Competition is held in Beijing from 15th to 17th August 2012..

This event is sponsored by:
Hohner Accordion Company
Chinese Music Association Accordion Society of China Youth Development Foundation
Co-organizers: Beijing City, Beijing KHS Music Center Sea Zhensheng Center for the Arts
Media Support: Beijing TV Art Channel Radio Music FM

This competition is quite different than most, as the competitors play a test piece which has a backing track to perform with that is provided by the organisers. The style of music is Variété accordion entertainment. Most contestants then had an own choice solo, with or without backing track. Many contestants were able to organise backing tracks for their own choice music too.

The competition categories include:

Children (preschool), 7 year old group. Provisions of tracks: "your choice" optional tracks within five minutes time limit.
Children in group A (Primary), aged between seven and nine years old. Provisions of tracks: "Little Apple" optional tracks within six minutes.
Children Group B (primary), 10 to 12 years. Specified tracks: "The choice of track time "Under Paris Skies", and own choice within six minutes.
Junior Group A (Junior), 13 to 15 years. Specified tracks: 1. "Indifferent" 2. "Mexican Jessica" and own choice.
Youth Group B (high school), aged 16 to 17 years old. Track of the provisions: 1. "Swing Polka" 2. "Paso doble".
A, young people (university), 18 to 23 years old. Provisions of tracks: "A swinging mambo" and "Tico Tico".
Youth group B, 24-year-old to 29 years old. Provisions of tracks: a "crowd" the return of the swallows "
Performer group (no age limit): Registration for the accordion player. The provisions of tracks: 1 "Goodbye Seville" 2. "The joy of dance"

Performance Group: No provisions tracks, no age limit, no number of requirements. Optional track up to two, the repertoire with musical accompaniment. The stipulated time is up to 10 minutes.

Trio: Track of the provisions: "Paso Doble" played by not more than four people.

Ensemble and chamber music group: No provisions tracks, up to two own choice pieces, specified time up to 10 minutes. The ensemble of no more than 20 people. Chamber music group of players: accordion and other instruments more than four people. Ensemble and chamber music group is not allowed to use any electro-acoustic musical accompaniment, although you can use the percussion.

Opening Ceremony and Concert

Ding Peng of Hohner is the main organizer and he welcomed the audience to the Opening Concert of the 2012 Hohner Cup Variété Accordion Competition. Popular China Accordion Association President Prof. Li Cong spoke next and officially opened the Competitions and Festival.
Grayson Masefield fired up with drive, musicianship, popular music
and strong finishes wowed the audience. Cao Ye continued wowing the audience.
with both movement, technique and deep feelings.
This group were a long way apart on the large stage so this is a montage picture.
A nice duet marchin on and off the stage.
Tan Jia Liang
Tan Jia Liang was impressive and warmly appreciated by the audience.
Two of the players from the above group.
This group of accordionists being introduced by Ding Peng, finished with a dance routine and a very picturesque finish.
Two pictures to show the whole group.
There are no pictures of the second half of the concert as we went away for 45 minutes to a nearby accordion concert which is reported separately. Upon our return to the Opening Ceremony concert, I was behind stage and took pictures of the many people helping organise the 2012 Hohner Cup Variété Accordion Competition, to make it a very succesful event..
Young volunteers were a very important assistance all through the festival.
Ding Peng of Hohner who was in charge of the whole event is pictured with Chinese Accordion Association President Li Cong. Well known Shanghai teacher Zhang Gouping with Cao Ye and a Hohner volunteer.
Lin Jinghan and Zhang Zhuo with Zhang's mother who was always there helping their performances. After the concert finished, there was the traditional photos on the stage. Here is Lin Jinghan and Zhang Zhuo.
All the stars of the concert were on stage and here is Tan Jia Liang with a group of young accordion fans. Famous French teacher Frederic Deschamps was videoing the popularity of the Hohner stars, many of whom he has taught.
Grayson Masefield being photographed with a pretty fan. Cao Ye introduced his Chinese teacher to me and to photograph.
This little girl with Cao Ye was competing and playing well the next two days. Important organiser who did a lot of work efficiently assisting Ding Peng and organising transport and meals and looking after the top performers, teachers and jury very effectively.
Hohner stars who have all be taught by Frederic Deshamps. Left to right: Zhao Liu (In the second half of the concert, Zhao Liu had an excellent group that performed Piazolla and was most enjoyable for the audience), Cao Ye, Grayson Masefield,
Frederic Deschamps, Tan Jia Liang.
A final picture of most of the performers, helpers and famous teachers attending.

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