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Daily Report - 16th August

This was the first morning of competitions. The performances were entertainment

I went to the children's category which had 91 entries. This age group is for 10 to 12 years. Each competitor played a test piece which was a piece they performed with a backing track that was supplied by the organizers of the competition.

Some of the children had problems with playing in time with the backing track but the better contestants were of a very good standard.

Each contestant also performed one own choice piece.

  Guo Ruiwen
Xu Zhiyi Chen Haoxing
Liu Tianyao Wang Haiyao
Jury for this category were, left to right: Bi Dan, Chang Cheng, Wen Quan, Su Hang, Luo Han, Zhang Liqin, Mei Shitu and Wang Ying.
Gao Ruike Wang Jiahua
Tian Xinyi Guo Jiawen
Liang Yanhe Su Mingzhe
Luo Ting Lan Tianchun
Long Yitong Liu Rongling
Lin Xin Yuhao Fan Lanxin
Song Yu Xuan Sun Ruipu
Nie Rong Cao Ziyao
Yang Linqing Guo Junde
Wang Dan Tong Wang Yuyu
Wang Yuyu Yang Yilin
Zhou Chenyang Zhou Chenyang
Bi Wenqi Hesheng Hong


Xue Huimin Jiao Yuning
Niu Yingqi Song Xurui
Han Jixian Liu Zimu
Afternoon Jury, left to right: Huan Bing, Li Yan, Chen Yi, Piao Mingzhe, Song Weihua, Wu Yan and Wang Dan
Hu Erli Sun Jiang
Lin Xinhao Wang Runtang
Dai Jianke Huang Jialong
Yang Yi Feng Xi Huang Yu Hang
Wang Jiaqi Li Dandan
Chen Zexi  

Evening Concert

Internationally successful Chinese Variété accordionist Zhao Liu
was compere for the evening.
Cao Ye opened the Hohner Night Variété Concert
and impressed the audience. Tan Jia Liang was next to perform. He was first place winner at the recent Primus Ikalinen Variété competition in Finland.
and his performance also impressed the audience. Multi world champion Grayson Masefield was next to the stage
showing the skills and musicianship that won him some many competitions. He played solo Variété music selections sitting down then stood to perform playing Variété with backing tracks. There was very strong applause.
Then Grayson Masefield and Tan Jia Liang performed a duo with backing track.
This was followed by a trio of Tan Jia Liang, Grayson Masefield and Cao Ye with backing tracks.
The trio completed the concert to the very enthusiastic applause of the audience.
After the concert, Grayson was mobbed on the stage. If you look at the photo below,
you can just see Grayson's red colored hair behind a large group of fans wanting signatures and photos..
and at one point Grayson nearly disappeared underneath all the programs being held up for signature.
The evening finished with groups of young players having their photo taken with Grayson Masefield and the other two performers, Tan Jia Liang, and Cao Ye.

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