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Daily Report - 17th August

Xu Dawei, Zhang Gouping, Du Ning, Zhang Tianyu, Li Cong, Chen Jun, Chen Yiming, Chen Jianyi and Li Lanfeng.

This morning there was competitions in three rooms.

In the two other competition rooms, there were categories for 18-23 years, 24-29 years, and young age groups. Also accordion duet, trio and ensembles.

In the room where I took photos, there was the open entertainment (variete) category for any age competitors. This was the top solo category and there were 7 competitors.

There was also duets, trio and accordion with other instruments.

  Bo Shi Nisa
Huang Yueyue Hao Miao
Yang Yilin Yang Hanyue
Wang Chengzhe Li Churan
Chang Fangyuan, Kong Wei and Yu Lei.
Liu Wenqian and Feng Xuewen
Lin Jinghan and Zhang Zhuo.
Zhang Yongqing, Yi Fan and Hao Bingrui.
Zhou Yang and Jia Haojie
Wang Shengxian, Lin Shaojun, Gege Gerile and Li Dongjing

Afternoon Presentations

At 3pm there were two presentation ceremonies. The reason for two ceremonies is that there were too many people to all fit in the one hall. The first ceremony was for the very young children and up to about 10 years of age. The hall was very crowded with excited young children as you will see from the picture below. The second ceremony was for older competitors. Thanks to my translator Ruan Mingyuan who helped all today. Mingyuan was the 3rd prize winner of the 2009 Coupe Mondiale and 2nd prize at Castelfidardo. Mingyuan has recently returned from London where she was performing at the Olympic Games concert associated with the official Chinese party.
Large crowd attending the first presentation ceremony.
Some of the jury members were on the stage behind a table piled high with certificates and trophies.
Jury pictured above, left to right: Ding Qi, Li Lanfeng, Xu Dawei, Zhang Guoping, Frederic Deschamps,
Shan Jianxin, Liu Zhiming and Ruan Hailin.
The placegetters, (preschool), 7-year-old group.
First prize winners, Junior Group A, 13 to 15 years.
Second prize winners, Junior Group A, 13 to 15 years.
First prize winners, childrens Group B (primary), 10 to 12 years.
Second prize winners, children Group B (primary), 10 to 12 years.
There was a gap between the two prize giving ceremonies so students and parents were taking pictures. Pictured is Ruan Mingyuan with her father Ruan Hailin who is an accordion teacher in Jinzhong city, Shanxi province. He is the teacher at the "Doh Ray Mi" private accordion school with his wife Lei Xiufang and they teach more than 120 students. Ruan Hailin was one of the jury at this competition. Here is the large poster for the Grayson Masefield concert and standing alongside is his uncle Harley Jones (left) and Grayson's teacher Frederic Deschamps (right).
Ding Qi, Ruan Hailin, Alessio Gerundio, Zhang Hongqi and Liu Yiru. A feature of the Hohner competition was the very nice lunches with all the jury and teachers which were very nice social events with lots of good food.
Jury members making this presentation were, left to right: Ding Qi, Li Cong, Frederic Deschamps, Zhang Qian and Liu Zhiming.
Above and below are presentations for the second prize giving ceremony which was for the remaining prize winners, mostly older than primary school, except for the very very young competitor below. He was maybe the youngest competitor of the competition!

At the completion of the two prize giving ceremonies, people left quickly to go back to their hotels to change for the more formal Closing Ceremony Concert at the Forbidden City Concert Hall which was originally the home of the Chinese Emperor.

The traffic in Beijing is renowned for having so many cars on the road, so the bus left the hotel nearly two hours before the start of the concert.

Evening Concert

The Closing Ceremony Concert of the 2012 Hohner Cup Variété Competition was held in the evening at the Forbidden City Concert Hall. A near capacity audience were really surprised to be forbidden from taking photos of video so for this reason, there are no photos. Very sorry.

The beginning of the concert was particularly interesting. About 100 young childeren, about 7 years, were on the stage, with amplification, singing, dancing and about 90 played accordion. This was a marvellous well disciplined young group and the audience enjoyed them very much.

The rest of the concert was very enjoyable in spite of the poor sound system which was very surprising in such a good quality hall with good accoustics. Zhang Zhuo and Lin Jinghan played duets and the solos by Li Dongzhe received long clapping from the audience.

The rest of the concert was a very nice ending to the first Hohner Cup Variété Competition which has been a very successful festival and competition, clearly enjoyed by the parents, students, teachers and jury.

Thanks must go to the sponsors:
Hohner Accordion Company
Chinese Music Association Accordion Society of China Youth Development Foundation
Co-organizers: Beijing City, Beijing KHS Music Center Sea Zhensheng Center for the Arts
Media Support: Beijing TV Art Channel Radio Music FM.

Ding Peng and the Hohner team of helpers worked very hard for the whole event to make it the success that it was. Our thanks to them all.

I am sure everyone is looking forward to the next Hohner Cup Variété Competition.

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