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The Allan William Jones Memorial Scholarships named in honour of the late Board Secretary, Mr. Allan Jones.

Allan William Jones (1909 - 1980)
List of Recipients

The Allan William Jones Memorial Scholarship Fund was established in 1981 to assist students in furthering their accordion and musical studies. The scholarship is named in honour of the late Allan William Jones who to many is fondly thought of as the father of the accordion movement in New Zealand .

Allan William Jones was survived by Marie Jones (his widow) and his 3 children Harley, Maurice and Heather Masefield. Allan had the pleasure of teaching each of his children the accordion and as well as teaching them he also installed a great love and passion for the accordion. As many of you are aware it is Marie and the children that continued Allan's dreams and are still today very much dedicated to the instrument.

A large proportion of New Zealand 's top ranked accordionists in the 70's to 90's have received tuition from Allan or from his former pupils which include: Wallace Liggett, Trevor Taylor, Gary Stratton, John Statham, Fay Schaw, Brian Wallis, Marie Masefield, Kevin Friedrich, Marcel Riethmann and David Lilico as well as his own children.

Even from this brief summary you can see many familiar names in the who's who of the New Zealand accordion world. Many today still hold executive office in such organisations as the New Zealand Accordion Association and the Accordion Examination Board of New Zealand and in the Confédération Internationale des Accordéonistes (CIA).

Many former pupils have achieved great success not only in music, but also in business and other non musical activities, as Allan's encouragement and motivation extended to many facets of life.

Allan William Jones was a foundation member of the New Zealand Accordion Association Inc. (NZAA), an organisation most NZ accordionists are associated with. This organisation lead to the establishment of the South Pacific International and New Zealand National Accordion Championships & Festival, these annual competitions have flourished because of the initial love and attention from Allan, and is the largest accordion championship and festival in the southern hemisphere that attracts many international performers and competitors.

As well as being Vice President of the NZAA, Allan was also the Secretary of the AEBNZ (a position he held until his untimely death in 1980). This position was briefly held by his son Harley Jones after his fathers death before becoming the responsibility of his daughter Heather Masefield.

Allan Jones was the dominant promoter of the World Accordion Championship (Coupe Mondiale) held in Auckland in 1980. Ill health during the competition lead to his hospitalisation and two weeks later to his death.

He was posthumously awarded the Merit Award by the Confédération Internationale des Accordéonistes (CIA) "in recognition of his outstanding services to the accordion movement".

In 2008, there was a major AWJMS 2008 Scholarship event honoring several important New Zealanders. These were Silvio de Pra, Kevin Friedrich, Marie Jones and John Statham.

At the 2009 Coupe Mondiale World Accordion Championships held in Takapuna, North Shore City, the prize for the top solo World Championship category was donated by the Allan William Jones Memorial Scholarship Fund and the Jones family. This category was won by the grandson of Allan William Jones, Grayson Masefield who also won the 2009 Coupe Mondiale Virtuoso Entertainment category. This double accolade is the first time that anyone has achieved this spectacular result. This is also the first time that anyone from New Zealand has won a Coupe Mondiale category.

Every two years examination candidates that achieved a high mark in Accordion Examinationa Board of NZ examinations are invited to apply for the Allan William Jones Memorial Scholarships. These are awarded in 3 categories, Grades 3 & 4, Grades 5 & 6, Grades 7 ,8 and Diploma.
Allan William Jones Memorial
Scholarship Recipients

Grades 7, 8 and Diploma Scholarship Recipients

1981 Toni Leyland
1982 Marie Efford
1983 No award
1984 Stephanie Grey
1985 No award
1986 No award
1987 Stephanie Grey
1988 Lionel Reekie
1989 Rebekah Greig
1990 Karen Ditchburn, Brendan Healy & Sarah Langley
1991 Campbell Bettridge & Rebekah Greig
1992 Linda Price
1993 Campbell Bettridge
1994 Sarah Langley & Tanya Selak
1995 Sonja Palinich & Tanya Selak
1996 Evana Selak
1997 No award
1998 Daniel Antunovich, Danielle Beston, Kathryn Fletcher, Adam Thorpe
1999 Paula Harris
2000 No award
2001 Carol Yan & Nicola Herbert
2002 Oliver Thorpe & Travis McWalter
2003 Campbell Hill & Alex Selman
2004 Gillian McNeil
2005 Jessica Chen
2006 Christopher Thwaites & Travis McWalter
2007 Grayson Masefield
2008 Grayson Masefield and Campbell Hill
2009 Coupe Mondiale 2009 Coupe Mondiale 1st Prize
2010 Edward Giffney

Grades 5 & 6 Scholarship Recipients

1981 Carina Di Maio
1982 Karen Stevens
1983 Adrian Januszkiewicz & Stephen Vincent
1984 Alison Blunden
1985 Stephen Gutmann
1986 Helen Robinson & Lionel Reekie
1987 Karen Ditchburn & Rebekah Grieg
1988 Jeanna McDrury
1989 Cindy Jenkins & Erica Knights
1990 Philip Hunt
1991 Tanya Selak & Rachel D’Aguiar
1992 Linley Hawkes
1993 Dedee Wirjapranata
1994 Samantha Rutherford & Kathryn Fletcher
1995 Terrence Joe & Danielle Beston
1996 Carl Hayman & Nina Gaudin
1997 Raukawa Schaumkell
1998 No award
1999 Travis McWalter & Jenna Murray
2000 Hilary Thwaites
2001 Hamish Anderson & Travis McWalter
2002 Gillian McNeil
2003 Calum Anderson
2004 Stephanie Panzic
2005 Jacob Wills
2006 George Xu
2007 No award
2008 Steven Zhao and Abigail Wills
2009 Coupe Mondiale 2009 Coupe Mondiale 1st Prize
2010 Helen Wang

Grades 3 & 4 Scholarship Recipients

1981 Roy Mechen
1982 Alison MacIntyre
1983 Alison Blunden
1984 Helen Robinson, Rosanna Keating & Kim Kershaw.
1985 Jeanna Mc Drury & Sarah Langley
1986 Steven Green & Kerschaw family
1987 Jess Fraser & Haynie Kent
1988 Campbell Bettridge
1989 Sonja Palinich
1990 Perry family & Dennis Van Straten
1991 Angela Maloy
1992 Ailua & Veronica Tuiloma
1993 Toni Hayman & Stephen Hunt
1994 Deanna Skeens, Lesieli & Enitila Moala
1995 Deon York & Rosina Kamphuis
1996 Oliver Thorpe & Roseanne Rosario
1997 Hilary & Mylie Thwaites, Susan Mc Neil, Renee Jeffries
1998 Calum & Hamish Anderson
1999 Ryan Harding
2000 Anderson Family,
2001 Gillian McNeil, Jessica Chen,
2002 Cameron Noyer
2003 Ben Li
2004 Campbell Thwaites
2005 Campbell Thwaites
2006 Abigail Wills
2007 Daniel Robinson, Aghilan Newman, Rosita Hendry
2008 No Award
2009 Coupe Mondiale 2009 Coupe Mondiale 1st Prize

New Zealand Merit Award Recipients

This award is given in honour of individual contributions to the advancement of the accordion movement in New Zealand.

1988 Rae McNicholl
1989 Gerry Schmits
1990 Frank Vilich
1991 Shirley Yelavich
1992 Dr Douglas Mews
1993 Marie Jones
1994 Sheila Haigh
1995 Meg Fidler
1996 Trevor Taylor
1997 Peter Torckler
1998 Gary Stratton
1999 none awarded
2000 Lyn Waite
2001 Christine Adams
2002 Murray Perrot
2003 Betty Dunbar
2004 Campbell Bettridge
2005 Heather Gladstone
2006 Lorraine Parnell
2007 Stephanie Poole
2008 Kevin Friedrich
2010 Lionel Reekie
2011 Silvio de Pra

Marie Efford-Masefield Travel Assistance Grant

This award was given by the Efford family & David Masefield for the first time in 2000. Marie used to travel from Whangarei to Auckland fortnightly for lessons. She won many NZ Championship categories including the top class several times, and represented NZ at the Coupe Mondiale in 1983 gaining the highest placing by a female (7th) while only 16 years of age. Marie sadly died in 1998 aged only 31 years.

Marie Efford-Masefield obituary.

2000 Kathryn Fletcher, Adam Thorpe, Mylie Thwaites
2001 Paula Harris 2002 Mylie & Hilary Thwaites
2003 Mylie & Hilary Thwaites 2004 Campbell Hill & Joanna Irving
2005 Campbell Hill & Grayson Masefield
2011 Alexandra Reekie, Patrick Liu, Bor-Kuan Song, Edward Giffney

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