Daily Reports, 2021 Coupe Mondiale, Munich - Germany

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Mirco Patarini2021 Coupe Mondiale posterVideo above: Hohner-Klang Orchestra conducted by Hans-Günter Kölz at the Coupe Mondiale Closing Concert.

The Daily Reports of video, pictures and results is online. There is video of every Coupe Mondiale contestants performance and the concerts, provided by the CIA Video Archive and Education Project.
Video Homepage & Video Timetable at: 2021CM-Video
Daily Reports, pictures, results at: 2021CM-Report


Alexander Dmitriev, Hans-Günter Kölz, Oleg Sharov

Gala Concert for World Accordion Day “6th May in October”, Skopje - Republic of North Macedonia

Prof. Zorica Karakutovska
concert bannerFrom the very beginning in 2009, the Macedonian Association of Accordionists “Ljubiteli na klasichna muzika” (MAA) – Skopje has supported the international project "May 6th World Accordion Day" with various exciting musical events.

This year, for the 13th time the association organized a solemn concert making the celebration of the international event and birthday celebration of the instrument, second time named as “6th May in October”. Photo report at: 2021RN-Macedonia


Bete Ilin, Zorica Karakutovska, Anica Karakutovska

Ben de Souza Teaching Appointment & Performance With Birmingham Festival Choral Society - England

Ben de SouzaBirmingham Festival Choral SocietyBen de Souza (picture left) will join with the Birmingham Festival Choral Society (picture above) to perform Rossini’s “Petite Messe Solennelle” at The Ruddock Centre, King Edward’s School in Birmingham, England on October 30th at 7.30pm.

This work was originally scored for choir with piano and harmonium accompaniment, but increasingly the harmonium part is played on the accordion.


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Creation of the Ivan Dyma Concert Agency, Moscow - Russia

Agency logo
Ivan DymaNatalia GelfenboimThe Ivan Dyma Concert Agency is the first agency in Russia, which is focused on cooperation with talented young musicians, both academic and jazz, provides them with the opportunity to maximize their creative activity and find their own Voice in art.

The concert agency was created to form an art space, thanks to which clients and the audience will discover qualitatively different emotions, and musicians will find new opportunities for cooperation and creativity.


SaxAkkord Duo

Future events

“Les 24h de l'accordéon” - 24 Hour Non Stop Accordion Concert - France

24 hour poster
“Les 24h de l'accordéon” - 24 hour non stop Accordion Concert will be held in Toulouse, France this weekend beginning at 6pm on October 23rd until 6pm October 24th, 2021, organised by La Cave Poésie René-Gouzenne.

The event will feature a 24 hour marathon of non stop accordion concerts in various genres such as rock accordion, forró accordion, poetic accordion, musette, jazz, accordion fanfares, trad ball, tango, classical accordion, tender and romantic accordion (boleros, slow and other mazurkas) etc.


24 hour program

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Daily Reports, Pictures and Competition Results, PIF Castelfidardo - Italy

PIF Castelfidardo header
Daily Reports, pictures, results, jury, concerts and information online at: 2021Castelfidardo about the PIF Castelfidardo 46th edition which ran from the 27th September to 2nd October.


Updated Site: Accordion Russia News

Accordion Russia banner
The Accordion Russia News has been updated with information on upcoming events.


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