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Daily Reports, Full Video, Coupe Mondiale Underway in Salzburg - Austria

The 67th Coupe Mondiale World Accordion Championships is well underway in Salzburg, Austria. As well as the very highest level of international competition, there have been concerts featuring some of Austria's finest performers.

A huge amount of wonderful music by the competitors is online at the
"Videos and Video Timetable": 2014CM-Video
Daily Reports at:


Coupe Mondiale Results Released at 5:30 pm, Saturday 2nd November - Austria

Coupe Mondiale 2014 header
Coupe Mondiale results are going to be released and you can view the Coupe Mondiale Awards Ceremony online shortly after 5:30 pm Saturday 2nd November.

The Awards Concert will be online from 7:30 pm and will feature the Coupe Mondiale prize winners.

Videos and Video Timetable at: 2014CM-Video


Live in Salzburg, Roland Group Release FR-8X V-Accordion Update - Austria

Sean MontgomeryWorkshop will be available to view online at the Coupe Mondiale website from 4:00pm CET. Videos and Video Timetable at: 2014CM-Video

Sean Montgomery, Roland Europe V-Accordion Product Manager (picture right) writes: "Roland is pleased to announce a significant ‘Version 2’ system update for their flagship FR-8X V-Accordion. This free, user-installable upgrade adds many new improvements and enhancements designed to make the FR-8X even more versatile in any musical situation.


Fatar srl Italy factory

Ron Hodgson (1929-2014), Carlisle – UK

Ron HodgsonRon Hodgson was one of the seminal figures in the UK accordion scene, highly respected and very well liked. He was a superb accordionist, performer, orchestra MD, teacher, composer, arranger, British College of Accordionists examiner, BCA Board of Examiners member, National Accordion Organisation Chairman, festival organizer and adjudicator.


Ronmar Accordion Orchestra

Reports for Concerts, Masterclasses, Competitions, Festivals, etc.

Mundesley Festival Finale, Norfolk – UK

Heather Smith and GeofThe final Mundesley accordion festival, which was exhilarating and exhausting in equal measures, took place last week at Richardson’s Holiday Village.

There was an abundance of top class playing in concerts ...................


Domi Emorine, Roman Jbanov and Pearl Fawcett-Adriano

New and Updated Sites

Franco Cambareri Release New Compositions

Franco Cambareri - accordionist, composer, producer, releases a new composition for accordion available for purchase online.

'Capriccio Cubano', catalog: cfranco191

The music is in eSheet format, able to be emailed to your computer. Purchase with credit card.


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