Gorka Hermosa’s Summer Tour - Lithuania, Latvia, Spain

Gorka Hermosa
Gorka HermosaThe Basque accordionist and composer Gorka Hermosa is on tour, performing and teaching in Lithuania, Latvia and Spain (Cataluña, Basque Country, Segovia and Cantabria). He will lead summer courses, master classes, conferences, and perform 16 concerts in one month and a half.


100th Anniversary of the Birth of Lasse Pihlajamaa (1916-2007) - Finland

The 100th anniversary of the birth of Lasse Pihlajamaa (1916-2007) is celebrated in Finland in several concerts, exhibitions and events. Lasse Pihlajamaa (1916-2007) was a Finnish accordionist, composer-arranger, teacher, entertainer and world-class accordion comedian and father of a range of accordion models.


Daily Reports: 33rd China Harbin Summer Music Festival International Accordion Art Week - China

2016 Harbin China International Accordion Art Week
Prof. Wang HongyuDaily Reports, pictures, video and competition results be online from 4th August 2016 at: 2016Harbin

Harbin 2016 Art Director Prof. Wang Hongyu (picture right), President of Music College of Harbin Normal University, has released the Harbin schedule of concerts, the opening concert program and workshops. 2016HProgram


Joe Derrane (1930-2016), Massachessetts - USA

Joe DerraneVideo: Excerpt from "As Played by Joe Derrane (1995)", a documentary about accordion player Joe Derrane of Randolph, MA. Produced by Frank Ferrel. Edited by Julie Eddy. Part of the Massachusetts Folk Arts Archive.

Joe Derrane, the son of Irish immigrants, is widely regarded as one of the greats of Irish traditional music....


New and Updated Sites

New Article: Joe Cerrito, Consummate Musician and Extraordinary Educator - USA

Joe CerritoA new article written by Joan Grauman (AAA Historian) titled "Joe Cerrito, Consummate Musician and Extraordinary Educator" has been published at: http://www.accordions.com/articles/joe_cerrito.aspx

This exceptional article details the extensive musical career of Joe Cerrito with many historic pictures and quotes from family and former students.


New Music: Three Songs by Gary Daverne Released - New Zealand

Three SongsThree SongsED0065 - Three Songs (Duet) composition for accordion and piano (1. Fireside Fantasies, 2. The Awakening, 3. The Journey) have been released.

They are available as a group of three works (Catalog ED0065) or also available individually.
ED0066 - Fireside Fantasies - accordion & piano
ED0067 - The Awakening - accordion & piano
ED0068 - The Journey - accordion & piano

Purchase online with secure server credit card capture by Paypal, the worlds largest online payments system.


Updated Arrangements Now Available, Arranged by Gary Dahl - USA by Gary Dahl

Gary DahlMichelleUpdated Site:
- Michelle arranged by well known teacher, performer and arranger Gary Dahl. Catalog: DH0132
- Abide With Me arranged by Gary Dahl. Catalog: DH0217

Any clients who have already purchased this music may email for the updated arrangement which will be provided by email to you without charge.


Updated Site: Franco Cambareri Two New Works Released - Australia

Franco CambareriFranco Cambareri has released two new compositions:

cfranco208 - Twinkle Toes
Twinkle Toes is a Fun Samba

cfranco209 - El Caminito
El Caminito is a nice piece of music with a sweet melody. View sample page.

These works are eSheet (pdf file, able to be emailed to you) and can be purchased online with secure server credit card.


New Site: Lars Ek Original Compositions - Sweden

Lars EkLars Ek, composer, arranger, performer and teacher of Sweden has now released his original compositions on the MusicForAccordion.com site. See samples of the music and further information at:

ek111 - Djupbackens Ros
ek112 - The Handsaw
ek113 - Fornuddsvalsen
ek114 - Fors Majeure
ek115 - The Savior
ek116 - Bridal from Futurity
ek117 - The Choir of the Birds
ek118 - Gondoljären_The Gondolier
ek119 - Hambo from Breim
ek120 - Hot Accordion Boggie

ek203 - Lars Ek Special 3: The Shortcut to Playing and the Bellows - Technique for The Accordion. 24 pages. During the years I have noticed a growing need of a ”shortcut” to perfected technique because of the long time it takes to study the conventional way. That’s the reason why I have created this book of technique for accordions. This is no treatise, but a ”shortcut” to improved playing skills by practicing what is the most effective at the shortest of time.


Andrea Di Giacomo Releases "Accordion Colours" CD/mp3 Album - Italy

Accordion Colours heading
Accordion Colours CD coverInternational competition winner Andrea Di Giacomo has released his first CD, catalog no: ADG01 - Accordion Colours. The album is also available as an mp3 download / individual tracks.

Tracks are:
01. Medley Jazz (Ray Noble/Charlie Parker) 2:56
02. Roma Tango (Renzo Ruggieri) 6:00
03. Mahnà Mahnà (Piero Umiliani) 3:37
04. Il Postino (Lui Bacalov) 2:53
05. Coco Mazurka (Joao Frade) 1:56
06. Lo Scuro e il Chiaro (Renzo Ruggieri) 4:35
07. Tango Italiano (Renzo Ruggieri) 4:33
08. Volo degli angeli (Carmen Carozza) 3:04
09. Lisa (Frank Marocco) 1:53
10. La Tempesta (Andrè Astier) 1:45
11. Acquarelli Italiani (Renzo Ruggieri) 4:11
12. Tico Tico (Zequinha Abreu) 3:20
13. Carnevale (Renzo Ruggieri) 4:22
14. Genova (Renzo Ruggieri) 3:32

Tracks 1, 3, 4, 8 and 12 arranged by Renzo Ruggieri
Tracks 6 and 13 feature Lorenzo Bosica
Track 14 features Renzo Ruggieri and Renzo Ruggieri Orchestra


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