CNIMA’s 20 Years Celebration, May 2015, Saint-Sauves d’Auvergne – France

CNIMA J.Mornet 20th Anniversary Festival
CNIMA 20th Anniversary Festival posterIt’s been a huge all-accordions fest ! Only former and current CNIMA J.Mornet students performed for the first two days (29 & 30 May) of this accordion festival, celebrating the 20th anniversary of this famous French accordion school.


The 16th Annual Las Vegas International Accordion Convention - USA

Las Vegas International Accordion Convention
Paul PasqualiThe Las Vegas International Accordion Convention goal, has always been to present the highest quality entertainment and educational seminar classes in a professional manner.
Picture right: Event organiser Paul Pasquali


Belma Šarančić Nahodović, First PhD for Accordion, Sarajevo – Bosnia

Belma Šarančić Nahodović
Belma Šarančić NahodovićOn June 4th the Balkans gained its first PhD for accordion. Belma Šarancic Nahodovic, Assistant Professor of Accordion at Sarajevo Music Academy was awarded her artistic PhD in accordion.


Belma Šarančić Nahodović

Queen’s Service Medal Presentation for Heather Mitchell-Gladstone – New Zealand

Heather Mitchell-Gladstone
Heather Mitchell-GladstoneOn the 19 June 2015, Heather Mitchell-Gladstone of Christchurch was presented with her Queen’s Service Medal (for her lifetime of services to music), presented to her by by the New Zealand Governor-General Sir Jeremiah Mateparae in a ceremony at Government House in Wellington.


CD Reviews

CD Review: L'armonica a mantice di Giuseppe Greggiati

L'armonica a mantice di Giuseppe Greggiati,CD Reviews Index for the Review of L'armonica a mantice di Giuseppe Greggiati, in English and Italian languages. Performer Corrado Rojac, reviewed by Alessandro Mugnoz.


New and Updated Sites

New: Tian Jianan, Now Available eTracks mp3 Download - China

Brahms's Smile CD CoverNew: Catalog: tjianan03 Now Available as an eTracks mp3 Download - the Brahms's Smile Album.

This album features international competition winner Tian Jianan performing virtuoso entertainment works that she has used so successfully in competition.

Track 1. Steps by Victor Vlasov
Track 2. Mr. Ferrero by Eric Bouvelle & Maurice Larcange
Track 3. L' Aquilon by Andre Astier
Track 4. Shocking Valse by Thomain
Track 5. Acquarelli Cubani by L. Fancelli
Track 6. Radetsky March by Strauss arranged D. Saussard
Track 7. Carnevale by Renzo Ruggieri
Track 8. Brahms's Smile by Victor Vlasov

You can buy the track individually or the whole album for only 8 Euro

Other CD/DVD eTracks albums available at:
tjianan01 Bach Two Part Inventions and Contest Repertoire, Klingenthal
tjianan02 Free Bass Accordion Solo CD


Updated Site: New Version of Just Because Polka - USA

Gary DahlA new version of 'Just Because Polka' is now available. Catalog: DH0037

The polka made famous my Frankie Yankovic...sold millions of recordings . This arrangement is very complete with added harmony for more impact.

eSheet music can be purchased online on the secure server and emailed to you. No postage delays or postage costs.


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