2015 All Ireland Fleadh Cheoil, Sligo – Irish Republic

2015 Fleadh Cheoil Street posterThe 2015 All Ireland Fleadh Cheoil, organized by Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann (CCE), takes place in the town of Sligo in west of the Irish Republic, from August 9th to 16th.

The Fleadh Cheoil, one of the world’s largest music festivals, is a week-long competitive event for Irish music, song and dance, with approximately 10,000 competitors and performers, including sections that involve large numbers of accordionists, melodeon, concertina and harmonica players, as well as many ceili bands, accordion and marching bands.


Fleadh Cheoil promotional pictures

2015 Asia Pacific Accordion Festival, Shanghai to Jeju - China, South Korea

Prof. Li CongJessica Shi XuanThe 2015 Asia Pacific Accordion Festival incorporating the annual "Hohner Cup" China Accordion competition is "rocking" from 15th to 18th August on the Costa-Victoria cruise ship as it travels from Shanghai to Jeju Island South Korea and back to Shanghai.


Costa-Victoria ship

Gorka Hermosa Touring South America - Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Chile

Gorka Hermosa posters
Groka Hermosa posterSpanish accordionist, composer, author and teacher Gorka Hermosa visits Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Chile at the end of this month for a 20 day tour. The itinery includes: .........


XX World Diatonic Accordion Championships, Montescaglioso – Italy

XX 20th World Diatonic Accordion Championships
The 20th World Diatonic Accordion Championships take place August 27th to 30th at the Piazza Roma, Montescaglioso, Italy. The initiative involves the Municipal Administration and the Pro Loco of Montescaglioso, the National Union of Local Italy .........


Accordion's Jam Session - Worldwide

Accordion's Jam Session by Amiko
AmikoWherever accordions meet ...

there is COLOUR ...

there is Joy! ........


CD Reviews

CD Review: Ivano Battiston plays Johann Sebastian Bach - Italy

CD Cover: Ivano Battiston plays Johann Sebastian BachCD Reviews Index for the Review of Ivano Battiston plays Johann Sebastian Bach, in English and Italian languages. Performer Ivano Battiston, reviewed by Alessandro Mugnoz.


New and Updated Sites

Yuri Shishkin: 3 CD's Now Only Available as eTrack mp3 Albums - Russia

Yuri ShishkinFamous Russian performer Yuri Shishkin has just written "3 of my CD's are all sold." They remain available as eTracks mp3 albums.
Catalog: yshishkin02eT Images Of The Passing Time
Catalog: yshishkin03eT Favourites
Catalog: yshishkin05eT Pictures at an Exhibition

There are three other CD's available now while CD stocks last at: Yuri Shishkin
Catalog: yshishkin01 Towards the Sun CD and eTracks album
Catalog: yshishkin04 Shishkin Plays Semionov CD and eTracks album
Catalog: yshishkin06 Libretto (Bajan on the Russian Opera Stage) CD and eTracks album


Chapter 16 Warm Up, Before You Play by John Bonica - USA

'Play Your Accordion Without6871_dx.jpgn', book coverJohn Bonica PT CMP NZRPChapter 16 of the book "Play Your Accordion Without Pain" by John Bonica PT CMP NZRP is now released.

This chapter is about protecting your body from potential injury and unnecessary stress while playing or practicing your accordion.
- Warm Up Before You Play ...
- Stretch Before You Squeeze....
addresses in detail with exercise examples, the subject of adequate warm-up preparation prior to practice or playing.

A quote from Chapter 16: So often we blame good old “arther” (arthritis) for our aches and pains in the extremities when really it is merely ligament tightness, poor blood supply to the muscles, and lack of range of motion!

So don’t give up because you feel stiff and achy — get out and stretch and exercise and you may be amazed at how your “arthritis” disappears!

There will be a minimum of 24 chapters, 16 chapters released so far. Special introductory offer, you can purchase the whole book for US$22 (or Euro equivalent) and be sent each chapter by e-mail as it is released.

For more information, and to purchase: John Bonica


Charnwood Publish New Douglas Ward Composition - UK

Charnwood Publishing
CrabCakesCharnwood Publishing have released a new composition by Douglas Ward titled: Catalog No. DW929 CrabCakes

The homepage of Douglas Ward is also updated. Order from Charnwood Music Publishing using the high security eCommerce site provided by Worldpay.


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