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47th International "Citta di Castelfidardo" Accordion Prize & Festival

28 September - 02 October 2022
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Roberto AscaniRuben CittadiniThe City Council of Castelfidardo (Marche region, Italy), in collaboration with Castelfidardo Pro Loco Tourist Association, calls and organizes the PIF International Competition “Città di Castelfidardo” reserved for accordion soloists and groups, of classical music and other genres and a music festival featuring accordion.

The Castelfidardo Municipal Administration is led by Mayor Roberto Ascani, the Castelfidardo Pro Loco headed by Ruben Cittadini, and 2022 PIF Artistic Director Antonio Spaccarotella.

Antonio SpacarotellaAntonio Spaccarotella, boasts a curriculum and an artistic career that is very important in the music scene. Holder of the chair of accordion at the Conservatory of Music of Catanzaro P.I. Tchaikovsky, production director of the Calabrian Philharmonic Orchestra, one of the most popular emerging orchestras on the international scene, and has also given concerts in 40 countries and advanced training courses in the most prestigious universities and conservatories in the world.

Antonio Spaccarotella has great respect and gratitude for the many editions that have forged and made PIF Castelfidardo what it is today. For this reason he has in mind to give an innovative imprint that is, at the same time, respectful of the traditional vision, convinced that the balance between the two souls of the accordion is essential for the relaunch of the instrument in the didactic, artistic and commercial context.

PIF Castelfidardo Press Conference

Press Conference 22 September 2022

The PIF Castelfidardo press conference of 22 September 2022 was led by the Castelfidardo City Mayor Roberto Ascani, the Castelfidardo Pro Loco headed by Ruben Cittadini, and 2022 PIF Artistic Director Antonio Spaccarotella. Also speaking was Association Music Marche Accordions (AMMA) President Mirco Soprani and Cesare Sampaolesi of Nugo-Creative Collective.

They spoke happily about the level of entries, and the positive future with many different styles of music being performed in competitions and concerts. Antonio Spaccarotella said: “PIF must become a vehicle for promoting the accordion as a multifaceted and flexible instrument, between the most diverse cultures and influences, and provide an opportunity for the young participants to launch a career."

The press conference finished with TV news interviews.

The complete 2022 competition and festival program was released: 2022PIF-Program.pdf

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