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47th International "Citta di Castelfidardo" Accordion Prize & Festival

Daily Report - Wednesday 28 September

28 September schedule
IDA Competitions poster


9:30 pm, Castelfidardo, Monument Square (Remembrance Park)

Mario Biondi, Renzo Ruggieri

Balkanica, Edo & Dina Krilic
The PIF-stage is ready for the big events during the Castelfidardo Festival and Competitions.
The festival director M Antonio Spaccarotell (right) on the balcony of the city Hall. On the right picture is Aldo Belmonti, President of the PROLOCO Castelfidardo.
The office ladies of Castelfdidardo at work welcoming all visitors and competitors. Aldo Belmonti, Ruben Cittadini (city hall assesore) and Harley Jones from New Zealand
Ruben Cittadini/Italy, Harley Jones and Amber Masefield/New Zealand, Anthony Schultz/Australia. Crowd waiting for the next segment of the diatonic competition to begin at the Auditorium S. Francesco.
Jury for the diatonic competition in the San Francesco Auditorium Heather Masefield (New Zealand) Anthony Schultz (Australia)
Holda and M� Jacque Mornet from France ... ... and here with Harley Jones from New Zealand
M� Alessandro Gaudio Amber Masefield taking pictures of the diatonic young artists

Video of Diatonic Competitors

the "SCOTTISH" with Robin Hylland (left) Andrew- Gary Blair (right). and with Holda in the middle.
Claudio Sabatini from Musictech, Holda and Robin Hylland Mr. and Mrs. Tocacelli / Masterproduction.
Mirco Soprani, ex-Mayor of Castelfidardo and now President of the Association Music Marche. Barbini Music and Laura Francinella.
Evening concert with Mario Biondi and Renzo Ruggieri
The hall was full for this very popular/famous singer.  
The officials: Mayor Roberto Ascani, Culture Accessore Ruben Cittadini and the M� Antonio Spaccarotella talking to the large audience.
Evening concert:with Paolo Di Sabatinino 4tet, M� Renzo Ruggieri and Mario Biondi.
M� Renzo Ruggieri with Mario Biondi
  M� Paolo Picchio/Bugari with M� Renzo Ruggieri
Heather Masefield and Massimo Pigini with his wife Foto Nisi at work
Scandalli with Peter Mogon/Hungary for dinner at Pippo's
Sweden/Sven and Lars Karlsson/Denmark Oivind Farmin/Andrea Grothe with Heather Masefield/NZ. Australia/Anthony Schultz, Mirco Patarini/Scandalli/Italy with Amber Masefield/NZ
Regular guest from Holland visting Castelfidardo for the festival.  



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