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The 12th World Music Festival 2016 is the world's largest competition for accordion orchestras and ensembles. 
The event is organised by the Deutscher Harmonika Verband e.V. (Germany).

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The Gala-Konzert, 6th May will feature 2013 1st place Orchester AKUD “Sonja Marinkovic“ from Novi Sad, Serbia conducted by Goran Penic and the Nürnberger Akkordeonorchester, Germany, conducted by Dirigent Stefan Hippe.

On the 7th May, the Evening of Nations concert includes:
– Orchester Hohnerklang Trossingen
– Landes-Akkordeon-Bigband Hessen A-Train
– Klaus Paier Trio
– Royal Squeeze Box
– Nebl & Nebl
– Gitanes Blondes
– Tangoschule Innsbruck.

The Finale and Award Ceremony - view pictures from the 2013 event at:


Accordion orchestras and groups from all over Europe converged on the Tyrolean town, Innsbruck between 5th to 8th May, for the 12th World Music Festival organised by the Deutscher Harmonika-Verband e.V. (DHV). Held every 3 years, this event attracts some of the world’s finest accordion orchestras and groups..

With over 180 orchestras, ensembles and groups competing in the various categories, capacity audiences filled both the Innsbruck Congress Halls and Messe, often with five categories running simultaneously. The winning group of the premiere orchestra category, was Akkordeon-Orchester Baltmannsweiler e.V. conducted by Thomas Bauer. Their dynamic rendition of Leonard Bernstein’s West Side Story suite was received by the audience with a standing ovation.

In addition to the competition events, evening concerts attracted huge audiences especially on the Saturday evening with many venues offering the audiences standing room only. Guests artists, included Herbert Pixner Projekt, Trio Klaus Paier, Nebl and Nebl, Giora Feidman with Gitanes Blondes and others.

Additional highlights were the Gala Concert featuring the previous festival winners – Orchestra AKUD Sonja Marinkovic, and a wonderful selction of popular Edith Piaf numbers presented by the Nurnberger Accordion Orchestra.

The Saal Dogaana came alive the sound of accordion entertainment with both the group “A-Train” and the world-famous Hohner-Klang. This hall originally built in the 1500s by Archduke Ferdinand as a sporting arena was the perfect setting for the party atmosphere with many taking the opportunity to dance the night away!

To close the event, The Olympic Arena saw nearly 5000 people celebrate with flags balloons, streamers and banners, with the Europa Orchestra under the direction of Hans-Gunther Kolz giving a rousing performance before the announcement of the official results.

Lionel Reekie


Pictures supplied by Kevin Friedrich.

Handharmonika-Club Sulzburg e.V.
Conductor: Michael Huck
Harmonikaring 1953 Berghausen e.V.
conductor: Ltg. Ralf Schwarzien
Above left: Duo competitors rehearsing prior to the competition
Above right: Adjudicators Frederic Deschamps, Andreas Nebl, Alfred Melichar and Kimmo Mattila
Jennys Accordions (Colchester, UK)
Conductor: Suzanne Shaw-Smith
Muenchner Rhapsodie by Rudolf Wuerthner

HHC Reutlingen Youngsters
Conductor: Jurgen Walz

Above left: Conductor Jurgen Walz receiving constructive feedback from members of the Jury
Above right: A(kko)-Team Ltg. Ruslan Maximovski

Jugendakkoreonorchester der Musikschule der Hofer Symphoniker
Conductor: Florian Weichert
Young accordion orchestra
London Accordion Orchestra, United Kingdom.
Conductor: Ian Watson
Rhapsody by Stuart Hancock
Karneval by Matthew Scott
Flight, 3 Sätze by Ian Watson

Above left: Francesca Pigini and Martin Frey at the Pigini display stand
Above right: Mirco Patarini and Lionel Reekie at the Scandalli display stand
Above left: Mathais Matzke demonstrating at the Roland stand
Above right: the display stand of Fisitalia
Gala-Konzert, 6th May Music Selections
Gala-Konzert, 6th May. Winners of the 11th World Music Festival 2013: Accordion Orchestra 'AKUD Sonja Marinkovic'
from Novi Sad, Serbia. Conductor Goran Penić.
Video of Concert

Nürnberger Akkordeonorchester
Conductor: Stefan Hippe
with Heleen Joor (Vocals) and Barbara Shofer (Narration)
Excerpt from Gala-Konzert, 6th May.

President of the Confederation Internationale des Accordeonistes (CIA) Raymond Bodell presenting the CIA Merit Award
to Prof. Jürgen Löchter (Germany) in recognition of his outstanding contributions to the international accordion movement. Right is Georg Hettmann, DHV delegate to the CIA.
1st - Akkordeon-Orchester Baltmannsweiler e.V.
Conductor: Thomas Bauer.
West Side Story by Leonard Bernstein.

3rd - Akkordeonorchester der Musik-schule der Hofer Symphoniker,
Conductor: Torsten Petzold
Sinfonietta Dramatika by Stefan Divjaković.
Festival Ouverture Op. 96 by Dimitri Shotakovich.

Video of 4th - NOVAorchestra of Eichenau, conductor Eliseo Grappasonno.
Ballett-Suite op.42 for Accordion Orchestra and Drums by Hans Brehme.
1. Marsch, 2. Tango, 3. Intermezzo, 4. Tarantella.

Herbert Pixner Projekt
Herbert Pixner (accordion), Werner Unterlechner (bass), Heidi Pixner (harp), MIanuel Randi (guitar)
Herbert Pixner Projekt
Herbert Pixner (accordion and trumpet), Werner Unterlechner (bass), Heidi Pixner (harp), MIanuel Randi (guitar)
A Train Orchestra
Conductor: Wolfgang Russ
, Keyboard: Hans-Gunther Kolz
Hohnerklang Orchestra
Conductor: Hans-Gunther Kolz
Hohnerklang Orchestra
Conductor: Hans-Gunther Kolz
Gitanes Blondes
Mario Korunic (violin), Simon Ackermann (bass), Christoph Peters (guitar) and Konstantin Ischenko (accordion)
The Royal Squeeze
Roman D. Metzner (accordion), Aaron Perry (vocals)
European Accordion Orchestra
conductor: Hans-Gunther Kolz
part of the attendees at the Prize Giving Ceremony
Above left: Fritz Dobler with CIA General Secretary Kimmo Mattila
Above right: Fritz Dobler congratulating Thomas Bauer on his competition sucess
Above left: triumphant winners from Jenny's Accordions
Above right: triumphant winners from Thomas Bauer


Jury 1:
Prof. Jürgen Löchter (DE)
Johannes Baumann (DE)
Stephane Chapuis (CH)
Fritz Dobler (DE)
Ladislav Horak (CZ)

Jury 2:
Heidrun Neugebauer
Raymond Bodell (GB)
Alexander Cargnelli
Prof. Peter Vierneisel
Jury 3:
Herbert Nolte
Volker Gerlich
Philipp Haag
Günther Stoll (DE)

Jury 4;
Lutz Stark
Erik Bergene (NOR)
Hans Bogner
Werner Glutsch (A)
Jury 5
Andreas Nebl (DE)
Frederic Dechamps (FR)
Kimmo Matilla (FL)
Alfred Melichar (A)

Jury 6
Kathrin Gass
Hans Barten (NL)
Konstantin Ischenko (RUS)
Gerhard Koschel


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The event is organised by the Deutscher Harmonika-Verband e.V. (DHV) lead by World Music Project Director Hedy Stark-Fussnegger and assisted by a strong team including Stefan Hippe, Hans-Günther Kölz, Kathrin Gass, Thomas Fink, Heike Braun-Staufenberger, Margit Steinhilber, Georg Hettmann.

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