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11th World Music Festival, Innsbruck, May9th to 12th, 2013
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The World Music Festival 2013 is the world's largest competition for accordion and for accordion orchestras and ensembles.
The event is organised by the Deutscher Harmonika Verband e.V. (Germany) and more than 450 orchestras and ensembles take part.
Program for Thursday 9th and Friday 10th May 2013
Program for Friday second part of Friday 10th May 2013
Program for 3rd part of Friday 10th May 2013
This was an interesting picture of CIA officials as it included the Past President Kevin Friedrich (left) with current President Raymond Bodell (2nd from right). Current CIA Secretary General Kimmo Mattila (2nd from left) with past Secretary General Walter Maurer (right). In the middle is Coupe Mondiale winner Grayson Masefield, CIA Music Committee. Walter Maurer was honored at this event with a special award for his many years of service. Last Innsbruck festival orchestra competition winners was the Nuernberger Akkordeonorchester conducted by Stefan Hippe. The previous winner traditionally performs a concert.
Nuernberger Akkordeonorchester soloist was Jessica Hartlieb (violin). DHVev President Fritz Dobler conducted "Das Bundesakkordeonorchester" (German National Accordion Orchestra) that was made up of well known accordion teachers. Dobler is pictured here, waiting to go on stage, with the excellent young percussionist of the orchestra, standing nearby. Program was: Introduction und Toccata by Fritz Dobler, Adagio (2012) by Stefan Hipper (written in memorial to honor the wife of Fritz Dobler), Sensemaya by Silvestre Revueitas, arr. Philipp Hagg, Aus: The Planets by Gustav Holst, arr. Katja Hippe.
Nuernberger Akkordeonorchester
DHVev President Fritz Dobler conducted "Das Bundesakkordeonorchester" (German National Accordion Orchestra)
Podium Discussion with CIA, EAF and DHV representatives. Left to right: Raymond Bodell (UK), Frederic Deschamps (France), Kimmo Mattila (Finland), Stefan Hippe (Germany), Peter Frey (Switzerland), Frans de Bie (Netherlands) and , Werner Weibert (Austria).
Program for Saturday 11th May 2013
Jury for the top accordion orchestra Erwachsene Hoechststufe Category 1 was (alphabeticlal order): Johannes Baumann, Prof. Karl-Heinz Bloemeke, Ladislav Horak, Helmut Quakernack, Herbert Noite, Wolfgang Russ. This category had 33 entrants and ran all day Friday and Saturday.

Winner of the top category was the Akud Sonja Marinkovi orchestra of Novi Sad, Serbia conducted by Goran Penic. Their program was:
The Colors by Slavko Suklar, Sinfonietta by Stevan Divjakovic, Grlica by Stevan Hristic.

Note the 5 electonium instruments for the orchestra. The third row of the orchestra had music sitting on cases. The large hall was reasonably full much of the time. Competitions were being held in 3 venues during the day.
You can see that the two front rows of accordionists are all playing by memory. This orchestra received huge applause
from the audience ending in a standing ovation.

4th place orchestra was Konzertorch. Akkordeongruppe of Muenster, Germany, conducted by Silke d'Inka who was one of the younger conductors
that I saw. They performed a single work: Variation fuer Akkordeonorchester by Rudolf Wuerthner.

5th place orchestra was Akkordeonorchester Hof of Hof, Germany, conducted by Torsten Petzold. The music program was:
Evocations S.3, 5 by Jindrich Feld and Oktober Op. 131 by D. Shostakovich, arranged J Feulner/A Stieglitz.
Morley Accordion Orchestra, directed by Ian Watson came from London, UK. This orchestra probably travelled the furthest to compete and received a commendation for the quality of their performance.
Schuelerorch. der MS der Hofer Sympnoniker conducted by Florian Weichert
Roland display at a busy moment.
Beltuna Accordions display.
Francesca Pigini of Pigini Accordions srl. Lisa and mother Elke Ahrenholz of Victoria Accordions srl.
Pigini Switzerland Director Martin Frey fitting straps to the Nova so it could be tested.
Martin Frey and Francesca Pigini beside their posters and stand.
Roberto Ottavianelli and his son Andrea from the Bugari Armando srl Accordion Factory, Italy.
Alessio Gerundini of Zero Sette and Sergej Makarenko and Thomas Lau of Centrum Brusch.
Andrea Ballone Burini of Ballone Burini Lido &, photographed with Annika Schafer and Selina Geppert, trying Bullone Burini accordions.

Radu Laxgang, Dorin Gramma, Grayson Masefield, Christina Rossi, Fred Deschamps, Lev Lobkov at the Hohner display after the successful
concert of students of Fred Deschamps, all of whom have been laureates at major international accordion competitions.
Video segments of this concert will be online shortly.

Event organiser Hedy Stark-Fussnegger with Christof Niederwiesser and Horst Fausel of Hohner.
Catch Basin Brass Innsbruck with choir, conducted by Wolfram Rosenberger
Saturday evening had a lot of concerts and ended up with party times in the halls. Here you can see the sizeable audience.
Akkordeonorchester des Landes Niedersachsen "Accollage" directed by Ralf Schwarzien had the audience up and dancing.
Orchester Hohnerklang Trossingen Director Hans-Guenther Koelz really kept the party moving along with a variety of popular dance tunes.
Hans-Guenther Koelz leading the Orchester Hohnerklang orchestra.
Orchester Hohnerklang also had two singers with orchestra.
You can see the very large crowd, all dancing and having a great time.
Sunday Morning Prizegiving
Europa Orchester conducted by Hans-Guenther Koelz.
Georg Hettmann making English announcements at the Prize Giving. Event Organiser Hedy Stark-Fussnegger posing for a photograph with DHVev President Fritz Dobler
The huge crowd for the prize giving at the Innsbruck Olympia Stadium.
The other side of the stadium also had a huge crowd.
Video of the prize giving presentation of the top orchestra category.


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The 11th World Music Festival was great fun, there was lots of superb music with a wonderful atmosphere.
A superbly run event that all the organisers involved, can be very very proud of.

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