August 30

Revised Arrangement

Maple Leaf Rag

Maple Leaf Rag has been revised by Tris Gour for much better playability. With all new engraving, it's also easier to read. Be sure to check out the sample sheet. To see the newly revised arrangement, visit our Buy Solos page.

August 25

New Arrangement

Georgia On My Mind

A new, premium arrangement of Georgia On My Mind, by Tris Gour, is now available for sale. This is the same arrangement — note-for-note — played by Tris on our video page. To hear this unique, modern arrangement, visit our Video Samples page. To buy the new arrangement, visit our Buy Solos page.

August 19

August Update

New Newsletter Format

To avoid email issues and make sure everyone has easy acess, we will now be publishing our newsletters online. You can see the August Newsletter here.

You can join our mailing list, and you'll receive emailed information about additional promotions, new eBook packages, a new arrangement or two, and some new exciting technology offerings — as well as a notification whenever a new newsletter is published.

June 17

Patriotic Songs eBook 11

New eBook: Patriotic Songs

Just in time for the July 4th holiday, we have re-packaged a set of six of Gary's arrangements of patriotic songs into a new eBook collection, number 11. Priced at just $12, this new eBook is a great value. Play them for any audience, or for family or friends — or just for yourself! The beatuiful harmony and power of these traditional patriotic songs are sure to impress! To see the new eBook 11, visit our eBook page.

May 29

June Addendum

Gene Van

Gene Van On May 28, 2018, the Accordion Community lost yet another great proponent of the accordion, Gene Van. For me, The Gene Van Conservatory of Music is where I spent over 10 years learning about the accordion. Mr. Van was instrumental in anything that would benefit the accordion and was very supportive and excited about this website and what the future would bring.

You can read a special article authored by Joe Natoli at Accordion USA.

For anyone who would like the info, here are Gene Van's viewing and funeral arrangements.

We have added a special video performance of Georgia On My Mind dedicated to Gene Van.

God bless you, Gene. Your positivity and musicality will be sorely missed.

May 25

June Update

New Arrangement

A NEW full arrangment of Henry Mancini’s Charade is now available on the Buy Solos page. This is arranged by Tris Gour, and the style and sound of this arrangement should be familiar to those who enjoy the other arrangements on this site.

Pricing Changes

All good things come to an end, and our limited time 35% Grand Opening discount has concluded. However, because of the positive response, we have arranged for a long term discount of 20% to be applied automatically to all Legacy Gary Dahl arrangements and eBooks. New arrangements, not covered by this discount, will be posted with a lower price structure.

Growing Pains

After several occurrances, it has become evident that emails from our new site domain ( are not being delivered to some countries outside the US. We have verified that the emails are being sent properly, and it is likely that our domain is being blocked in route for some countries. We apologize for the inconvenience and frustration this may have caused. We are now using an alternate email domain for non-US destinations. Incoming email to our site is delivered correctly, so please contact us promptly if you feel you have missed an email from us. Again, we apologize for this and will strive to avoid delivery problems in the future.


We've added another free item to our Resources page. Check it out and you'll find Impossible Dream from Man of La Mancha. You can find it and other free items on the Resources page. Enjoy!

To get a significant price break on other arrangements, consider an eBook collection. Most eBooks are priced less than 50% of the cost of individual solos. Along with our 20% discount, they're a real bargin!


Grand Opening!

This site's grand opening is now and all purchases are 35% off for a limited time. All sheet music, all eBooks! Gary Dahl's entire collection of solos is available here. Simply place an order and you'll automatically receive the 35% discount when you check out. All proceeds go to the Dahl family.

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Check out the Resources page—you'll find a FREE lead sheet for Charade (arranged by Gary) and a series of backing tracks for it, also FREE!

Also on the Resources page you can find Gary's full arrangement of Beyond The Sea, FREE for a limited time. Give it a try and see how beautiful it can sound.