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15 September Daily Report

The 2017 Castelfidardo Premio e Concorso Internazionale di Fisarmonica is organised by the Castelfidardo Municipal Administration led by Mayor Roberto Ascani, the Castelfidardo Pro Loco headed by Ruben Cittadini, and event Artistic Director Christian Riganelli.

Competition Rules and Regulations



15 Category J - Jazz, Soloists or groups (up to 8 people), no age limit.

This was a new category which was watched with interest. Unfortunately, the category was very late starting so the final group to perform, which was the winning entry, clashed with the start of a midday concert. The camera could only be in one place so unfortunately we do not have the video of the Arek Czernysz Trio (Poland).

De Luca - Manzi - Di Teodoro Jazz Trio (Italy)

Giuseppe di Falco Jazz Ensemble (Italy)

Sasusi Trio (France)

Taran Trio (Belarus)

  Gary Blair
Alexander Selivanov Alexander Selivanov

Alexander Selivanov (Russia) Concert

Born in 1979 in Kazan (Tatarstan, Russia). Professor of accordion in State Russian Academy of Music "Gnesins". Vice-Chariman of CIA Music Committee. Winner of accordion competitions in Spain, Italy, Germany, France, UK and Russia including 1st prize at the Coupe Mondiale, Klingenthal and Castelfidardo competitions.

Performed in many countries of the world, lectures, workshops as well as a festival and competitions organiser.

A. Kusiakov - Spring Visions
J.S. Bach Cappriciosso - "On Departure of a Beloved Brother"
A. Piazzolla - Flora's Game
V. Semionov - 4 Pieces from the Renaissance
Y. Takahaski - Like a Water Buffalo
P. Makkonen - Disco-Toccata

Gary Blair and Robin Hylland
Giampaolo Mrach/Bareté Quartet/Italy
Bareté Quartet with Giampoalo Mrach on the accordion
Left to right: Yue Zihan, Cheng Yuhan, Francesca Pigini, Prof. Cao Xiaoqing, Wang Jingyang, Massimo Pigini, Mao Junhao, Federico Pigini.

Students of Prof. Cao Xiaoqing Concert, Central Conservatory of Music, Beijing.

The Central Conservatory of Musicm, Beijing (CCOM) is an institution of higher education for training high level music talent, directly under the Minister of Education of the People's Republic of China.

Prof. Cao Xiaoqing established the accordion major in CCOM as the first professor in 2004 and today is Vice Director of the Piano Department and Head Director of the Accordion major.

Students of Prof. Cao had won over 107 first prizes in various international competitions as of 2014. This record of competition successes still continues. Prof. Cao has also been honored in China for his teaching successes.


Yue Zihan (12 years old)
Unto Jutila - Pictures for Children (3,4)
J. Ganzer - 5 Pieces for Accordion (1,5)
N. Paganini - Variations
V. Semionov - Childrens Suite No. 2

Wang Jingyang (17 years old)
D. Scarlatti - Sonata in GM K. 427
R. Liszt - La Chasse
A. Kusiakov - Autumn Sceneries

Cheng Yuhan (19 years old)
D. Scarlatti - Sonata in DM K. 29
F. Liszt - Grand Etudes of Paganini
P. Londonow - Scherzo Toccata

Mao Junhao (21 years old)
J. S. Bach - Prelude and Fugue in Am BMV889
L. Berio - Sequenza XIII "Chanson

Mao Junhao encore as announced

Pietro Roffi with Hanzhi Whang
Robin Hylland, Quellet Raynald, Gary Blair

15 Category I, Variety, Soloists, no age limit

Andrezej Ceglarek (Poland)

Cuillaume Clerget (France)

Andrea Di Giacomo (Italy)

Nikolay Ovchinnikov (Russia)

Adrian Jonatan Pelliza (Argentina)

Russo Valerio (Italy)

Almeida Gustavo Aliandre (Brazil)

Egle Bartkeviciute (Lithuania)

Anais Bessieres (France)

Quivind Farmen, Lars Karlssons, Harley Jones, Federico Pigini, Sven Karlssons
Lionel Reekie, Dr.Herbert Scheibenreif, Kevin Friedrich, Alanah Jones

Andreas Nebel, Jörg Künzel, Mr/Mrs. Herzog

Prof. Aleksander Dimitriev with Anatoli Taran

15 Category H, Variety, soloists up to 18 years of age.

Marion Clot (France)

Marko Dubjel Denis (Slovakia)

Diego Gatte (Italy)

Manuel Marchegiani (Italy)

Aleksandra Mikhailova (Russia)

Luis Mira (Portugal)

Palma Joao (Portugal)

Mihail Zinkovich (Belarus)

M° Adriano Ranieri with musician collegues
Dr. Herbert Scheibenreif and M°Corrado Rojac
M° Goncalo Pescada from Portugal with Andreas Nebel from Germany
Mr. Guerrini/ORA Accordions with Holda
Sven Karlssons, Holda, Lars Karlssons
ORLANDONI Claudia (left) with her family
Claudia Orlandoni with Holda
and with Gianluca Pica who played in concert for the Award: Mimmo Orlandoni
M°Cristian Riganelli, Mayor of Castelfidardo Roberto Ascani and Davide Bugari
Pigini family, 4th generation,
Lepold Herzog with his wife Erika and son Leo together with Castelfidardo Content Manager Paolo Andreas Nebel and Jörg Künzel/Artistic Director of the Klingenthal competition.
Leo with Holda and his Mom Erika
Giuseppe Chiaraluce/Fisitalia with Family
and always much audience in almost every angle of the city - here in the Piazza della Repubblica in fron of the town hall
Nello Mengascini (Mengascini Accordions) with son Stefano (right) and accordionist Leo Herzog from Germany.
Audience with Giuseppe Chiaraluce and family
complimenting his artist Giampaolo Mrach from the Bareté Quartet, awarded for their released CD "mirage" on Saturday
Giuseppe Chiaraluce with the Bareté Quartet and Giampolo Mrach family
Andreas Nebel with the oldest participant of the competitions, Andrzej Ceglarek from Poland
Federico and Massimo Pigini
Nello Mengascini with Patrizia
Paolo with his son Zeno and partner Paola(left)
M° Selivanov Family from Moscow
Norway/Sweden - so well known and ready for the concert before the others.
Marcel Marincek (right) from Slovenia with friend
Nikolay Ovchinnikov with his girlfriend.
Goncalo Pescada (Portugal) and Holda (Austria).
Alanah Jones all happy to have found some gadgets to take back home to New Zealand
the Karlssons with Quivind Farmen in discussion ;-)
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