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World Accordion Day 2014 Reviews

World Accordion Day - Celebrate the Accordion!
May 6th will see the celebration of World Accordion Day by many accordionists around the world.  A project of the Confédération Internationale des Accordéonistes (CIA), coordinated by CIA Music Committee Member Grayson Masefield, ths 5th annual celebration has taken on several interesting formats during its short evolution.
Beginning with coordinated celebrations from around the globe, the last two years have seen a 24 hour live streaming.  While initial plans thought of a live streaming this year, the CIA has decided instead to collect footage from around the world of CIA member activities, to be made available to member associations and interested accordionists for use to publicize the accordion with media, fellow musical associations, the International Music Council as well as for other opportunities to promote the accordion in the field of music as appropriate.
The CIA is blessed to be supported by more than 30 nations spanning all corners of the world, and with its competition winners alone, features some of the world's most outstanding accordionists performing a diverse array of musical styles, while representing many countries and musical cultures.  Combined with World Accordion Orchestra, the composers portfolio of new works for accordion and representation at the International Music Council, the CIA is truly the epitome of 'World Accordion' and so by compiling all these exciting activities into one source, the CIA hopes to celebrate World Accordion Day itself, along with the rest of the world!
We invite those celebrating World Accordion Day to submit video and pictures from their activities to the CIA, so that as we correlate the various activities we have a wonderful cross section of the many faces of accordion found around the world.
During World Accordion Day, members of the CIA Executive will be in Finland at the CIA headquarters, working on plans for publicising this years events, as well as exploring possibilities for a live event next year, which will be discussed by the CIA Delegates at the upcoming General Assembly in Salzburg, Austria later in the year.

To submit your information, please send your videos, pictures, or links to online performances to the CIA General Secretary Kimmo Mattila at e-mail, with World Accordion Day in the subject box:

Confédération Internationale des Accordéonistes (CIA) - General Secretary

Kimmo Mattila - Kyrösselänkatu 3, FIN-39500 Ikaalinen, FINLAND
Phone: +358 3 4400221, Fax +358 3 4589071 E-mail:

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