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  Portugal Celebrates World Accordion Day

Portugal celebrated World Accordion Day with two oustanding concerts in Castelo Branco, one held at the Conservatory of Castelo Branco and the other at the Museum of Francisco Tavares Proença Júnior.

The concerts were held as follows:

Concert - 4 May 2010 - 21.30h
Auditorium of Castelo Branco Conservatory

String Quartet and Accordion

Ana Beatriz Manzanilla (violin)
Alexandra Mendes (violin)
Lu Zheng (viola)
Catherine Strynckx (violoncelo)
Paulo Jorge Ferreira (accordion)

Works of: Carmelo Pino, Klaus Paier, Richard Galliano, Matti Murto and Paulo Jorge Ferreira

Concert - 5 May 2010 - 21.30h
Museu Francisco Tavares Proença Júnior - Castelo Branco

Desconcertante Trio

Sérgio Neves(clarinet)
Ana Luísa Marques(violoncelo)
Carisa Marcelino (accordion)

Works of : Sérgio Azevedo, Carlos Marecos, Carlos Marques and Paulo Jorge Ferreira

What:  World Accordion Day
When: 6th May
Why: a unified global effort to celebrate and promote the Accordion
Where: World Wide!
Contact: Harley Jones - CIA Public Relations Officer e-mail:

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