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macedonia flag  Macedonia Celebrates World Accordion Day

Amazing concert for the CIA's second World Accordion Day, the 6th of May, 2010
Anica Karakutovska - Public Relations Manager

The Macedonian Association of Accordionists “Ljubiteli na klasicnata muzika” Skopje celebrated World Accordion Day with many different activities to promote this global event and elevate the awareness and status of the accordion.

An article with the information about the second World Accordion Day, being held on the 181st birthday of the accordion, was published in all the main newspapers in Macedonia. Professor Zorica Karakutovska, President of the Macedonian Association of Accordionists, appeared live on the National TV and radio station programs.

On May 6th, students from the SMBSC ‘Ilija Nikolovski-Luj‘ Skopje and the Faculty of Music Skopje from the class of Prof. Zorica Karakutovska performed an amazing concert in the National Gallery of Macedonia “Daut Pasin Amam” Skopje in honour of the celebration of second World Accordion Day.

The concert that will be long remembered started with the welcome speech from Prof. Zorica Karakutovska about the World Accordion Day, and short report about the recent activities related with the accordion. The high quality performances in solo, duet, trio and ensembles, including two works from Macedonian composer Elizabeta Ilievska, with various instrumentation were very well received and regarded with outstanding applause by the large audience.

During the month of May, Macedonian Association of Accordionists “Ljubiteli na klasicnata muzika” Skopje will continue with the concert activities in other cities in Macedonia.

Biljana Kamceva and Filip Stamevski
Filip Stamevski, Boban Peric, Bojan Volcevski, Goran Janakev and Martin Kolevski
Gorge Kirik, Sara Pancevska and Ljupco Kolevski
Ljupco Kolevski, Gorge Kirik and Trajce Gogov
Martin Dzorlev
Prof. Zorica Karakutovska
TV Show and Recording for World Accordion Day
Participants on the TV Show
Trajce Gogov, Gorge Kirik and Ljupco Kolevski with Principal of the Music High School "Ilija Nikolovski-Luj" Skopje Mr. Zoran Dzorlev and Prof. Zorica Karakutovska
Participants on the TV Show
Ljupco Kolevski, Gorge Kirik and Trajce Gogov with Prof. Zorica Karakutovska
Anica Karakutovska, Nikolina Trajanovska and Prof. Zorica Karakutovska
Panda Zografska from the Zografski Foundation, Zorica Karakutovska and Elizabeta Ilievska
Participants in the Amazing Concert
From left to right: Filip Stamevski, Boban Peric, Bojan Volcevski, Gorge Kirik, Trajce Gogov, Prof. Zorica Karakutovska, Martin Dzorlev, Goran Janakev, Martin Kolevski, Muhamed Selim,Biljana Kamceva, Sara Pancevska and Ljupco Kolevski
What:  World Accordion Day
When: 6th May
Why: a unified global effort to celebrate and promote the Accordion
Where: World Wide!
Contact: Harley Jones - CIA Public Relations Officer e-mail:

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