Visit to the Xuanjing Art Center, one of three branches in Shanghai
Xuanjing Art Center
Reception of the Xuanjing Art Center
Class 1 of March, 2016
Class 1 of October, 2017
Class of October, 2017
Class 1 of March, 2016
CIA Public Relations Manager with teacher Shi Xuan
Class 1 of March, 2016
parents are able to monitor the lessons in person, or via closed circuit TV in a common waiting area
CEO Li Cong can view the lessons from anywhere in the world via live stream
The Xuanjing Art Center offers instruction in Music, Dance, Acting and Art
CIA Ambassador Kevin Friedrich, Xuanjing Art Center CE Li Cong,
CIA Public Relations Manager Harley Jones and Teacher Crystal Wang with billboard promoting the Gala Concert of the accordion students
Teacher Crystal Wang with CIA Ambassador Kevin Friedrich (USA),
CIA Public Relations Manager (New Zealand) and CEO of the Xuanjing Art Center, Li Cong.
4 and 5 years old students after 1 month studying from various Kindergarten Shcools
Cui Min Yu performing with his teacher Wang Yujia
Xun Yang Road Primary School
Video: Prof. Li Cong making a speech to the concert audience and parents.
Xun Yang Road Primary School
Accordion Class from the No. 1 Primary Shcool of North Zhongshan Road
Xun Yang Road Primary School
the proud parents and family members
Xia Yuting
Xia Yuting
Xuan Jing Art Center - Class of March, 2016
Shi Qianhau
Shanghai Alliance of Accordion Orchestra from the Shanghai United International School, Shangyin Campus

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