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2010 Harbin China Summer Music Concert, Government Reception Dinner

The 2010 Harbin Summer International Accordion Art Week is part of the Harbin Summer Music Festival. The official opening of the Music Festival was held at a Government Reception Dinner to which Raymond Bodell (President of the Confédération Internationale des Accordéonistes) represented the accordionists at an event for all musicians involved in the Summer Music Festival.

At the same time, there was also a Reception for all the accordionists attending the 2010 Harbin Summer International Accordion Art Week. First are the pictures of the Government Reception.
Piaoyi Gai Ruyin
Piao Yi -The Minister of Publicity Department of Harbin Municipal Party Committee - The host of the Reception Dinner. Gai Ruyin - Secretary of a Municipal Committee of the CPC delivering the Opening Speech
Raymond Bodell Raymond Bodell and Lin Duo Harbin Deputy Mayor
Raymond Bodell, President of the Confédération Internationale des Accordéonistes (CIA) representing the accordionists internationally at the Official Reception Dinner, hosted by the Government. Raymond Bodell and Lin Duo, Harbin Deputy Mayor, at the Reception Dinner
Raymond Bodell and Piao Yi
Piao Yi -The Minister of Publicity Department of Harbin Municipal Party Committee - The host of the Reception Dinner.

Accordionists Arriving from Around the World and Around China

Cindy Chen welcomes Harley Jones
A lovely feature of major Chinese accordion events is the welcome at the airport. Here Cindy Chen welcomes Harley Jones, Public Relations, Confédération Internationale des Accordéonistes (CIA).
A feature of the event is the volunteer helpers from the Harbin Normal University, who are major cultural sponsors of the accordion event.
The volunteers all looked very smart in their
t-shirts with nice artwork.
Some of the volunteers, who were from the
Harbin Normal University Music Department.
Raymond Bodell, Chen Jun, Kevin  Friedrich
Lots of laughter, when we asked the volunteers to turn around and show the logo on the back of the t-shirts. The local newspaper also photographed this!!
Later in the day, everyone met for the first time to go to the Accordion Reception Dinner. The assembly in the hotel lobby was a meeting of many friends. Here is Raymond Bodell, Chen Jun and Kevin Friedrich, CIA Immediate Past President and Cultural Ambassador for the CIA.
Raymond Bodell, Linda Lee, Harley Jones
Harbin accordion poster
Volunteer translator Linda Lee with Raymond Bodell and Harley Jones.
A nice poster around the lobby showed the extensive work and promotion that has gone into this event. Additionally, all guests were given a beautiful high quality printed Program. You can view that program on this site. Program
Andrey Chugunov and Vladimir Zubitsky
Alexander Kapitan & Radomir Tomic
Andrey Chugunov and Vladimir Zubitsky.
Alexander Kapitan & Radomir Tomic
Zhang Ziqiang, Kevin Friedrich, Wang Biyun
Two buses were required to take all the accordionists to the Reception Dinner which was held at the new campus of Harbin Normal University, about 1 hour drive from the Hotel. Most of Accordion Week will be held in the city campus, much closer to the Hotel.
President of the China Accordion Association Zhang Ziqiang, Kevin Friedrich and Mr. Zhangs wife Wang Biyun. You can read a very interesting and historical Celebrity Interview of these two famous Chinese accordionists.
Zhang Guoping and Li Jian Lin
Zhang Guoping and Li Jian Lin
Hotel Meng Xi is part of the huge new complex of the Harbin Normal University. They had a large sign saying 2010 Harbin Summer International Accordion Art Week. This was the place for dinner.

2010 Harbin Summer International Accordion Art Week Reception Dinner

Xu Xiaofeng Wang Hongyu

Xu Xiaofeng, Vice-President of Harbin Normal University welcomed all the guests and visitors to the 2010 Harbin Summer International Accordion Art Week.

Wang Hongyu, Harbin Accordion Art Week Organization Director, was next to welcome everyone to the Reception Dinner and to Harbin City. Wang Hongyu is also the Head of Keyboard Department of Music College of Harbin Normal University.
Zhang Shaojie
Wang Hongyu and  Viatcheslav Semionov
Zhang Shaojie, Secretary of the Party Committee of Harbin Normal University was the key speaker welcoming all the accordionists and wishing everyone a most successful 2010 Harbin Summer International Accordion Art Week.
Viatcheslav Semionov who will be Chairman of the jury with Wang Hongyu at the dinner.
Yuri Shishkin
Chen Jianyi, Li Cong and Cao Xiao-Qing.
Yuri Shishkin practising, but not for his concert in Harbin - this time practising with chop sticks!
Chen Jianyi, Li Cong and Cao Xiao-Qing.
Crystal Wang and Rui
music dept
Crystal Wang and Rui
Members of the Music Department introducing themselves to Viatcheslav Semionov and Vladimir Zubitsky.
hotel depart
After a magnificient Reception Dinner of wonderful food, all the accordionists left to go to the Opening Ceremony Concert. This was a 50 minute bus ride back into Harbin City.
Opening Hall
Large signs on the building for the China 30th Harbin Summer Music Concert. The venue was the huge Harbin International Exhibition Centre Stadium which seats many thousands of people and is the largest hall in the Harbin area.
More large signs for the Summer Music Concert which is the opening concert of the Harbin Summe Music Festival.

Opening Ceremony Concert

Above left: Mr. Zhang Xianyou, Vice Mayor of Harbin and Vice Director of Harbin China
Summer Music Concert Organizing Committee, anchors the Opening Ceremony.

Above right: Mr. Lin Duo, the Deputy Party Secretary and the Acting Mayor of Harbin, the Vice President of
Harbin China Summer Music concert committee and the Vice Director of the Organizing Committee
Above left: Mr. Dong Wei, the Director of the Art Section of the Ministry of Culture, delivers a Speech

Above right: Mr. Li Zhanshu Govenor of Heilongjiang Provicne and President of Harbin China Summer Music Concert Committee,
declares open the 30th Harbin Summer Music Festival
Above: Children's Chorus singing Boatmen's Song of the Wusuli River
accordion and dance
Above and Below: Modern Dance - Floating Melody, Wang Yao (Principal Dancer)
accordion figurine
Kalinka (Kievan Rus Art Troupe of Ukraine)
Above: Song Dance Performances - Kalinka (Kievan Rus Art Troupe of Ukraine)
Above left: Bayanist with the Kievan Rus Art Troupe of Ukraine
Above right: Concert Hosts Yanglan and Zhang Zequn (famous TV Actor born in Harbin)
Above: Vocalist Sun Yue
Above: Zhang Jianyi, Yuan Chenye and Zheng Yong
Above: Li Chuanyun and the Little Snowflake Art Troupe of the Harbin City Children's Palace
Above: Zhang Xiaoling and Qi Yan (Ji Haiyan - piano)
Wang Yao and Zhang Jingjing (dancers)
Above:Indian bollywood Dancers
Above: Liu Hegang (Dancers - Longjiang Opera Troupe of Heilongjiang Province and Harbin City Opera House
Above: Opera Troupe of the Harbin City Opera House, the Harbin City Residential Chorus and the
Baoyu Real Estate Chorus of Harbin Municipal Government Institutions
Above: A Special Ceremony - the Crowning Glory
Above: The Capacity Audience numbering in the thousands
Above: Harbin Symphony Orchestra
Above: Tianjin City Ballet
Above: The Entire Cast of Performers