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Before the Hohner Cup Starts - 14th August

Hohner Carnival Party at Yang Fan's Accordion Bar

A Carnival night was arranged with Hohner Accordions and Lanjue wines at the bar of Chinese accordionist Yang Fan.

This bar is well known all over China for its accordion events and Yang Fan and friends performances.

We arrived by bus and food and wines and other drinks were available in the bar where lots of accordion peoplem, children to parents and many well known Chinese accordion teachers had a very enjoyable carnival evening.
  The event was advertised outside
with even an accordion tied to the outside light stand and a nice outdoors poster displayed.
Inside, there is two large bar areas and on the top floor, the dance floor acted as the accordion performance stage
which Yang Fan has set up marvellously with good lighting and sound equipment for accordion entertainment performances.
The evening began with Yang Fan going around the bar talking with clients and inviting well known clients to say a few words to the audience. Clients included many well known business people, accordionists, a recent Olympic champion who Yang Fan introduced to the crowded bar audience. Obvious a very popular venue.
Well known accordion teacher Chen Jun. The irrepressible humour of Chen Jun had everyone laughing.
  Introductions continued between performances. Here China Accordion Association President Prof. Li Cong is invited to say a few words to the audience.
many had movie cameras filming the really nice entertainment performances with backing tracks. Here hidden behind the camera is famous teacher Frederic Deschamps. Some of the lovely lady accordionists I met in China.
Well known Yang Fan took the stage with cameras all around the room being used.
and put on a performance that was really enjoyed by the sizeable audience at the bar.
The next person to perform played some slow dance music and Harley Jones and Moon are pictured enjoying a dance with the performer far left. A number of professional singers and other musicians were present and several performed.
Grayson Masefield was in demand for photos. Zhang Liqin picked up an accordion
and accompanied a number of the singers. And so ended a memorable evening of music and good times.

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